We do not worship Iran


by alimostofi

We do not worship Iran, we worship Allah. For patriotism is another name for paganism. I say let this land [Iran] burn. I say let this land go up in smoke, provided Islam emerges triumphant in the rest of the world.


Oh I remember AKh making this comment. In fact SB should know better. We were both at Princeton at the time. We all know, how AKh did not want to even have Iran, included in the name of the Islamic Republic. Fact is, he did not even want to leave Iraq. He is famous for being so unmoved returning to Iran. He was quite happy to have a Seyyed Empire from Baghdad as and when. But we must give credit to Iranians from the first day. The Seyyeds began losing against the nation of Iran, right from the word go. Akh could not persue all his radical thoughts and had to shut up. But that did not mean that there was a political alternative to him. The Shah died and we all know the rest. So what are we to do? Quite simple really, carry on as we are modernizing Iran, in spite of what these Seyyeds are doing. They need their own land. Let them go to southern Iraq, and have a seat right next to the Holy See in the UN. But leave Iran, that is thousands of years older alone. Heck if it was not for people like Mani, you would not have the likes of Salman Parsi and Islam. The people who come from Babylon have a distinctively different outlook to Life than Iranians. We look at the God within. Akh and his lot, are idealists. One book and that's it. Fine go and run your country with that one booK. Don't come and burn all ours. The Earth is big enough for all of us. If you are going to stay in Iran, put Iran and its history, above everything else. You will have your peaceful departure, and we Iranians will not harm you. We are too civilized for that. Look out for the shut down.


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you're so misunderstood

by an observer (not verified) on

I remember when he said that! I was only a teenager and could not believe so many idiots were following such ignorant Iran-hater

well at least he didn't lie about that huh


Lakey of Arbab

by Anti corruption (not verified) on

Mr. Mostofi, you are a royal arsh licker of your corrupt Arbab! It is only a shameful cervitude! When your Shah was on throne, lakeys like you did the same as the current pasdars.


No more lies please!

by . (not verified) on

Sadly, the title of your writing “we do not worship Iran” seem to fit the motto of many so-called Iranians living in the comfort of the US and elsewhere who wish Iran would be bombed to dust just to get rid of the present regime. If Khomeini has said something like that (which its validity has apparently been challenged according to the site you’ve included in your article), there are many Iranian “pigs” who also sincerely wish and proudly say the same (i.e. the destruction of Iran) even today. Just read some of the rubbish they post on this site.
Norman Podhoretz is a die-hard Neocon/Zionist who would not hesitate to resort to any lies and deceptions for advancing the Israeli policies (conspiracies) in this country. This is precisely the same method by which they deceived many Americans and others prior to the invasion of Iraq under the false and fabricated evidence. Now, they are supporting another opportunist, low-IQ bully such as Rudy Giuliani who would gladly return their favors by executing their evil plots.
I’m not an advocate of the current regime either and wish for an INDEPENDENT democratic Iran, but when it comes to the support of my motherland, I’m very cautious about what I hear and what I say and try not to easily fall into ill-wishers’ traps again. I hope you would do the same.
Best wishes


We do not? Worship? IRAN? NO?

by Faribors Maleknasri M. D (not verified) on

I think it doesnt matter att all. main thing is those 70 Million Iranians - called by strangers fanatic Mullahs - living in IRI, do it. Greeting


and i say....

by f. fateh (not verified) on

...you are fucked up in the ass big time. asshole.