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Anonymous Observer
by Anonymous Observer

Here's how it's done:

1)  Sign up under multiple patriotic Iranian names, such as "I Love Iran," "Iran Doost," "Parsi Parast," "Ferdowsi," etc.;

2)  Immeditaely beign to blog about Jews / Israel / Palestine.  Post a lot of videos and photoshopped pictures in your blogs about Israel / Palestine.  Curiously, most of these characters are experts at video research, posting, photoshop and have excellent computer knowledge, as if they are professionally trained in IT;

3)  Leave comments on every blog that is critical of the IR, and cite examples of the same in Israel, as if there's any relevance;

4)  Leave comments on your own blogs using your other usernames, congratulating yourself on how well you're exposing Israel and urging yourself to continue your excellent work;

5)  Write blogs about how is a Zionist / Bahai / American neocon operation;

6)  Call all users on IC Israeli / Mossad agents and claim that you have inside knowledge showing that they all write from Israel;

7)  Threaten with lawsuit;

9)  Get blocked for being abusive to site and other users;

10) Start doing 1-9 through other usernames until they get blocked.  Before they do though, write a blog through one of them claiming you're a victim of censorship and...of course...a victim of a Zionist conspiracy;

11) Wait a month or so after all your new usernames have been blocked.  Sign up under new usernames and repeat cycle. 



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Ah...the logic of it

by Cost-of-Progress on


.....Say nothing when other brain-washing vehicles are being bashed, but want equal treatment when eslam is being (righfully) criticized.

Distortion is a real - Normally casued by external and real, but elemental forces!



Those concerned about "Muslim Bashing"

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Should look into what feeds into this entire anti Muslims sentiments in the first instance.

These west residing bacheh akhoonds who 24/7, on internet sites,  attack the jews, christians, bahaiis, americans, Israelies... you name it... all in the name of "islam" (but of course we know it is on behalf of "vali-gfaghi") are actually one of the main causes of repulsion  many western folks feel about islam and muslims.

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Soosan Khanoom


by Soosan Khanoom on

I do not wish to fix your distorted image of Islam. 

I mainly said that to add some balance to what Faramarz was already mentioning.  In general you can't condemn Jew bashing but reward Muslim bashing or say nothing to stop the abuse. Do you get it?   It is called being fair and being respectful to every other religion.  Now who cares what one's personal preference or religion is. I do not give a damn if you or anyone else on this site worships God or nothing. I am sure no one here gives a damn what I worship either !

I have enough to be worried about that me defending Islam is the least of my worries.  I just want no hypocrisy when we treat commentators on this site. All of a sudden we all become so offended if anyone says anything about the Jews but then we collectively shit on Muslims. 




SK, what kind of a

by Cost-of-Progress on

moslem are you that you so vehemently defend Islam?

Do you:

Fast for 30 days, pray five times a day, wear hejab, force others to wear hejab, consider non-moslems impure, believe that non-moslems go to hell (yeah, other religions have the same belief about others), live in a free western country, but consider them imperaistis or zionist, or other "ists", and .... and.

If not, then please do not beat your chest for Islam.

Besides, if you are an Iranian, your ancestors were forcefully "converted". As in blood and rape. However, like many other Iranains, you probably embrace your opressors as Iranians have for centuries. You name your children alien names becasue they are of the divine.

It's in our collective psyche, no? And that is why we continue to suffer.

AO, Great blog and right on!


As AO said: that is a consequence of living in a democracy

by MM on

However, when you all gang tackle the author, and pound on the podium as well as scream, the noise level hides the real issues and the author wins. And, he will come back with more of the same, if not more outlandish.  If you remember, IMF also posted a ton first and got into a lot of shouting matches, but then, everyone ignored him, once he was known.  Well, where is he now?

If you want to argue, stick with the issues, or give him the address of a Palestinian site to post. 

G. Rahmanian

IR mercenaries' onslaught on opposition forces!

by G. Rahmanian on

Dear AO:

Only paid mercenaries hired by the regime in Tehran are capable of possessing the crudeness displayed in such blogs!

