USA still on MEK's terror list


by alimostofi

BBC News - US 'set to remove' Iran group MEK's from terror list


Iran was conquered in 1978 by two forces. BBC in the air waves, and MEK on the ground. The Ayatollahs were the icing on the cake. In fact Ayatollah Khomeini was a diversion. A sweetener in fact.Sounds weird now, but that's how it was right at the beginning.

The Baby and the Bath Water
Iran's biggest enemy was, and still is, mainstream media. Social networking is the counter-revolution to mainstream media. I could not write this in 1979. All the brains of Iran, who wrote thousands of letters to BBC and The Times and The Guardian, were ignored. The words of MEK and Khomeini were headlines. These headlines got rid of the Shah. But it turned out, they threw out the baby with the bath water, as Iranian culture was destroyed by Islamic Nihilism. The US was laughing.

Islamic Nihilism
Wikipedia does a good job on MEK. For me it is more important to find out why a group of intelligent human beings in Iran decide to follow this book:


NAB is the cornerstone of their belief system. You do not need to be super intelligent, to read sermon 69 in NAB, and draw some basic conclusions. In fact most of the other sermons, are there to nab the living world, and to praise death. MEK does not put Iran first, they are not secular, and are violent. They do not clearly state they are non-violent. They can't, it would not be in NAB. It's a joke, but not to the US.

Plagiarsim and Authenticity
This concept of Nihilism, was originally devised, well before MEK, Shias, or Sunnis. Zoroastrians called Mani, and Mazdak, thought of it first. In fact Salman Parsi, used Mani to write the Koran - and it gave a spiritual Cause for war. Later Marx, used Mazdak, to write his Manifesto, which gave a political Cause for war. Iranian thoughts, were copied, and plagiarized in both instances. So nothing authentic is there in any of their books, be it "inspired" from God, or from human reasoning. All the ideas, that they are selling, are designed to give up on life. None of these ideas, have any relationship to life loving Knowrooz (Nowrooz) culture of Iran, that gives you a "can do" positive attitude, in the here and now. We all laugh at them, but the US don't.

Hypocritical Reactionaries
MEK's more plausable Cause, is a reactionary political movement. They are an "anti-Something". They were developed around anti-Capitalist, anti-US, and so anti-Shah slogans. They were then, yet another group that needed the US and the Shah, to justify their Cause. The irony, is that they will have little else to say to the US, now that they are loved by them. At best, they are anti-Mullah, but that will make them hypocrites, as they are sworn Shiites. So the question to ask is, what is their purpose? The better question to ask is, why is US laughing?

Useful to US Military and Mainstream Media Business
The MEK will now badger on about US being awful, as its military campaigns make it the world terrorist. The MEK will not say "we love USA". They will keep US on their "Terror List". They have to. It is their legitimacy. This helps the US to have yet another Bogey Man against it, now that they are pulling out of Afghanistan. MEK will be used by mainstream media as "the opposition". MEK will be ready, to take over the Bogey Man role of the Ayatollahs, once they are removed. They will be like the new leaders in North Africa. They will be, enough anti-US, to keep the US military business, and mainstream media business ticking along, without going too mad. The US wants enemies it can rely on. But we are going to have the last laugh.



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Soosan Khanoom

MEK is going to be used and once the mission is

by Soosan Khanoom on

Accomplished then they may be dumped or not .. It depends on the mission.   Also expect to see more MEKs posters to show up on the online forums as well as more air time for their supporters in the U. S media... The western media will going to totally earse the history of this terrorist group from the people's mind and introduce them as the freedom fighters.  And, then, who are you or me or anyone else to stand against these fake freedom fighters?  Should you dare to do so be prepared for serious character Assassination by their devotees ... Especially the ones on this site ... 

Well ... This shall pass too !!  

Enough Said  ..  




Love Your Blog, And Sense of Humor

by ayatoilet1 on

You are so right, while the USA has taken MEK off their list, MEK has always had the USA as a target on their list of enemies.

After all they killed two americans a few decades ago in Iran, and sided with Saddam Hussein in the war and gasing of Kurds.

But right now, I am guessing the USA needed to have the camp cleared, and they needed to train a proxy farsi speaking army to do something for them? Not sure what?

But anyway, a good number are going to Israel, and another batch are traning now at a camp in the Southern California desert. Another batch are being dispersed in small numbers around the world.

But anyway, I love the way you think Ali-Jan, and the title is just excellent.


Who runs the mainstream media?

by MaryamJoon on

"Iran's biggest enemy was, and still is, mainstream media." 


The title seems to be backward

by onlyinamrica on

Who in the hell is MEK to have a terror list?