A voice of grace and beauty

by Asghar_Massombagi

Hengameh Akhavan's voice was powerful, crystal clear and emotionally textured in an earthy way reminiscent of Ghamar-Molok Vaziri. Some even held her in higher regard than Parissa, a very talented singer in her own right and decidedly more photogenic.  Here's Hengameh's rendition of Morgh-e Sahar with maestro Lotfi on setar circa late Seventies. For my money this ranks nearly as high as maestro Shajarian's version of this old standard.


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Ghamarolmolouke Vaziri

by Critic (not verified) on

I think it is not quite right to campare Hengameh Akhavan with Shajarian. When she debuted in the dying days of the pre-revolutionary radio and tv, she was compared with Ghamar, the first female singer of the Iranian classical music, whose legendary voice remains a monument to perfection. Hengameh's is the nearest one can find to Ghamar's voice but Ghamar's rendition of the same, Morghe Sahar, given the poor recording technology of some seventy years ago, remains unrivalled.