Anonymous Observer

"I don't judge the content of their speech. I defend their right

by Anonymous Observer on

to say it."  That's what a friend of mine, who is Jewish and a lawyer for the ACLU said to me when I questioned his judgment in defending the KKK's right to march wearing their infamous hoods.  

I'm a purist when it comes to free speech.  Hate speech is an unfortunate and unpleasant side effect of free speech.  Once you start judging the content and limiting people's right to say what they want to say, you enter the famous "slippery slope" zone.  What's next, consensual adult pornography?  Plus, once you censor speech like that, the offender will become a martyr and a hero, and can always claim a conspiracy (just as they often do on IC) to keep the "truth" from being exposed.

The best thing to do with these hate mongers is to allow them to say what they want  to say.  The more they talk, they more they show their abhorent nature.  And they don't "convert" anyone.  If you're dumb enough to believe the antisemitic rant that spews out of the keyboards of the usual suspects on IC, you reallly belong with them.  

All of that being said, I do not believe that JJ should feature their blogs on the front page.  Doing so not only emboldens them, but it also portrays both the site, and Iranians in general in a negative light.  He should allow them to post whatever they want--so long as it's not abusive--but let it be buried in the back pages of the site.

Soosan Khanoom

I agree

by Soosan Khanoom on

As Faramarz said " The Jew-bashing by some of these bloggers is no different from using the "N-word." 

I have to add that we should do the same when someone does muslim-bashing on this site.. And , well, we have quite a few of them on this site ...  don't we? 

Neither BiBi nor VF has anything to do with these two religions that have millions of followers around the world. 

We have to be fair in our behaviors, in the comments we make and the blogs we write, otherwise we are just the other side of the same coin.   

" Treat People The Way You Want To Be Treated "  ...Oh .. if we just could do it! 


MM, I Disagree

by Faramarz on

I believe that we should ignore people who talk nonsense or have flawed logic and things like that. But when it comes to hate language and out right racism we should stand up and say, "Not here, and not as long as I am here."

The Jew-bashing by some of these bloggers is no different than using the "N-word." One cannot stay silent when that happens because today's N-word will be tomorrow's I-word (Iranian).

As far as I am concerned people can say whatever they want about the Regime, Iran and Iranians and there will be counter arguments. But when people venture into the hate language we should confront them immediately and head on.


Portraying Iranians

by vildemose on

Portraying Iranians as rabid, hate-filled anti-semites will only benefit non-Iranians who would want to unleash war on Iranian people. 

This is a serious matter that should not be taking lightly if you are not a warmonger in closet (i.e., Neocons, MEK, IRI groupies, hizballohi, basiji, Lebanese Shia and Gaza et al,etc.) 

 A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

Anonymous Observer

You bring up a good point RG jaan

by Anonymous Observer on

About the racism and the whole "red neck" thing.  Seriously, the only other place that I have seen such shameless Jew bashing is on Nazi sites.  In fact, if you watch David Duke's videos, a lot of what he says is echoed verbatim on IC by the usual suspects.  But just like Duke is free to say what he wants these people are too.

The question is though what kind of a site does JJ want to run?  You are correct.  It's quite embarassing to be an Iranian when a site called is so full of hatred for Jews.  Can you imagine if some non-Iranian wants to get a perspective on our culture and visits this site?!!!  She will think that we're all Nazis.  

I gotta tell you, none of my Arab friends, even Palestinians who have family in Gaza, hate Israel as much as these guys do.  During the Israeli attack on Gaza, when all these characters on IC were ripping themselves to shreds, I had a discussion with a friend who had family in Gaza that he couldn't even get in touch with.  I was surprised that his opinion on the issue was much more balanced than the rabid anti-Semites on IC.  He blamed Hamas just as much as Israel for the attacks, and had a much more reasonable approach to the issue than IC zealots.  For one thing, have you ever seen a video of Palestinians ritualistically burning Israeli flags on the streets like Iranians have been doing in their names for the past 33 years?!!  That should tell you something.


demonising Iranians is no laughing matter

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Dear AO: The degree of hatred and verbal violence towrds our Jewish and bahai compatriots,  expressed not only by the few you named, but also by a few more of user ID's here (just visit Fred's blog for the full  list...) is just shocking. One wonders what kind of a sick mind could possibly harbor so much hatred and bitterness towards another human being just because of his/her religion or race.

