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Every year, I say "Merry Christmas" to all the Christians, and then tell them that I celebrate it on first day of Winter, as we have for 20,000 years or so.  The big event of course will be Yalda 2012 when all the calendars, especially the Mayan one (which actually ends) value as an important moment in the position of Earth, Solar System and our Galaxy.  No I am not being delusional.  All you mathematicians can go and read about it.  

Yes The Ancients were way ahead of us now, and did visit this planet and set us all here. Look at the migration of the human beings in the Gnome project and then connect those thoughts to the fact that the older part of the Zend Avesta talks of the migration of Iranians to the Iranian plateau after we had gone to Europe and had to return to Iran, because Yima or James was told to do so.  Why, because the Ice Age that froze over the northern part of the planet.  You can then view The Zend Avesta as authentic as it relates to the scientific evidence.

So see your special Iranian view when you visit people this Christmas in the next week.  Shab Yalda is to be endured. but Yalda, or the first longer day, or the first day of Winter is to be cherished.  It also happens to be the moment when the Earth is very close to the Sun and is zipping past at the fastest rate.

By the way, as the Northern Hemisphere is not split from the Southern Hemisphere equally. the Northern Hemisphere gets closer that Southern when the opposite happens in the Summer. So this is an important time that is unique.  The Christians wanted a weeks holiday, and could not figure out the exact day (because Pope Gregrory was a dumb), and they had a thing about the number seven, and they chose the 25th.

No for my political ramble.  I just placed this comment at this forum:


China gets most of its oil from the Persian Gulf area.  They use that oil to feed the factories that make things for the US consumer.

Put bluntly, next time you go to Wal-Mart, remember that the "special relationship" the US has with China, and the "very special" relationship the Chinese have with the Islamic regime in Iran, allows it all happen for you to get stuff this Christmas.  There are however some 300 million people in West Asia that are suffering from this arrangement this Christmas.

But these arrangements keeps a lot of people busy.  I mentioned the Chinese factories (US ones really, but never mind about that detail).  There are another much larger, massive number of people in the US, it keeps busy, namely the Military Industrial Complex (MIC). MIC has need the fear of war to keep a float in the Persian Gulf and the India Ocean. USS Eisenhower for examples spends at least one million US dollars to make lunch each day.  The irony is that that money could be used in the US main land more easily if it was put to use outside the MIC.


There is more to this ...

To sum up, we Iranians, as we all know, are being abused.  That is the Shab Yalda we have to peacefully hold together against. 


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Tuesday night is very special

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Read this:


The last time it happened was over four hundred years ago.

Also this is the position of the planets:


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