Iran Mullahs’ Blame Game


Amil Imani
by Amil Imani

It is a fundamental human trait to locate the source of anything bad happening and try to neutralize it. There are, however, times that the source of the harm cannot be pinpointed or when successfully recognized it cannot be eliminated. Failure to recognize the source or neutralize it is frustrating. And frustration triggers a variety of emotions and reactions. The feeling of victimization is one possible reaction that frequently goes hand-in-hand with displaced aggression on a convenient safe target. The aggression can be verbal, physical, or a combination of the two.

The Mullahs presently ruling Iran are faced with monumental threats. Internally, the great majority of the populace is against their misrule. Labor unions, teachers associations, student groups, religious and ethnic minorities, journalists and many others have suffered and continue to suffer inordinate hardship under the heavy-handed Mullahs and their front-men. Externally, they are engaged in brinksmanship with the United States and Israel, while trying to wrestle the mantle of Islamic leadership from the Sunni Saudis and their Wahhabi cabal.

The Mullahs deflect responsibility for the mess they have made of Iran by skillfully playing the blame game. Blaming others for our problems seems to have become part of our national character, dating some 1400 years to the time when an army of bloodthirsty savages lofting the banner of Islam invaded our country. These barbarians hailed out of the Arabian Peninsula, heartlessly slaughtered innocent people, burned libraries, and took whatever they wanted, including women and children, as booty of war.

My country, the present Iran, a cradle of civilization, the land of Cyrus the Great—the first author of the Human Rights Charter—was ravaged by the Muslim killers. The upstanding Iranian people who lived by the Great Zoroaster’s triad of Goodly Thoughts, Goodly Speech, and Goodly Deeds stood no chance against the Muslim beasts who had been promised by Muhammad: if you kill, or you get killed, either way you will be admitted to Allah’s gloriously lush paradise for eternity in compensation. This pie-in-the-sky paradise of Allah, Muhammad intimated, includes among other things, rivers of milk and honey as well as 72 virgins for every male.

The invasion of my country was only the start of the tenacious scourge of Islam. Slaughtering people by hundreds of thousands at the time left the remainder of the Iranians little choice but to convert to the creed of this cult of violence. Choiceless millions converted to Islam and a few hundred thousand brave souls circled the wagon, so to speak, and held firm to their creed of light—the Zoroastrian faith. For centuries, the Zoroastrians paid heavily in all manners of ways under the rule of the converted Muslims; many were forced to leave for other lands such as India, while others were driven out of their habitats to marginal parts of the land.

Yet, all along many Iranians revered the religion of their ancestors and resented the Arab-imposed creed. Nonetheless, the virus of Islam had taken deep roots. As a result a compromise evolved. The overwhelming majority of the Iranians, who had become some sort of generic Muslims, parted company with the original line of Sunni-Caliphate and adopted Shiism. The tragic history of Shiism appealed to the Iranians who felt great affinity, consciously or unconsciously, with the tragic suffering of the Imamate line at the hand of the mainstream Sunni Muslims.

Switching allegiance from one sect of the cult of death to another did little more than provide a venting opportunity to the victimized Iranians. They could not find it in themselves to get rid of the Islamic virus while it offered them a degree of relief, enabling them to vilify the mainstream Sunnis for inflicting them with the Islamic disease in the first place.

Fourteen hundred years of suffering is far too long for any people, although the Jews hold the record for that misfortune. The Jews have at long last returned to their homeland even though they are still encircled by the vicious Arab Islamists who would like nothing better than to drown every last one of them in the sea, similar to the way the Islamists forced our Zoroastrian people out of the country or the remaining few to the edges of inhospitable desert.

With the passage of time, blaming the historical foreign invaders for our sorry plight failed as explanation. Re-playing the long-ago tragic drama of the Imams’ sufferings did little more than supply a superficial psychological relief. Real new enemy-making was in order to keep the victimization mentality alive and prevent the people from self-examination to find the true culprit for their misery.

The search for new culprits was a success story. The creative minds of the politicians and the Mullahs found grains of truth here and there and made mountains of molehills. Tsarist Russia to the north was seen as dead set to annex much of what has remained of Iran and aimed to expand itself all the way to the warm waters of the Persian Gulf. Then there were the British who had colonized Indian Subcontinent and dominated much of the Middle Eastern Arab lands. Iran was next in their hairline. The demise of the Tsarist Russia gave birth to yet a more virulent threat of the Soviet Union. Of more recent time, the United States and its support of the Shah, who had an amicable relationship with Israel, made the U.S. and Israel perfect targets of blame.

