Have the Egyptians Made the same Idiotic mistake as the Iranians?

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So the Egyptians have voted in an Islamist. Should the real democratic loving Egyptians be afraid? Yes! However, this time, I don't think Egypt will end up like the IRI. The one huge difference is Egypt's military involvement/hovering over the situation. This is an element that was lacking when Khomeini came to power.

The Shah, because of internal politics and personal fears, created a military leadership that was not unified. Khomeini did not have to fear the Iranian military as much. There was only one major attempt by the Iranian military (Air Force) to intervene and it was crushed by the Islamist in a brutal fashion.

Conversely, in Egypt, we have a more unified military leadership that fears the Islamists. They will watch the Brotherhood closely and will not let them create a constitution that is meaningless as the case was with our genius democratic Islamists like Bazargan who gave Khomeni the country on a silver platter without realizing it. The Egyptian military knows that the Islamists will eventually try to use the "democratic system" to destroy democracy.
Stay tuned. It will get more interesting with Obama's weak policy towards the Islamists.

Obama (USA) is making the same mistakes as the Carter administration during the Shah. The liberal "democracy" loving Americans will never learn. Democracy is not for everyone. Especially for the poor uneducated Egyptians (unfortunately) who do not even understand the concept of democracy. I guess you have to start somewhere. If I was an Egyptian, I would say thank god there is a strong and unified Egyptian military.


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Egyptian President

by Raoul1955 on

Wants a new constitution based on Koran:



AI, I agree with you on this issue

by Azarbanoo on

Please continue to inform us of updates.  Thanks


What I am afraid of

by iamfine on

Egypt and other Sunni countries like Turkey, Saudis, … will eventually turn against Iran, Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon. The religious conflict between Sunnis and Shias will began.

Immortal Guard

I did not post these:

by Immortal Guard on

Turkish army will destroy Israel:


Even the Young Turks have turned against Israel:


The Turkish prime minister slams Shimon Peres and walks off stage:


The step-by-step process is the tightening of the Islamic noose around Israel's neck! Let's face it Israel is out of Sinai Peninsula and Southern Lebanon and they have erected a Berlin-type wall between themselves and Palestinians.

You are all putting you hopes in the Egyptian military as an instrument to restrain the Egyptian masses who are overwhelmingly anti-American and anti-Israeli.

Well then please yourselves!


Raoul: Exactly. The

by vildemose on

Raoul: Exactly. The Egyptian muslim brotherhood fundamentalist are not ready for real democracy. I will wait and see what Obama does with the mullahs and then I decide whether he is as stupid as carter or not.

"The New President of Egypt also in an interview said, that Shitte are more dangerous to Islam than the Jews."--President Mursi

All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir



by Raoul1955 on

Perhaps our President realized that he was going to be the second Carter, so he made sure that the Egyptian military is under the US military's command, or better be.  :-)


 Dear AI: You are

by vildemose on

 Dear AI: You are welcome. Yes, he is an odd one for sure.

All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir

Artificial Intelligence

Dear Vildemose

by Artificial Intelligence on

Thanks for the article. Good read!  Mr. Islamic Revolutionary Guard aka Immoral Guard does not make any sense as usual. His a "Bogus" member as our dear "professor" says:)))


  Mursi and the

by vildemose on


Mursi and the Brotherhood in a Pluralist Egypt

Posted on 06/24/2012 by Juan

Muslim Brotherhood leader Muhammad Mursi has been officially declared the president of Egypt. But under the terms of the military constitutional guidelines issued last Sunday night, he comes into office in the framework of a military government headed by Field Marshall Hussein Tantawi.

That is, all the doomsaying about Egypt turning into Iran is to say the least premature, since Mursi at the moment is more Tantawi’s vice president than anything else.



<<<Check out the Pie Chart at the above link>>

 مرسی: شیعیان از یهودیان برای اسلام خطرناک تر هستند!


This is bad news for immortal charred

All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


دو نفر دزد خری دزدیدند!




دو نفر دزد خری دزدیدند

سر تقسیم به هم جنگیدند

آن دو بودند چو گرم زد و خورد

دزد سوم خرشان را زد و برد


این داستان حالا حالا ها کار داره!

Immortal Guard

This is just the beginning!

by Immortal Guard on

This is just the beginning!

Egypt will eventually become a far more fierce islamic state than Iran and they will end their peace with Israel.

This is a step-by-step process. I fear that Muslim Brotherhood will be prevented by the military to govern properly and that eventually it will come to clashes.

I also think that the Muslim Brotherhood had far more than the 51% given to them.

But I am sure that the Jews will learn the difference between Arabs and Persians in due time.


Yes, they have. The new

by vildemose on

Yes, they have. The new president is promising "islamic democracy"...


All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


With the support of Israel to the Egyptian military, Islamists


will be destroyed in due time!

Sholom for a strong military