But the main question is: Are these individuals whose hate speeches on a site called "" only turns a casual non_iranian reader against our country and it's people, even Iranian? I doubt it very much...

As for being a "medical student", my foot! More like a bitter, failed, rejected by host society, jobless muslim immigrant with serious mental health issues, or a  red neck hill billy neo-nazi admirer of ahmadinezhad's "wiping israel off the map" doctorine...

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Anonymous Observer

MM - I agree - and I really think they should be able to post

by Anonymous Observer on

whatever they want so long as they are not being abusive to the site or to other users.  

There is such a thing as being abusive to the site as well.  I mean, if you post the same video time and over again, in blogs, in various comments and in response to everything, then you are being abusive.  

But like I said, I am for freedom of speech.  As much as I make fun of these people (which is also freedom of speech), I think they should be able to post whatever they want.  Especially if their abilities are limited to posting videos from Israel.  Who cares if Israel is called fascist, apartheid, etc.?  I don't, and I am sure that most Iranians won't either. Not our country, and certainly not our problem.  I started ignoring ILI's two blogs a day a few days ago (bear in mind that he's only been around a a couple of weeks.)

Seriously, if talking about Israel is all that the IR can do in response to it being exposed as the most barbaric regime in Iran's recent history...then it's really, really, really in trouble.     

PS- Fred, if that's who you're talking about also, is different.  he comes up with fresh topics, most of which discuss items from IR's own media. I have to say that I don't have time to read most of his blogs, but he does what he does and he should be able to continue. 

The thning that I believe irritates people about the IR types though is that they use the same line of propaganda as the IR: meaning 24/7 talk about Israel.  That's what I really believe is the point that annoys people, seeing the same propaganda that is used in IR's oppression inside Iran being directed at them in cyberspace.  But then again, that's one of the side effects of free speech that we all have to live with. 



by MM on

If you noticed, blogs like that are ignored by many on IC.  I also ignore other 2-blog per day agents. Even if you ignore these paid 2-blog/day folks, they make the blogs more sensational to trap us in and distract us from the main issues facing Iranians.  My 2-cents: ignore them.

Of course, some do not know their limitations as well as IC rules and get blocked and then get reincarnated as a a different Avatar.  I would not be surprised if some are somehow not related to IMF! 

Majid Zahrai

Admin, you allow this?

by Majid Zahrai on

As an user who is neither an IRI agent nor a Mosad/AIPAC agent, this bitter name calling and slandering of certain users, peppered with threats of reporting some to HLS is sickening.

Really, with all the useless content in the blogs and comments of this group versus that group of users, it is really boooooooooooring to come to anymore!

Halamoono be ham zadin baba! There is no more substance to anything written or said on this site; faghat fohsh o fezahat.


Anonymous Observer

Dear AI & Faramarz

by Anonymous Observer on

I will miss ILI's two blogs a day.  Look, my position on these guys is that there really aren't that many of them around.  It's really a couple who keep signing up under multiple usernames.  But even if there is a whole cadre of them, let them post their stuff.  That's what free speech is about.  But free speech means that we can also respond to them.

My advice to them is that they should really pace themselves with the propaganda.  They become too aggressive and too monotonous really fast.  Don't just post the same videos about Israel multiple times under multiple usernames.  Aside from giving your various identities away, you will also commit the cardinal sin: you will become boring.  So, mix it up a little bit.  A Jew blog here, a Bahai blog there, a pseudo patriotic blog know, keep it fresh.    


Shahab Ferdowsi

Your friends

by Shahab Ferdowsi on

Yep, you have some clout on this site and call shots. No question.

The internet Baha'is are much like peeping toms. Being the ultimate voyeurs, they like to watch everyone, especially all those who don't buy into their hype, aren't going to kiss their a$$ and aren't afraid to call them the evil and corrupt pro-Zionist lying SOBs that they are and which everyone in Eurasia and beyond the Murdoch-Jewish media empire knows them to be. I just wish there wasn't an IRI  anymore so a collective chorus of very informed Iranians could finally set them straight en masse and tell them the same thing to their faces without the recrimination and fear of the "IRI agent" label having the least effect. Believe me, that day will come -- hopefully sooner than later. But meanwhile the Baha'is and the rest of you pseudo-Iranian AIPAC lobbyists are cashing in on the IRI's continued existence, which is why I call you and this site an IRI black flag operation with Israeli help.