Sadly, the victimization mentality seems to have become an irreversible disease of our people, the Iranians. We have become a nation of easy answers. We ascribe blame liberally and do very little deep soul-searching. We fail to accept the fact that blaming others hasn’t done much to address our problems. Equally pathological is building straw-men to knock them down.

No matter how loudly and frequently Ahmadinejad brays about eliminating Israel and chasing the U.S. to its corner of the world, Iran’s problems will remain and the Iranian people will continue to suffer. Please, my people, don’t let this end-of-the-worlder homicidal-suicidal man and his gang of frauds take you on a certain death ride. Let us, once and for all, purge ourselves of the deadly disease of victimization and join the world in a multilateral live-and-let-live relationship. America is not our enemy, neither is Israel. We are our own worst enemy by remaining chained to the victimization mentality, buying the Mullahs’ blame game, and following the ruling Islamists who are either crooks, mentally disturbed or both.


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Jahanshah Rashidian

Good analysis but...

by Jahanshah Rashidian on

An excellent description of our tragic history. A good analysis of violence which turns to other social phenomena like victimisation, indoctrination, alienation... of a whole nation. However, I do not find a rational link between being pissed off since 1400 years and justification of USA / Israel politics in the region. The plague of Islam is too much more historically and nationally sensitive than being linked to USA and Israel. In this perspective, what is the report between "virus of Islam" and "friendship" with USA / Israel?



هزاران آفرین به تو

Anonymous. (not verified)

خیلی‌ باحالی‌، دمت گرم ، به خدا حرف دلمون رو زدی.

Amil Imani

بازی مظلوم نمائی آخوندان

Amil Imani

 از خصائص انسان یکی هم این استکه به کنه آنچه که بنظر بد میرسد پی برده و آنرا خنثی نماید. لکن گهگاه یافت منبع خسران به آسانی دست نمیدهد بهمین جهت چون منبع تشخیص داده نشده ناگزیر زدودن آن هم میسر نمی باشد. عدم امکان تشخیص منبع خسران و در نتیجه عدم خنثی کردن آن، پریشانی را بر می انگیزد.  و این پریشانی سبب بروز انواع عواطف و عکس العمل ها میگردد. احساس مظلومیت یکی از امکانات  بروز عکس العمل هائی است که اغلب همراه با خشونت بیجا که در ضمن هدف مطمئنی است میگردد. خشونت میتواند به نحو گفتاری و یا کرداری و یا هردوی آنها درآن واحد بروز کند.

