Why say Death?

by alimostofi

Here I am on my day off, listening to the radio. I am an old fogey, and love to listen to Gold on DAB in England.

Why am I saying this, because only when your bog standard radio says something about Iran (and we have all been waiting for this day), that we can say there has been some media penetration.

So what does the news say? That the protesters are shouting "Death to dictator". Up to that moment of the news, I was saying, "hey we did it, our country's situation is being heard".

But now sadly I am listening to Under Pressure by David Bowie.

We are all Iranians first. Let us not forget that. We do not want the world to see us tear ourselves up. We look like a bunch of disorganised mad people, who cannot control a bunch of us in Qom, who has a nuke bomb.

Qom will one day say, "Death to all Iran and the world."

Ya Ahuramazda help us.


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Nothing dies in the larger

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Nothing dies in the larger context. Life changes and Life takes care of Life.

Worship Life.

Ali Mostofi



Red Wine


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مرگ حق است و حق لیاقت آدمیزاد.