Kurosh Khani fighting with Faster F3 Cars

by amier

Kourosh Khani on his way to a superb second place in the Monoposto 2000 race at Brands Hatch. Khani displayed immense skill to beat several F3 cars on his way to a podium finish in second place!

Brands Hatch Indy - Monoposto 2000 - Race 1 from Kourosh Khani on Vimeo.


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by پندارنیک on

Despite the fact that the driver has a pure Aryan name, I'm really sorry that I can't raise my national pride flag, as high as the red flag which indicates the dangerous amount of air pollutants that are spewed into the air by his and his competitors' cars.

Sorry, this sport is among a list of anti-environmental activities.