Mother of all fitna


by Asghar_Massombagi

Recently there’s been a barrage of accusations, “damning evidence” and predictions of doomsday and mushroom clouds from the usual right wing figures pointing to Iran. It seems Iran is the biggest threat to world peace since Uncle Joe Stalin. “Iran’s hand” is at work in Afghanistan. It’s been reported that the poppy growers may be getting their seeds from Iranian intelligence. The Taliban’s resurgence in recent months is surely due to Iran’s assistance according to American officials. It’s possible that Iran is also funding PKK, the Kurdish armed group fighting the Turkish government for an independence Kurdistan. It’s also been suggested that Iran maybe funding Iranian Kurds to fight Iran to possibly provide it with an excuse to raid Iraqi Kurdistan and further destabilize the fragile Iraqi government. Hamas is said to be a proxy of Iran as is Hezballah in Lebanon. Iranians are said to be instigating fitna everywhere. Is it not possible that the recent Dutch movie Fitna was secretly financed by Iran? What better way to propagate further fitna in heart of Europe, a sort of Fitna begets fitna. When Senators McCain and Lieberman stumbled in different occasions and confused Iran with Iraq and Sunni with Shia, the distinguished Iranian journalist Amir Taheri came to rescue. In an opinion piece published in Wall Street Journal, Taheri reassured Americans that when it comes to terrorism and America hating, there is no difference between Shia and Sunny. Shia, mishmia. You say tomatoes, I say tomaatoes. After all Iranians over the age of 30 remember that popular revolutionary slogan “sonni o shia farghi nia, rahbar ma Khomeinia” (there is no difference between Sunni and Shia, our leader is Khomeini) once chanted in the streets of heavily Sunni Sanandaj. When it comes to hating the Great Satan, Taheri reminds American readers, Shia and Sunni are brothers in hate. Well, when they are not blowing each other to shreds or murdering each other in secret torture houses. And Alqaeda in Iraq? Funded by Iran. Yes, John and Joe, it’s Iraq not Iran. But I don’t fault the poor fellows. When I was a kid I used to think Bing Crosby and Bill Cosby was the same person. See, Crosby sort of sounded like Cosby and Bing and Bill, well you see how easily a 10-year-old Iranian boy could make the mistake. Of course now I know how silly that was. So John and Joe, I feel your shame. In his piece Taheri goes to great lengths to explain why an alliance between Shia Iran and Sunni terrorists is quite feasible. Politics not theology, Taheri prosthelizes, is what brings the Sunni terrorists and Shia Iran together. Sunni terrorists may not pray next to their allies in Iran’s Revolutionary Guards but they make suitable bed fellows just the same. And that’s Amir Taheri’s great epiphany. But wait a minute. Twenty years ago, during the reign of that great Christian holy warrior Ronald Reagan, the American government entered into the most unlikeliest of bedroom arrangement with the evil mullahs in Tehran better known as the Iran-Contra affair. The American government (Ollie North and Poindexter took most of the blame. Ronnie was “asleep” during the meetings when the deal with Iranians was discussed), in a covert operation unbeknown to the Congress, provided Iranians with weapons in exchange for cash. They then funneled said cash to Contra terrorists (freedom fighters. Tomatoes, tomaatoes, whatever) operating in Nicaragua. Now, if the Great Satan and a member of Axis of Evil can get into the bed together then anything is possible. Wouldn’t you say so Mr. Taheri?

P.s. According to unnamed sources, the CIA is investigating evidence that rising food prices world wide may also be the work of Iranians. The confidential operation has been nicknamed “mother of all fitna” by Bernard Lewis.


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It seems you think that this

by Anonymousk (not verified) on

It seems you think that this video is not about Islam, but I think it is.

This is a great response by a commenter on another blog:

"The religion is what some or majority of its believers are thinking and doing in the name of their religion. Religion without believers is empty and it is believers which give religion its hold on life.

Christianity is separated from the state, it was not political ideology in its inception and it is not political ideology nowadays.

On the other hand Islam is a religion as well as a political ideology and the way of life.
Wilders quotes Quran and then shows human behaviour flowing out of the literal interpretation of qu’ran.

And that is a problem, it is difficult to discuss and separate religion from everything else when one is talking or discussing Islam or Muslims, when (theoretically) Islam dictates everything, including cultural behaviour and political ideas.

And tell me, , how can we talk together when many Muslims call criticism of anything connected with Islam (and that includes some societal/cultural behaviour) - islamophobia. When even you are saying that this video “This video, and works similar to it, only stir up the fight” and that it “offends Muslims” because at the core it “makes racist remarks about the rise of Muslim population in Europe”
And how is it racist when with the rise of Muslim population in Europe and elsewhere the things Wilders is showing is getting more common - not very common but getting more common .

As for the rise of Muslim population in Europe -

Look at it that way - In Iran there were Afghanis refugees, something like a 2 mln people. “the broad sentiment is that the Afghan refugees pose a significant burden and that it is time for them to go back to Afghanistan. This attitude reflects significant levels of unemployment in Iran, as well as concern over increasing drug smuggling and violence on the border, including the killing of Iranian border security personnel……………

At the same time, though, Afghans continue to provide much-needed labour in agriculture and the construction industry. Afghan refugees themselves readily state that they feel they are no longer welcome in Iran. There is both subtle and overt discrimination, and at times harassment.

Opportunities for higher education were closing in 2003. Little or no compensation is paid when workers in the construction sector are killed or disabled in accidents. Informed reports have suggested increased use of drugs to sustain long and hard working days” (quotation from UNRA).

Now Europe does not have so many refugees but many illegal/legal immigrants and children of immigrants, who do not have similar religion and culture as the host countries Did you know that in Greece during January to August 2007 landed 70,000 illegal immigrants, Italy/Spain had over 10,000 illegal immigrants each (the real numbers are probably higher, these are the ones who registered or got caught), .

And some of these people do not find jobs or they get jobs but not as good as they expected or they want the continuation of the same style of living they had in their they blame not themselves but the countries they came to and explain it by discrimination of themselves and persecution of their religion. It is quite complicated but often this blaming of others but not themselves is supported or inflamed by their mullahs and their imams (if they are sunni) quoting Qu’ran and hadiths. .

Religion is what people believe, and if some people believe, quoting Qu’ran, that ” we are better than infidels because we are Muslims” , “we are owed” ” we are discriminated against because we are Muslims like during Mohammad’s life”, “we won’t discuss anything because they are racist/infidels”, ” our religion is under attack” then the problem is not only people but also their religion and some of the tenets of that religion.

In Wilders movie there is nothing new but for many people in Denmark or in UK or in Europe or in Canada some of the things Wilders is saying is a new thing, not discussed before and not mentioned by their politicians or MSM.- nobody told them that Islam is not only religion but also a political ideology."


Don't waste your time

by masoudA on

As the very first victims of ISLAMIC terror - Iranians know well how valid the Islamic FITNA is !!!   But I got good news for you too - the Problem is not Islam it is the Arab Cultrure - a way of life which even Mohammad could not fix.    What you have today as ISlam is not the simple and celestine message delivered by Mohammad - it is what Osman and the Rest of Arabs needed to rule Arabs and expand their territories.   It is not only FITNA but FILTH.