Who feeds the Seyyeds?

by alimostofi

Iran produces 40 lakh barrels of oil per day and has a reserve of 112 billion barrels, 11 percent of the world's total reserve. Iran exports 25 lakh barrels of oil every day of which Greece is the largest importer, 24 percent. Turkey imports 22 pc, Belgium 14 pc, Italy 11 pc, Japan 10 pc, France 7 pc and China 4 pc. One estimate claims that China is going to be the largest oil consumer in the world very shortly and it may gear up the present price level.
Did anyone suspected that Greece would be the greatest importer of Iranian oil. Now it is not just because the Greeks have the largest oil shipping network, and they just follow instructions. But Greek tycoons are the most philosophical in the world. Greece is supposed to be the most freedom loving culture in the world. So why are they blinded by greed to not look at what the Seyyeds are doing in Iran. And the same is true for all the others.


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Daer Mostofi

by masoudA on

You already solved the puzzle!!

I hear most of Iran's oil is sold after it leaves Iran in the middle of the waters on Greek ships.    I bet you less than 10% of the selling price actualy reaches Iran.


Are the human rights records

by monsef (not verified) on

Are the human rights records of other old producing countries, such as Saudi Arabia, that export oil to the whole world any better than Iran? People are put in jail for being raped or beheaded for petty crimes in those countries, and they are still considered as valuable allies of the west. When countries buy arms and other stuff from Israel, do they care how many innocent people lose their homes and lives in the occupied territories or kept and tortured in the Israeli jails until they rot?

Ali Mostofi, get your garbage somewhere else to sell. I bet you can find good buyers among your bodies in Israel.



by moshgel gosha (not verified) on

What is lakh and pc? your daddy must have been in oil ministry back in iran during mr shah.


Oil factor

by Kamangir on

If it wasn't because of 'oil' our country would be in a much better situation. We would have never had the mess called islamic revolution, no devastating war would have taken place. However, perhaps there's a positive side to all this, thanks to oil, we have come to learn and know about our deep weeknesses, the enemies inside (arabo-muslims) and may other things. We have had it the hard way, but at leat we're learning.


To Shahhanshah

by Anonymous. (not verified) on

Maybe he was a child back then, eh?

Plus, do you mean we should all have our "anti-Shah cards" in order to criticize the IRI?


world? greed?

by shahhanshah (not verified) on

where were you ali mostofi, when shah was torturing our people in prisons and iran did not have democracy? you were OKAY with our oil being sold back then?

what is this? why didn't you ask west not to buy shah's oil back when he was doing human rights abuses. it was okay when it was your own family and government doing it, but now that you are kicked out of your country you are upset?

show me what you did against shah, that you are so "pro-democracy" against iri


What happens when oil gets to Greece

by Minister of Oil & Lubricants (not verified) on

Well, let me tell you. 30% of the oil that Greece buys from Iran and 4% of Turkey's purchases are re-routed to Israel and that is with full knowledge of Iran. That is precisely what happens and it has been happening for decades.

Is there anyone thinking that Israel imports its oil from Mexico or Venezuela?

Israel on the other hands takes 30% of its oil imports and stores in the lime caves near the Dead Sea for EOR or Emergency Oil Reserve.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call me.