Honoring Cyrus the Great and His Charter

Amil Imani
by Amil Imani

Once again October 29th
is rolling around. And once again, free people all over the world
celebrate the memory of Cyrus the Great, the author of mankind’s
arguably greatest document, the first Charter of Human Rights. This
benevolent king, ruling over a vast empire of diverse people, enshrined
in the Cyrus Cylinder, nearly three millennia ago, the principles that define and protect human dignity.



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It is deeply hypocritical of

by sickofapologists (not verified) on

It is deeply hypocritical of Islamic colonialist who destroyed cultures, languages, civilizations, and identities of entire continent even reaching Europe until they were stopped at the "Gates of Vienna" with their 7th century jihad. At the siege of Vienna in 1683 Islam seemed poised to overrun Christian Europe. We are in a new phase of a very old war.

Iran and all other "Arab" states - including Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia, and Algeria, as well as the entity under the Palestinian Authority - were originally non-Arab nations that were conquered by the Muslim Arabs when they spread out from the Arabian peninsula in the first great wave of jihad in the 7th century, defeating, killing, enslaving, dispossessing, converting, or reducing to the lowly status of dhimmitude millions of Christians and Jews, Zoroastrian exodus to India, and destroying their language (Phoenicians in Lebanon didn't speak Arabic)(Iran is the only country that was able to sustain its own language thanks to our brave poet, Ferdowsi) ancient and flourishing civilizations.

Prior to being Christian, of course, these lands had even more ancient histories. Phraonic Egypt, for example, was not an Arab country through its 3,000-year history.

Islam being wrapped in deception as a spiritual dogma or religion or ideology is more dangerous than Nazism, Communisms, and Fascism of any other kind.
Because unlike non-religious dogmas and other totalitarian systems, the emotional and the so-called spiritual appeal of this fanaticism (infidel vs. ummah, God’s Devine Agents and rulers on earth, blind faith to authoritarian clergy and their dogma) is pervasive and a potent and a dangerous brew that lasts centuries (as we have seen) and we see the end results in every Muslim country. And that is precisely why no other power good or bad has been able to penetrate this pestilence brought about by a bunch of Bedouins.

We need to work on Islamic de-colonization of mind and souls and identify the devastating Pathological affect of this totalitarian ideology.


Dr. Kaveh Farrokh's recent

by ARAB PARAST (not verified) on

Dr. Kaveh Farrokh's recent book on Iran
by Shia Khalifeh (not verified) on Thu Oct 30, 2008 01:21 PM PDT

Two excellent book reviews on Dr. Farrokh's new book, "Shadows in the Desert", who has received threatning emails from angry unknowns!!!Islamic republic' agents, perhaps?


Reveiw by Joey Howard:

Perhaps this book is the true backbone of scholarship, minus the bias. Of course there are subtle hints that point to sympathy for the Do-Gooder empire that Persia at times tried its hardest to be, but this should not come as a surprise, since a great deal of modern scholars such as ancient military historians like Peter Wilcox, Nick Secunda, Tim Newark, or Prof. Frye, Dr. Marry Boyce, Prof. C. Littleton who is an expert of Arthurian lgends linking the tales to old Iranian mythical heroes in his book "From Scythia To Camelot"), British Museum currator John Curtis, Nigill Tallis, A.T. Olmstead etc, all seem to give us a dramatically different view of the world`s first Super-Power [Iran].

Thus, amid countless books shoving down our throats the same-old-same-old narrations on Greece and the merciless Rome, such endeavors by the likes of Dr. Farrokh are a refreshing change of pace, that serve to balance things a bit. (Note that Dr. Farrokh who was born in Greece gives it to both sides equally, e.g. he mentions the cruel treatment of captured Arab War Lords by some Sassanian kings while praising Greece for her magnificent accomplishments, so this book may not please some Persian chauvinists, as it certainly does not please Greek or Roman ones).

Just to mention also, before I read this book, I actually had read articles and one book by the Irish scholar Michael McClain giving extensive mentions of the link between ancient Indo-Iranians and their Indo-European kin, the Celts, so Dr. Farrokh`s discoveries were not that new to me, but were nonetheless shocking.

Overall, however, the images in the book are beautifully illustrated and almost all of them contain useful captions -- the narration of the wars, types of armour used, geographical locations and NEW DISCOVERIES unravelled by Farrokh himself, such as Iranian influences on Gothic architecture makes the book worthy of read. On a different note, I read somewhere in an online post how Dr. Farrokh receives threatening emails from angry unknowns, which is a shame.


At any rate, the thrilling achievments of Persia is right up there with the gorgeous art and proud cultures of Greece and Rome, and this book points them out. Unlike the triumphant Greeks though, the saga of the Persians seem to be a tragedy.

Perhaps Dr. David Khupenia of the University of the Republic of Georgia was right, "Persia has given so much to the world and is appreciated so little". """


Islamists have plunged to a

by Shia Khalifeh (not verified) on

Islamists have plunged to a new depth

This relentless cyber attacks by the IRI's propaganda Operation here in the US and Canada is despicable and easily refutable if one only uses google.

For the actual history Iranians (NOT ISLAMIST TAZI) should read Tom Holland’s “Persian fire : the first world empire and the battle for the West”.


He shows just why the Persian culture - in many ways, far superior to that of the more primitive Greeks - deserved respect for its own accomplishments, as well as how and why the Greeks came to blow up their honest victories and denigrate their Persian foes. All these points give PERSIAN FIRE a peculiarly modern resonance, as well as telling some of the greatest stories of antiquity with clarity and flair."


