Kayhan photo: Packing a pro-regime demonstration

Kayhan photo: Packing a pro-regime demonstration
by Ari Siletz

کیهان: اعتراضات علیه سران فتنه سراسر کشور را فرا گرفت
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gaav was a good choice - otherwise, our resident khar may object

by MM on

Good one Ari,

gaav was a good choice for your cartoon, otherwise, our resident khar may object, including kharmagas

Ari Siletz

سران فتنه؟

Ari Siletz


I share your anger about this Kayhan photo of Iranians insultingly being packed like cattle by the regime to take to pro-khamenei demonstrations. But what insulted me the most about this photo is the Kayhan headline calling Iranians "fetneh."  Gaav and khar are sticks and stones, but fetneh is rape, torture, and murder. Feel free to vent, I hear you.


Omid Hast: Back at you; keep them coming. When is  the next "Khamenei at the therapist" cartoon? They are most therapeutic for everyone.


Ari, change the picture of gaav to khar

by Jaleho on

and make the khars as the  people who went for the anti-government protest. What will you get?

 The entire population of Iran being either khar or gaav. Now, using your terminolgy, I will call this type of humor not just "bad humor," but sick and completely tasteless humor.

The rest is your excuse for such a bad humor, and disrespect of Iranian people.


Good one

by sima on

Let's hope the reluctance is actual!

Omid Hast

Good job Ari,

by Omid Hast on

Keep them coming.