From "Where is my vote?" to "I did not vote!" in Iran.


by alimostofi

Ever since 1979, Iranians have had to apologise for Hezbollah's misgivings. These bandits, have managed to black mail Iranians, to manage their crazy ideologies. In return they suckered Iranians to think they can vote. That enabled bandits to become recognised as Iranians by Obama. Madness.

We have in our country, a group of people who hate the international order. They are global reactionaries. They are using the apparatus of a nation to substantiate themselves. How do they get away with it, and why? And why does Obama accept them?

At the beginning, they used the excuse for democracy, to slip in with the other democracy movements in Iran.  We all know how they sabotaged it, and turned it into a theocracy. Now they do a "pretend democracy". But their movement is dwindling. But Obama still accepts them.

Iranians are very honourable people, with rich poetry and a very strong sense of belief. An Iranian has a lot of faith. I do not mean that he or she is a believer of any particular religion. No not at all. We are open minded.

An Iranian typically has read or is aware of Hafez, Rumi and a whole host of great writers. Ironically, an Iranian's sense of appreciation, is his undoing.  An Iranian appreciates too much. An Iranian is extremely tolerant. That is why we put up with Hezbollahis. Any other culture would have murdered them en-masse. We are seriously open minded.

But Iranians' open mindedness, and Obama's reluctance to deal with what is human genocide, is keeping Hezbollahis alive. I have written that the US needs a foe to keep its weapon industry alive. This is the quandry we are in.

Oh I know what you are thinking. It is Iranians' own fault, for not "grabbing the bull by the horn", and removing the Hezbollahis. But two things will happen. Blood and stains. This is the serious quandry we are in.

Iranians do not want blood on the streets. Iranians do not want their history to be stained. We have to remove the Hezbollahis, in light of being sons of Zoroaster and Cyrus the Great. Tough to do, but we need to be honourable. We cannot be like Hezbollahis to remove Hezbollahis. This is the very serious quandry we are in.

So our efforts, have been to let the worst of the worst, slowly gain all the power and decision making. It means that there will be less and less, thoughtful, tolerant, educated Iranians, in the apparatus of government. It is the case of, "And then there were none" as they say.

The current need is for the hard line factions in the Hezbollah to control all of Iran. They will not have any true Iranian working for them. More and more people will say "I did not vote" and feel proud. "Where is my vote" is not in fashion. "I did not vote is in fashion".

But then Obama will keep us in a quandry, by supporting the Hezbollahis, and dealing with them, instead dealing with any open minded Iranian inside and outside Iran.


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