     آخوندان حکومتگر فعلی در ایران درمقابل کوهی از تهدیدها قرارکرفته اند. در درون مرز، اکثریت مطلق جامعه مخالف این حکام نادان هستند. اتحادیه های کارگری، انجمنهای اموزگاران، گروههای دانشجویان، اقلیتهای مذهبی و قومی ، روزنامه نگاران و عده زیادی دیگران، تحت رهبری بیخردانه و سرکوبگر آخوندان رنج بی دلیل برده و میبرند. و در برون مرز ، با چالش جلوگیری از خطرایالات متحده و اسرائیل مواجه هستند آنهم درحالیست که میخواهند دسیسه و توطئه سنی ها وهابی ها را کنار زده و ریاست جهان اسلام را هم از آن خود سازند.
   آخوندان کلیه مسئولیت نابسامانیهای خود را با زیرکی به *بازی مظلوم نمائی* گرفته اند. بنظر میرسد تقصیر را بگردن دیگری انداختن، از 1400 سال پیش که عده ای وحشی و بیابانگرد و خونخواربا برافراشتن پرچم اسلام کشور ما را درنوردیدند، بصورت یکی از خصائل ملی ما ایرانیان درآمده است. اعراب بیابانگرد وحشی که از شبه جزیره عربستان سرازیر شدند با قساوت قلب مردم بیگناه را ازدم تیغ گذراندند، کتابخانه ها را به آتش کشیدند و هر چه بدستشان رسید از زن و بچه وغنائم جنگی با خود بردند.
  میهن من، ایران امروز، گهواره تمدن ، سرزمین کوروش بزرگ نویسنده نخستین میثاق حقوق بشر، توسط مسلمانا ن جانی، ویران گردید. ایرانیان زرتشتی که مذهبشان بر مبنای یگانه پرستی و کردار نیک و گفتار نیک و پندار نیک بود، در مقابل حمله اعراب وحشی که محمد به آنان  در صورت کشتار ویا کشته شدن وعده رفتن به بهشت ابدی موعود را داده بود، کوچکترین فرصتی برای دفاع از خود نداشتند. دربهشت موعود محمد، نهر های شیر روان باعسل و همچنین 72 دوشیزه باکره برای هر مرد مهیا بود!!!
  هجوم اعراب به میهن من آغاز استواری بلای آسمانی اسلام بود. که تنها راه جلوگیری ازکشتاربی رحمانه هزاران ایرانی ، قبول اسلام و درنتیجه پیوستن به کیش و آئین خشونت گران بود. ملیونها مردمی که چاره دیگری نداشتند به اسلام گرویدند و عده معدودی شجاع نیز بهمان کیش زرتشتی تابان خویش باقی ماندند. سده ها، زرتشتیان از همه جهات  بهای گزافی را تحت پرچم اسلام پرداختند، عده ای ناگزیر به ترک میهن و بطرف هندوستان روانه و عده ای هم به کناره های کویر لوت ایران سوق داده شدند.
  با اینهمه در تمام مدت ایرانیان به آئین نیاکان خود احترام گذارده وبا کیش اجباری اعراب بمخالفت پرداختند. لکن بهر حال میکرب اسلام دربین ایرانیان ریشه ای عمیق دوانیده بود، که در نتیجه مصالحه ای دست داد. اکثریت قاطع ایرانیان با ابداع مذهب شیعه، از خلافت مسلمانان سنی جدا و به اسلام اختصاصی خو گرویدند. سابقه غم انگیز شیعه، با و یا بی توجه ، با تفکرایرانیان که سر نوشت خود را همچنان امامان مظلوم میپنداشتند، همخوانی داشت.
  تعویض وفاداری ازآن کیش کشتاربه آئینی همچنین کشتارگر، با ایرانیان فرصت مظلوم نمائی داد.آنان نمیتوانستند از شر مرض مسری اسلام خویشتن را رها سازند ، چون بهر حال در مرحله نخست ، تا حدی به سبب جدائی از سنی ها درد اسلام را از سر گذرانده و  احساس آرامش کردند.
   1400 سال رنج کشیدن برای انسان مدتی طولانی است گو اینکه یهودی ها در اینمورد رکورد دربدری را دارا هستند ولی آخر و عاقبت یهودیان با اینکه در محاصره اعراب وحشی قرار دارند که میخواهند همگی آنانرا به دریا بریزند، به سرزمین خود باز گشتند. و بهمین نحو مسلمانان موجب مهاجرت ایرائیان از میهن خویش گشته و یا عده کمی به حاشیه  تاقت فرسای کویر لوت رانده شدند.
 با گذر زمان، تقصیرناهنجاری ها و درماندگی های امروز را نمیتوان بگردن مهاجمین بیگانه و تاریخی افکند. تکرار تعزیه خوانی سرگذشت غم انگیز امامان ، اثر سطحی اندکی برای درمان درد های امروزه ما دارد. ناگزیربرای ادامه احساس مظلومیت باید دشمنی تازه دست و پا میشد تا مردم بفکر نیفتند که منشاء بدبختی های خود *اسلام*  را بیابند.
   جستجو برای یافتن دشمنی تازه داستانی موفق است. مغز متفکر و ابداعی آخوندان از کاه، کوهی ساختند. روسیه تزاری در شمال سرسختانه بدنبال دست یافتن به آبهای گرم خلیج فارس از طریق اشغال ایران بود. وسپس نوبت به انگلستان میرسد که شبه قاره هندوستان را مستعمره خود کرده  و بر سراسر خاورمیانه حکمفرما بود. و ایران دربرنامه بعدی آنان جای داشت. با سقوط امپراطوری تزاری در روسیه، شیطان مخوف دیگری بنام اتحاد جماهیر شوروی سوسیالیستی ،جایگزین آن شد.و درزمان حاضر پشتیبانی ایالات متحده آمریکا از شاه که روابط دوستانه ای با اسرائیل داشت، بهترین دلیل برای مقصر شناختن دیگران را به آخوندان ارزانی داشت.
    شوربختانه بنظر میرسد که تفکر و برداشت *مظلومیت* مرض غیر قابل علاج ما ایرانیان است. ما مردمی هستیم بدنبال پاسخ آسان بهر دردی!!! و بدون بخویشتن پرداختن براحتی همه تقصیر ها را بگردن دیگران می اندازیم. بدون توجه به اینکه تقصیر را بگردن دیگران افکندن تاکنون هیچ یک از مسائل ما را حل نکرده است. و بموازات آن برای فرار از حالت طبیعی، لولو سر خرمن برای دفع دشمن  تراشیده ایم!
   هر قدر احمدی نژاد درباره محو اسرائیل و یا راندن آمریکا ئیان بگوشه دنیای خود فریاد و هوار بکشد، مسائل درگیر بر ایران و مردم آزرده اش همچنان باقی خواهد ماند. هم میهنان  نازنین من، درخواست میکنم تا اجازه ندهید که این گروه بی خردان کم مایه و جنایتکار شمارا به جهنم حتمی روی زمین بکشانند. بگذارید یکبار برای همیشه خویشتن را از مرض هولناک *مظلوم نمائی * رهانیده و به دنیای اتحاد و اتفاق و برادری بپیوندیم. آمریکا و اسرائیل دشمن ما نیستند بلکه ما تا وقتی دست و پایمان را بزنجیر *تفکر مظلومیت* قفل کرده ایم بدترین دشمن خویش هستیم . و این درست همان چنبره بدون انتهای* بازی مظلومیت نمائی* آخوندان حقه باز ومحنون است که برای فرو افتادن ما بقعر جهنم گسترده اند. 


