Shahab Tolouie: Oud and Persian setar hybrid


by atlasmusic

Around two years ago, Shahab Tolouie began the fulfillment of his long-term idea to assemble the diverse elements of Persian, jazz and flamenco together in a manner that incorporates modern technologies in one instrument to attain the precise timbres that are optimal for live performance of his original style, a fusion of Persian music and Flamenco.

The name of this new instrument is derived from “fuse” – English for “fusion” and “tar” – Farsi for “strings”; hence ‘fusion of strings’. The nickname Lucifer is that of the mythological morning star, the bearer of light.

It took a year and half for two luthiers Mehr & Owrang (Crimson Oath) to build the FuseTar. It is made of thirteen different types of wood and weighs 2.1 kg. With an acoustic chamber approximately 2cm larger than that on a regular guitar, the FuseTar possesses three necks.

The uppermost segment is a fretless neck, which makes possible to play the quarter-tones peculiar to eastern music. The middle neck is the ‘guitar neck’, a combination flamenco/jazz guitar configured with the “true temperament” fretting technology, which produces more accurate intonations and longer sustain than a normal guitar and is used, for example, by John McLaughlin and Steve Vai.

The third neck is a Persian ‘setar neck’ with four strings fretted for quartertones, a traditional instrument whose roots stretch back 2,000 years. This is the first time a traditional Persian instrument has been modernized with the fixed, “true temperament” fretting system.

At the same time FuseTar is a unique work of art – carefully decorated by elements from three the most significant historical periods of the Persian Empire: Achaemenid: the Lion-griffin – a protector from evil; Parthian & Sassanid: Derafsh Kaviani – symbol of independence and freedom. Lion and Sun – always been associated with Persian royalty. And Faravahar – the best-known symbol of Zoroastrianism.


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by Paris on

Really unique idea and great name "FuseTar"! All genious is simple.


Wow!! This is great

by ashkgerd on

Wow!! This is great

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

خارق العاده و جالب،بسیار خلاق و کارامد برای دوستانِ نوازنده .

با سپاس .