The Voice of Iran Speaks Out

by Asghar_Massombagi

In an interview with BBC Persian service, the great Maestro Shajarian objects vociferously to the radio and television of Islamic “Republic” (Seda va Sima) broadcasting the patriotic songs he recorded immediately after the 1979 revolution.

He states that he has repeatedly asked those in charge to stop using his voice in advocating what he is clearly implying to be the repression of the people.

These songs, the Maestro says, were recorded for the “khas o Khashk”, in reference to Ahmadinnejad’s derogatory branding of the demonstrators in Iran.

The Iranian artists, writers, filmmakers and musicians, have almost universally come out in favour of the Green movement, further evidence that this movement has no base amongst real Iranians and is nothing but a plot by the foreigners.


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