US Sanctions having Desired affect, Yet Policy Unannounced to Iranians


by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy

The Results are in.  The Love Affair with Islam & Sharia in Government in Iran by the United States took another predictable turn, though the Policy of giving love and aid to the IRI is unannounced Iranians are starting to take note.  It's not as if the US Government would lie to people, murder people, steal from people, manipulate people, deceive people or coerce them both within the USA and in the 4 Corners of the world, though some Iranians are beginning to admit to themselves under ther breath that this has been their experience at the hands of the USA towards Iranians for 33 years.

The US government is required to report back regarding the impact of its policies to congress.  And not surprisingly the mullahs and their revolutionary guards and nuclear program are all being strenthened (lets all pretend its by miscalculation and they will fix their policy) and at the same time the people of Iran are being weakened.  How dare the people of Iran stand up to the IRI?  Especially when America truly loves them, brought them to power and will do everything in its power to make sure some group of mullahs always stays in charge in Iran.

As the currency predictably declines the regime benefits, its IRGC and all its managers, enough to stash up for a long long time.  The Nuclear program hasn't seen better days, it will have all the funding it needs for the next several years off the backs of the people of Iran.  By suppressing the people of Iran and mismanaging the economy and the USA supporting such a regime in an unannounced way, the USA is revealing exactly why it brought the IRI to power and the job the IRI performs for the west and why the love is so deep between the USA and the IRI.  No other group could weaken Iran more or send it furthur backwards in every respect than the IRI, ahhh its like bliss in Washington, the town where Dreams come true.  This also reveals the true motive of why the USA removed a Peaceful, Progress creating, human rights champion, the late Shah of Iran, because they were also opposed to all these things for Iran.  The Pity is it was the people of Iran that bought the late Shah was a Dictator, Corrupt and undermined their human rights.  Enjoy the manipulation and all the hurt it brought into Iran, if you are smart enough to see it.


The link is by Bloomburg on the not so surprising surprise.


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