West Asia vs East Asia

by alimostofi

Arabs argue that the Iranians actually want America to attack.
Politically, that would help the hard-liners rally support. And
militarily, it would lure the United States onto a battlefield where
its immense firepower wouldn't do much good.


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the argument is that, the US would like to get stuck in another
protracted war, so that West Asia is totally destroyed.  It knows, like
Vietnam and Cambodia, the out flow of cheap good labour, which it
needs.  It will still carry getting the oil, just like it still does in
Iraq.  The US oil companies and their Seyyed poodles, have no love for
Iran or true Iranians.  The last thing they want is, for Iranians to
have multinational oil companies, and multinational corporations, like
those in East Asia.  The Chinese or the East Asians do not want that
competition.  That is why China supports the Seyyeds.  Iranians and
other Caspian people are young and extremely intelligent, with a
culture that predates all of Asia.  We ruled Asia for centuries, and
the last thing the rest of Asia, and their US backers want, is another
Persian Empire, with it own splendour of multinational corporations,
becoming The Bridge of Turquoise between Europe and Africa and the
East, again.


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