An Engineering Feet: The

by Aghazadeh (not verified) on

An Engineering Feet: The Persian Empire
by sickoflies (not verified) on Thu Oct 30, 2008 12:52 PM PDT

Please watch these documentaries made by Canadain Broadcast Company. Five Parts:

---Engineering an Empire - The Persians - Part 1of5


***Part 2 of 5:


***Part 3 of 5:


***Part 4 of 5:


***Part 5 of 5:



If loving Cyrus the Great is right, I want to be wrong...

by eroonman on

Not so fast! Please keep in mind that that cylinder of human rights, primarily pertained to the declaration of sovereignty over the recently conquered Babylonians, who had also persecuted the Jews. Not surprising that the jews would deify him for liberating them from the Babylonians. However, this was merely common at that time, to declare yourself ruler over a conquered land, and if CTG was so G, then where pray tell, were our human rights? For certainly this declaration pertained to the Jews under Babylonian rule, certainly not the rest of the enslaved empire. And so it has gone for 2500 years+, the concept that only a king, and not the people can grant freedom.

Yes indeed Cyrus, stay asleep, no, jooneh man, please stay asleep! I only pray to your God Marduk, that one day the people of Iran will finally wake up and realize they have the power to free themselves, and that it is not the destiny of a King, but our own destiny to save us, finally.



by amirkabear4u on

I am glad god is shining in your heart. It is a good idea to remember great historical people like Cyrus. But, a person like you, should remember Iranian people are majority muslim by choice or by sword which ever you prefer to agree. They do not need your anti islamic nazi rants, insults and comments.

Maybe a happy Cyrus day should be continued by more understandng from all.


ببین سید خان

craugfregiisen (not verified)

ببین سید خان .....ایران مانند خانه ای است که
به سبک قدیم هم پدر بزرگ و مادر بزرگ و هم
پدر و مادر و هم فرزندان دختر و پسر در آن زندگی

این پدر بزرگ مادر**** عقب مانده قرمساق مسلمان
برای باقی خانواده راه و رسم از خوردن تا ریدن تا گائیدن
را تعیین میکند و عین وزغ اون بالا نشسته است

دختران و پسران که صغیر هستند هیچ پدران و مادران
آنان هم صغیرند

تا روزی که پدر بزرگ و مادر بزرگ متعفن بوگندوی این
خانواده نمیرد هرگز هرگز هرگز این افراد صغیر فرض
شده..... رها و مث باقی انسان ها نخواهند شد

باید باید باید .....ولایت فقیه و کل این مجامع طاق و جفت
تشخیص و خبره و طویله های ملائی
از راس سیستم کنونی ایران برداشته شود و به مستراج
حوزه های اسلامی فرستاده شود تا از گه اسلام خود
بخورند و به کاری که به آنان مربوط ابدا نیست دخالت نکنند
و گه زیادی نخورند

بعدا میتوانیم راجع به یک ایران دموکراتیک واقعی همگی
با هم توافق کنیم و حق هر کسی به او برسد

یادت نرود گره تمامی بدبختی های ما مردم ایران مشتی
ملای نفهم بی سواد عقده ای کپکی اسلامی هستند
که اون بالا نشسته اند و دوست دارند همه چیز ما ملت
از زیر نظر آنان بگذرد

در قرن بیست و یکم مردم شهروند ایران را به بردگی گرفته
و عین دوران برده داری با آنان رفتار میکنند

نجات برده از میان رفتن برده داری است مگر نه ؟

برده دارها همگی ملایان عبا و عمامه ای هستند و دخالت
اسلام در سیاست این امکان را به آنان داده است والسلام



by Zion on

I say that describes Nasrallah himself much better.


btw Z

by samsam1111 on

My  joke about Shaikh nASSrollahs wife ;

Her butt is so fat , she doesn,t need internet , because she is,

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Just ignore the rabble

by Zion on



Dear Moderator 1+2+3+4

by samsam1111 on

It,s okay for some bug to call a prescious Icon , with such filth but god forbid if i use the word Fart in my vocabulary passingly to relay my point..could you folks be more obvious or what..I read words like jakesh, Fuc , whore,  in featured blogs against even the Pres of USA. So , I guess the so called restricted words are reserved for specific targets and for selective protected Gang to use...You folks are so juvenile for your personal prejudice..

Hey parasite pubic ...Hell with ur Mullahs and their reza pahlavi..Get the hell of this blog or have respect ,this is not about politics.. half-breed....   



by samsam1111 on



Monarchist propaganda disseminated by Reza Pahlavi's people

by Pro-secular republic (not verified) on

It's nice to see that the propaganda campaign to reinstall the Pahlavi gang once again at the helm of Evin Prison is afoot. Who is Cyrus, but another bloodthirsty warmonger who had people go to war, die, and kill so that he could sit on a throne and have people kiss the ground before his feet? How brainwashed are Iranians to believe this rubbish about Cyrus?


Great idea

by Zion on

...to have a day for Cyrus. Didn't know that, thanks for the info. Can't agree more about your concerns regarding the famous cylinder in Mullahs' hands.


Indeed , happy Cyrus day !

by samsam1111 on

To You & all true patriots all over the globe . May his unmatched legacy never fade & be a guiding light for generations to come . Thank you lord for giving us Cyrus of anshan.

And thank you dear Amil for taking the time for this very special blog entry.