Why Obama is far too dangerous


by alimostofi

Obama is almost like a Saint. He seems to evade all the usual mistakes an "American", especially those cowboys, or those naïve inwardly looking kind of Americans tend to make.

But this type of President, who is more of Foreign Minister, does not deserve to be an executive. An executive makes difficult decisions. Obama has avoided making difficult decisions. Pussyfooting around is what The Economist referred to him as.

So we Iranians must not expect this man to do anything, for us Iranians who desperately want to change Iran for the better. I never wanted anyone's involvement, and I know that the US is already involved in so many deals with the mullahs.

What we need to do, we all know. But in reality we have learnt who we all are; what the sore subjects that we can never agree on are; that we must find one theme to gather around and go forward with.

I was the first to advocate non-violence, and the greens messed it up big time, with their "death to" shouting marches, which got people killed on both sides. Do things like switching off the lights when the mullah news in the evenings starts is good. These are the sort of things we need to do to give the right signals of who the mullahs are dealing with, and what our peaceful attitude really is.

We cannot agree on killing for any cause. Death is a game for dogma. We must be united on a unity based on peace. I know that you will listen to me, and I will listen to you, if you and I agree on peace between us, no matter what our religion, politics or cultural differences are.

So join me in this belief, and let us oppose anyone who advocates violence and death based on his belief. He only believes in violence because he is not willing to accept peace. But when he or she sees us, they will believe us and join us. We cannot sit idly by as the United States feeds the mullahs. Obama wants to deal with them and keep them. He knows that a new Iran, with smart peaceful Iranians will become the new industrial giant in this century not a pariah state.

We Iranians who do not have a Mahdi agenda, can be trusted with a nuclear bomb, whilst the ones in Qom can't be. That is the difference between us and them. But the US wants a punch bag in the area, and Qom loves that image the American press paints for them.

This forum and many others, is filled with articles we all gather and redicule, to defend our culture. We need a proper organization that has a recognised presence in the world. So come on you geniuses get it all together. Sort it out. Get the right people to hit the world press on behalf of all of us.

I am fed up of hearing a couple of lousy comments once in a while from Obama and nothing else. Let's make the changes happen ourselves. Let's move. Come on! Waiting for Obama to do it is far too dangerous.


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Just look at this article,

by alimostofi on

Just look at this article, and feel rediculous:


Obviously we Iranians do not follow those religious doctorines.  But this is exactly how badly our culture is being judged, no thanks to the regime. 

Ali Mostofi