Finally, as the saying goes, pull the grass from downunder, from down under!


And how do we deal with them?

by Faramarz on


Treat them like the weed in the back yard. Pull them out or use the spray on them. They will be gone for a while and you can enjoy the beautiful flowers and then they come back and you have to do it all over again!

Or look at them like a punching bag. You hit them over and over again not because you think that the punching back would fall down and quit. But because hitting it makes you stronger.

Or look at them like a game of Whack-a-Mole at Chuck-e-Cheese. You keep hitting them on the head and they keep popping up until the time runs out. Then you get bored and do something else. But when you feel like doing it again, you drop a few quarters in the machine and enjoy whacking them again!

Anonymous Observer

This IS entertaining

by Anonymous Observer on

So, I am an AIPAC lobbyist AND an IR agent...and also an "admin" on IC?  

You know, Wahid jaan, I have always wanted some of the good stuff that you have been smoking for years down there in Australia.  I'll come visit you if I ever make it down there...on the condition that you "share."  Another condition: no Bahai bashing.  I'm just not into that stuff.  Let's just "helemoon ro bekoneem baba."

Speaking of paranoia, I think there's  a Bahai in your backyard right now...watching your every move... 

Artificial Intelligence

Dear AO

by Artificial Intelligence on

Great Blog! I will really miss the IloveIran character.  I think he got blocked for posting an unrelated anti Jewish type youtube clip on the Abassi blog.  Now we will get kick out of this Shahab Ferdowsi Character. I think he is in med school as well. 


Shahab Ferdowsi

So you are an admin here, I see

by Shahab Ferdowsi on

You seem to be confused. ILoveIran and I are not the same person. I understand you people here like the sound and echo of your own voices, get your special interest and paid AIPAC lobbyist knickers in a knot whenever you are seriously challenged or exposed for being loudspeakers for Israeli foreign policy, and are generally more paranoid and unhinged than the character Russell Crowe once played in "A Brilliant Mind," but I assure you you are wanking up the wrong tree on this one if you think ILoveIran and I are the same person.  Unfortunately cultural lumpenism, lord Azadeh nailed it so well, does that to people!

I believe the IRI and IsraHell ultimately serve the same master. Both feed on each other. Both ensure each other's survival. Both must be destroyed if this planet is ever to be free. But people like you, with your combination of cultural lumpenism coupled with native informer status, are the best cheerleaders for these two fascist entities the Iranian community - whether in or out of Iran - has ever known. No site and no group of people on the internet helps the IRI's cause as well as this site and its regular contributors do! If I was part of the IRI, I would elevate you, AO, to the very top of the IRI hierarchy. You and those like you here serve this regime extremely well by rallying people out of sheer terror at your collective behavior over into its bossom!

Keep it up. With folks like the ones on IC, the IRI will be around for another 33+ and more years.

Anonymous Observer

Thanks for the spelling correction Wahid jaan

by Anonymous Observer on

I corrected it in the title.  

But didn't you call me a Zionist agent before you got blocked the last time?  Now I'm an IR agent?!!

PS- Why did your "ILoveIran" username get blocked?  I was enjoying your two blogs a day and the accompanying videos.  Really, I was.  Pretty entertaining.  



 Documenting Human Rights

by vildemose on

 Documenting Human Rights in Iran: Evidence Collection Guide


A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

Shahab Ferdowsi

You appear to be quite adept at identifying the typecast

by Shahab Ferdowsi on

IRI agent. Some would argue that this tactic may itself be a false-flag IRI smokescreen in order to deflect from the identities of real IRI agents busily working the bandwidth of this site. Now that's an arc if there ever was. Are you sure you aren't an IRI agent yourself or work with an intelligence outfit in close intimate proximity of the IRI intelligence establishment? After all the founder of this site has been accused with good reason for once being in the employ of the IRI, especially since no site anywhere online does as good PR for the IRI as this site does. The IRI couldn't pay for the great black propaganda the likes of you make for it here day in, day out!