عصر ولایت

عصر ولایت
by Ari Siletz

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Ari Siletz

Some replies

by Ari Siletz on

Jeesh, great Shaw quote, but as I am sure he would agree, words of wisdom remain so as long as they are not put into practice. Feel free to add cartoons to your humorous articles.


Omid Hast, you've picked a very efficient medium of protest for the internet attention span. A cartoon delivers a lot of message in a few seconds.


MM: The museum curator asked the paleontologists who discovered the fossil about the money pouch. They swore they never saw it.


Azarin: Thank you. MPD is always an inspiration for humor on this site. Beware of the MTD knockoff brand glutting the Ari Siletz blogs.  

Shekaafjoo: Nice Farsi double entendre.


فنان : conundrum



nice work of art and …& .. sense of humor…

به این موجود می گویند فنان

فنان واژه ای عربیست به معنی هنرمند  و از ریشه فن که معنی آن علم و هنر است

ولی  این  واژه معنای دگری هم داره
بقول لغت نامه دهخدا :  فنان . [ ف َن ْ نا ] (ع اِ)گورخر که تگ و رفتار گوناگون دارد. (منتهی الارب ) (از اقرب الموارد). حمارالوحش

به گمان من این موجود بسیار ارزان و ماننده دارويي است محرک روان و بخصوص شفابخش هست برای آمریکا های جفتک زن  که بيمار اکنون درافغانستان وعراق هستند

البته بعد از استفاده باید آن را بصورت خیلی طبیعی برگرداند به همنجای که ازآن در آمد

the blog's author in no shape or form resembles this comment.


Azarin Sadegh


by Azarin Sadegh on

Lol...excellent work dear Ari!

You should be the man with multiple talents disorder! Thanks for sharing...Azarin


it's called " time for new prescription glasses"

by Monda on

yes I did get my avatar from JD's photo essay, with his permission.


U must be related to Haadi Khorsandi. BTY: Did u forget KMP?

by MM on

Your humor reminds me of Haadi Khorsandi's work in the old Toufigh magazine.

Very nice.

BTW, You may also want to consider drawing the Khar-Mullah Pouch (as in a Kangaroo), a Mullah body part which stores the stolen monies, and has proven to be as durable as bomb-resistant bunkers.


Nice work Ari :o)

by Monda on

I swear I did not make any comments before this one!

I'm dealing with lots at home right now.... to top it all, my dog just got skunked! So I could not have left so many comments simultaneously.

Jeesh Daram

I got you

by Jeesh Daram on

great points Ari and Omid, keep it up....

and as for the violin you made a good point and it reminds me of this:

"a gentleman is a person who knows how to play accordion but he does not play" 

Bernard Shaw  :)


Omid Hast

Oh wow Monda,

by Omid Hast on

I saw two posts, I looked at Jeesh Daram name on the top one and I thought the other one was yours.  I'm sure in psychoanalysis they have a name for this kind of behavior, like crazy, or something like that.  But anyway, your avatars look the same.  Didn't you get your avatar from JD's photo essay?

Ari Siletz

Monda, Jeesh, Omid, Azadeh

by Ari Siletz on

For me, using a background color in digital media does some framing in the web environment where you can't control the format. In the case of the current IC format, B&W would probably work OK. I like Omid Hast's blue as a signature. In fact my background color comes from filling the screen with Omid Hast Blue, staring at it for a while, then clicking a sudden white fill on the screen. The after image you see is the yellow-pink in my cartoons(try it with MS Paint). This is to create a subconscious sense ofconnection and consistency with the protest cartoons we both draw on this site.   

I think Jeesh is also refering to foreground coloring being substitued with B&W. I wish I was good enough to get away with it, and will work towards it (Asr e Velayat is almost there). But balancing the composition takes more skill in B&W. Omid Hast is already there, which is why his works can be two-color only. The cartoons Jeesh sent (LOL, especially #1) are also drawn by accomplished artists. Color is like a guitar or piano--you can play a few chords enjoyably at parties even if you are not a master. B&W is like a violin--don't play it for a potential love interest unless you know how to play well (Peter Sellers in Pink Panther 1 is proof).

As for Kahyan logo, OK I'll take them out. It is just wishful thinking for what Iran's newspapers should be printing these days. 


Jeesh, are you going to send some cartoons?


Omid jan, I didn't say anything about your artwork!

by Monda on

mokhlessam.... I'm sitting here minding my own buisness, thinking.  I do enjoy your artwork the way it is. Don't change a thing, simple is perfect.

Omid Hast

Monda and Jeesh Daram,

by Omid Hast on

I believe all those four cartoons were drawn on paper then digitalizes later.  At least three of them for sure.  That is not what I do.  I draw with a computer mouse on the computer screen, the monitor.  I draw on a digital background that is 460x460 pixels.  My lines can not be any wider than 2 or 3 pixels wide.  That is why my cartoons are so simple, and that's how I like them.  I do not draw on paper, hardly ever.

Jeesh Daram

Dear "Omid Hast"

by Jeesh Daram on

in fact I was going to suggest the same thing to you long ago, but blue has almost become your signature by now... But imagine if you want to publish a book of your work someday and think of all the blue colors in your book...

What I meant earlier was to use all white background with the expection of necessary black lines, the less lines the better.  A few black lines can define a heavy white beard, imagine how clouds or snow is shown on a mountain -few black lines on a white background....

Lastly, a drawing on a pure white background can be easily photographed and then submitted as an image...



Omid Hast

Ari and Jeesh Daram,

by Omid Hast on

Ari, once again, a hilarious cartoon.  You are on role.

Jeesh Daram, I believe Ari has reached the same conclusion as I did for not using background color "white" for his "digital paper".  One can not draw white beard on a white sheet of paper, well they could but it won't show.  For the same reason, "black" background color is not a good one since black turban can not be seen on a black digital paper.  For this type of digital paintings, by experimenting with different background colors I decided on blue.  It looks like Ari has decided on yellow.

Let's see what Ari's input is.  


I am sure years from now,

by aghadaryoosh on

I am sure years from now, fossils will be found in China.

Jeesh Daram

black and white

by Jeesh Daram on

Ari, another nice drawing with a good caption. You have been coming up with some solid drawings, so it is safe to say that you might end up with a nice collection of your drawings at some point. As an avid cartoon enthusiast (with a few published cartoons in Iran during 1979) I follow several publications and my favorite is The New Yorker magazine which offers some of the best cartoons in the world. So, let me offer a couple of suggestions.

1) Remove the name Kayhan from all your drawings.

2) Do not add any coloring to your cartoons. Let it be just black and white

I think you know the reasons behind both of my suggestions, so no need for me to elaborate. Hope to see all of them again in black and white at some point.

Keep them coming.




Azadeh Azad

Great cartoon, Ari

by Azadeh Azad on

What's up with Keyhan? :-)



by yolanda on

LOL! I love the name rahbarosaurus! I like your ingenuity!

Thanks for sharing!


This is Top, Ari

by divaneh on

Like it. Can't wait for the next blockbuster "Velayat Park".

Jahanshah Javid

Hee hee!

by Jahanshah Javid on

Found in Qom's salt lake! :)))

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

LooL ... Bravo Ari Jan ... :=) .