Some Good People are absent on this Site

by All-Iranians


“All-Iranians” just noticed that some good people like Farah Rusta, Red Wine, and Shazdeh Asdola Mirza are absent on this site (IC) for almost a long time. Nothing has been appeared here by them; no article, no comment, no cartoon, etc.

They are very creative contributors who develop creative solutions and implement new ideas.
Many readers of IC enjoy their works and want them back.


Does anybody know where they are?
Any other good contributor, commentator, or cartoonist is also missing?


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by Souri on

Are you talking about Roozbeh Shirazi? The very old contributor of the site?

Multiple Personality Disorder

Yes, Mr Shirazi has been missing for a long time

by Multiple Personality Disorder on

I don't know what happened to him.


All I know....

by Souri on

Redwine must be in Egypt, presently. I had an email from him on my BD saying that he is actually in Egypt for a documentary.

Mrs Farah Rusta was not feeling very good recently, but I beleive I have recognized her writing under another ID (but I can't confirm that was her) while the other person,  is still around and I can sware he is writing almost everyday under another user name.

Don't worry too much, here is hotel California, nobody is really leaving, and if they do, it won't be forever.



Wishing them all well and hope they come back soon.

by Bavafa on

This goes for Majid as well as I was sorry to see such great contributor leave IC.


Anahid Hojjati

Dear All-Iranians, Red Wine has not been absent at all

by Anahid Hojjati on

Red Wine has been commenting actively about situation in Egypt. Right before that, he had commented about Asian cup soccer games. He has also contributed cartoons; I believe in past several weeks.  So not only Red Wine has not been absent but i think he has been active in past few weeks.

Farah Rusta had commented about her health problems and yes, she has not been active for few weeks. The same is true for Shazde. I have not seen any blog or comment from him for about 2-3 weeks or may be longer.



Wishing them all the best, and

by All-Iranians on

hoping they are all healthy and well.