Just Issue a "fatwa" about whoever thinks " Mosaddegh" was a human being!


ardeshir keivan
by ardeshir keivan

Due to Ms. Mahshid Amirshahi article about the old and boring topic of " 28 Mordad" as a person who belongs to a generation that had nothing to do with the revolution like to say I am sick and tired of intolerable, rigid- minded and narcissistic people belong to the past.

I don't underestand why nobody has right to criticize Mosadegh or think diffrent about "28 Mordad". A person like " Jalal Matini" runs a research about that era and he does not say a word from himself but brings a lot of evidence get accused by pro Mosaddeghs as " Shahollahi" ( Such a meaningless word) and even somebody is claming "Matini" is an illitrate man in leteracy!

Dr. Nahavandi talked about Mosaddegh and his goverment in a civilized and respectable manner and he was very respectful towards "Mosaddegh" but Ms. Amirshahi who is an " Ultra liberal person"! is attacking him why, because of course when you talk about Mosaddegh you have to just worship him and say nothing against him. The program was a round table with two people with two diffrent point of views and milions of people saw the program and will judge it and personally I didn't hear any thing spectacular from Dr. Akbari but chanting and cliche.

I don't think not supporting Khomeni in 1979 gives anybody liberty of insulting and being sarcastic about people.

I don't intend to say The Shah's regim was inocent because I don't believe in such a thing and any absolutism but I believe it was the best regim possibly we could have in that time. However I don't think in a country with a moslim majority having a Democracy like West is possible, (the ultimate case is something like what there is now in Turkey) but hopefully I'm wrong. No dispute!

If we consider ourselves a liberal democrat person we should realize that the first thing we don't need is a symbol. This is really ridiculous to think a politician has not made any mistake in his career and Dr. Mosaddegh was a politician and nothig more.

He had done rights and wrongs and for sure he had broken the law and specially the constitution a lot.

I think " Dr. Ali Mirfetos"must be waiting for some scientific and liberal democrat comments in Iranian style! because of his new articles about" Hazrateh Mosaddegh". However This gentelman is coming from leftist's backer camp and nobody can claim he is a fenatic about The Shah.

No worries! Probabley they will explore he is getting paid by " Ashraf Pahlavi"!

Poor us! Poor Democracy! If these people are commiting to bring it for us!

tarsam naresi be kabe ey arabi

kin rah ke to miravi be turkestan ast



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Oct 17, 2007
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come on

by mrclass on

don't you know every thing good in Iran is caused by mossadegh! don't you know all the backwardness in Iran (1400 years of it) is all caused by shah!!!! mossadegh was god, how could he even make a mistake! god forbid!

so remeber folks:

shah bad, mossadegh good    (That's what our an-telectuals say, no wonder a dumb ass like khoemini didn't even care for them!!!)