Not a virus, a medicine

by Iraniye Khoob (not verified) on

This medicine called Islam is removing all the sickness and filth from the nation of Iran and hopefully soon the entire Middle East.

Nothing personal, but it seems that people like you were the virus, and now you and your supporters have been removed. Isn't that true? Don't you know that the Iranian people did the revolution just to get rid of people like you?

Also noteworthy is your display of seemingly anger and hate which further indicates that Moslems have been greatly successful and on the right path. So are you writing to gather the support of a few fools, relieve tension, pump up fake hope or ...?

If I didn't know better, I would have thought that you actually work for IRI, Imani. Can you figure out why I say this?


Just to support your point

by 11101932 (not verified) on

Just look around in the United States and Europe and see how well Iranian ex-pats have done in foreign lands. Lands where there is freedom and the individual is allowed to realize his potential to the maximum possible without the suffocating Shiism that denounces life and this world and celebrates death and its promised next world.
We Iranians are as smart as anybody and work as hard as anybody, if not harder, when we are out of the dreadful rule of Islamic superstition and phony theology.
Check some reference sources such as Marquis's Who is Who in the World, in Science, in America, in...and see innumerable names of accomplished Iranians. You feel pride and you are reassured that those mullahs and their devotees are aberrations. Iranians are indeed followers of the creed of light, as you put it. Priority number one is to send the mullahs back to their stinking holes and let the Iranian people run their own lives with complete freedom in all its forms for all. Thank you Mr. Imani for reminding us of our problem -- mullahism.


You call it "Islamic Virus" & I call it

by samsam1111 on

If I may Mr Imani.. 

"The seeds of Qadesiyeh" or "Mavali genes"..

From my Earlier blog;

 I am thinking that yes,  Arabs took away Iran,s geography, Sovereignity, It,s glorious heritage , empires & put an end on a concept called Iran .But the occupation & Sunni Islam gave the nation an opportunity to be at peace by herself in some form ..It gave Iranians the option & excuse to forget about the ambitions of making new empires, conquer new lands and being hyper-defensive about the motherland that didn,t exist any more. Without this baggage for good or bad The Iranian spirit re-invented herself this time for idividual glory in Science,Literature,Philosophy..lalala..kinda like Japan after WW2. This kinda peacefull closure & convenient amnesia lasted for roughly a 1000 years that produced the kinds of Ferdowsi,Avi sina & Razi..We had no Iran but the spirit was alive and well ...and then came Safavids & glorification of Seyeds as God to be more Avi Sina s but Shaikh Fazlollah Nouris & shaikh Khalkhalis. Hence Safavid & Shia Mullahs truly finished off Iran..No country,No spirit..just a fake name tag.



well done

by mahmoudg on


As usuall, well done.


I enjoyed This!

by MargBarIRI on

Thanks! Great Analysis. You are 100% correct in stating that we tend to blame others. This abuse excuse mentality has to go if we ever want to get anywhere.


Mr. Imani

by Lahmajoon (not verified) on

Thank you! Excellent!


beautiful, well written..

by Parthian on


Beautiful, and very well written, not to mention the fact that it truly addresses the root cause.

Farhad Kashani

Mr. Imani, how refreshing to

by Farhad Kashani on

Mr. Imani, how refreshing to see a new posting from you. Great article as always.