Open Letter to UAE Ambassador in Washington


Ardeshir Ommani
by Ardeshir Ommani

On Tuesday, July 6, 2010, the Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates to the United States, Mr. Yousef al-Otaiba, in the aftermath of a public interview session with the Atlantic magazine said that the benefits of U.S.-Israeli bombing of Iran's nuclear facilities outweigh the costs of Iran's response to such frontal attacks.


Mr. Yousef al-Otaiba,

We Iranians at home and abroad are deeply outraged at your dearth of knowledge about Iran's peaceful nuclear energy endeavor and your poor judgment over the choice of war and peace. On your part it is dumbfounded that the Islamic Republic of Iran has a nuclear weapons program, which in the future would threaten the United Arab Emirates. The paucity of your application of simple and abstract "cost-benefit" algorithm to the complex question of war and peace which involves the existential question of life and death for hundreds of thousands of people in the Middle East, including the people of UAE, is an example of an infantile disorder!

Mr. Yousef al-Otaiba, by advocating preemptive war against 73 million Iranians, much the same as George W. Bush did regarding the people of Afghanistan and Iraq, you have placed the UAE government at the service of the most rabid Zionists and pro-war mongers, such as Benjamin Netanyahu, John R. Bolton, Senator Joseph Lieberman, Admiral Mike Mullen, Hillary Clinton and Robert Gates. The remarks attributed to you will not help the citizens of your own country and your pro-Zionist motives cannot be hidden behind the lie that Iran intends to produce nuclear weapons. Our people will not forget your open hostility to the independent, progressive and prosperous Iran.


Two days later, on Thursday, July 08, 2010, realizing that the ambassador's comments had drawn a fiery response from the Iranian government, the Assistant Foreign Minister for Political Affairs, Mr. Tareq Al-Haidan, said that the ambassador's remarks were distorted and taken out of context. To lighten the consequences, he added, "Iran is a neighboring country and we maintain historic relations with it…the UAE respects and believes in the sovereignty of other states and in the principle of non-interference," according to the UAE official news agency WAM. Al-Haidan said the UAE totally rejects the use of force as a solution to the Iranian nuclear issue and calls for a diplomatic solution through the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Everything taken into consideration, the government of the United Arab Emirates owes the people of Iran an apology for such crude and inflammatory remarks.

Ardeshir Ommani, on behalf of the American Iranian Friendship Committee (AIFC).


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have no problem with surgical attacks

by mahmoudg on

As you all know by now, my position is clearly on the side of surgical attacks to remove this regime.  But no thanks to  Mr. Ambassador. keep your filthly Arab paws to your own backward country.  Iranians dont need your help to remove and bury this filth we call Islam into the beautiful waves of the Persian Gulf.  In the hopes that the world would come to the same realization that a world without Arabs and Islam and a middle east with Israel as the flag bereer of freedom and democracy is finally at hand.


boycott Dubai!

by verytass on

All Iranians should completely boycott  Dubai, pull their money out and move it to other locations, sell their properties and let the fake land of Dubai get buried in financial ruins!


Reply to Ardeshir Ommani

by i_support_khamenie on

From:UAE Ambassador
To : Mr Ommani

Dear Mr Ommani,

Why is it that UAE officials always have to talk in unison and show support for Iran in its problems vs US.

Why can't you give UAE officials the same freedoms you give Iranian officials who talk outside of the official lines?

When Iran responds to US threats by saying, we will block the Straits of Hormuz, mine the straits of Hormuz...why is that ok and we in UAE would have to consequently suffer as a result of such actions if they take place (even if UAE does not support US)?

Why do you give Iranian officials the right to threaten our national interests by blocking Hormuz but we are not allowed to?

thank you

PS: I think you need to work on your government's foreign policy which has led to isolation rather than take on the UAE which is considered a sane member of the international community


Any true Iranians would be

by Bavafa on

Any true Iranians would be outraged by a call for preemptive strikes against their home land.

As vast majority of Iranians reject the current regime (IRI), none with the exception of a few who have sold their loyalty to other nations, wish for their home land to be bombed much the same as in Iraq and Afghanistan.

We all must work hard, first to prevent a devastating war on Iran by warmongers such as Israel and at the same time work hard to bring a regime to Tehran that is representative of Iranians value and protects its citizen rights and liberty.



Practice what you preach

by Fred on

In his open letter Ommani a known and unabashed supporter of the Islamist Rapist Republic, particularly its show president Ahmadinejad, aside a whole lot of nonsense in defense of his chosen criminal Islamist regime says:

“Everything taken into consideration, the government of the United Arab Emirates owes the people of Iran an apology for such crude and inflammatory remarks. “

Could not agree more, but shouldn’t commie Ommani practice what he preaches and for his steadfast defense of the Islamist Rapists apologize to the Iranian people whom he callously takes upon himself to represent?