10 reasons Iranians should just walk away from Hezbollah and Hamas


by ayatoilet1

10) Look what Arabs are teaching their kids. School children in Lebanon and Palestinian territories are taught to call the Persian Gulf the Arabian Gulf. There truly is not much love, admiration, respect for Iranians among the Arabs.

9) In fact Arabs hate Iranians. So why should we help them? They would NOT do the same for Iranians if the tables were turned. After all look at all the money they gave Saddam Hussein during the Iran-Iraq War – with major Iranian cities destroyed, and over 1 Million casualties. Saudi Arabia: $36 Bn Kuwait: $14 Billion UAE: $10+ Bn

8) Arab mercenaries put down Iranian Freedom Fighters: When the people hit the streets in Iran to cry for freedom, the first thing the Mullahs did was call in Palestinian and Hezbollah mercenaries to put down the demonstrations. Much of the talk on the military wireless lines was Arabic – not Farsi. Brought in by the regime because they know these mercenaries will be ruthless with the Iranian public.

7) Just because there is a Shia Muslim population in any country does not mean Iranians should automatically jump to assist them. There are large populations of Shias in Algeria, U.S. Bahrain …so what? Does that mean Iran’s government (I’m not talking about Iran’s religious charities) but Iran’s government, should be politically and militarily engaged in those countries? Anyway, virtually all Gazans are Sunni!! There really is no consistent religious logic to support these groups.

6) Iran cannot wage a proxy war through surrogates in Hamas and Hezbollah. One of the biggest arguments in support of these groups is that should Iran be attacked, the IRI can wage a proxy war using Hamas and Hezbollah fighters. This is ridiculous. If Hamas could do anything, they would have already done that against Israel. They are impotent (that is why they need Iranians assistance); and Hezbollah does not exist in a sea of western interests or at the heart of any strategic western zone. All Hezbollah could do is pick a fight with other Lebanese groups …and so what? What would that do to protect Iran? If Hezbollah could attack Israel, they would have done that already. This argument is completely baseless.

5) The Arab-Israeli conflict is NONE OF OUR BUSINESS. Iran does not have nor has it ever had a strategic interest in a pile of dry sand with no natural resources between the Jordan river and the Mediterranean sea. There is simply nothing there for us. We don’t have cultural links, we don’t really have historical links, we don’t even have future interests with any strategic minerals …nothing, absolutely nothing.

4) Iran strategic interests are primarily in Central Asia. The Caspian Sea has $3 Trillion dollars of untapped hydrocarbon resources, we have historic and cultural linkages with our neighbors in Central Asia, and they need us too …for access to the sea, and to form a large economic zone to justify major industrial investments. Iran’s greatest impact and greatest opportunities are clearly in Central Asia. Quite simply, Iran must focus all its resources in Central Asia – not the Middle East.

3) Believe it or not, leadership in the West would like to see Iran meddle in Lebanon and Gaza!? Yes, Iran is being used as a pawn (knowingly or unknowingly). Why? Because the West can indirectly place pressure on Israel to “fear” Iran (as a potential enemy, while secretly supporting the regime in Iran – that is why sanctions have had no impact – while at the same time pretending to “hate” the regime in Iran. In case you did not know, there have been and are on going “secret” strategy coordination meetings between the regime in Iran and U.S. and its allies (UK, France etc.). Why be used like this? By being placed in this “Lulu Iran” position, Iran has become the target of Israeli (and therefore Jewish community’s) hatred and therefore increase risk of entering into a war with Israel, and at the same time being globally undermined by the very influential Jewish community (who by the way comprise 50% of America’s Billionaires, and own over 25% of US Assets). Why be used this way? Why pick a fight with them when you basically don’t have to.

2) There really is a very strong lieklihood that Israel will enter into a full-fledged war with one of its neighbors very soon – I am talking about within Obama’s second term. And if Iran is involved with Hamas and Hezbollah Iran could get dragged in. Major oil fields have been discovered in the Mediterranean on the border of Israel and Lebanese territorial waters. One field alone (the Leviathan field) has over 122 trillion cubic feet of gas – and 1.7 billion barrels of oil. These fields offer Israel the potential to become completely self-sufficient in terms of their domestic energy needs for over 100 years and in fact to become a major net oil exporter. The impact for Israel will be huge. The problem is that these fields actually traverse significantly into Lebanese and international waters. For Israel to control these fields they will likely need to manufacture a fight with Hezbollah and penetrate Lebanon and create a sort of buffer like the Golan Heights with the excuse that they need this for their own security… this means if Iran is strategically linked with Hezbollah, it will get dragged into this war…and inevitably get sucked into a major conflict. We all know that if Israel picks a fight, this will automatically mean the US will be involved... and in the end with Iran surrounded by over 200,000 US troops, it will mean the invasion of Iran…the end of Iran as we know it. Iran simply can not afford to get involved. It places Iran – the whole nation, its whole territorial integrity …everything in Iran is at risk. One strategy to do this, would be to use Iran’s nuclear ambitions to bomb Iran, and then have Hezbollah somehow engage in retaliating against Israel as part of Iran’s counter attack, and then as a ‘defensive measure’ invading Lebanon. This would be the great middle eastern war of 2012! Then US gets involved, and all hell breaks loose in Iran…the country gets divided up along ethnic lines – Kurdistan, Southern Azerbaijan, Baluchistan, Al Ahwazestan …you name it. Think this is unlikely, think again…the U.S. has a very good reasons for precipitating this: (1) it would result in skyrocketing prices for oil which in turn would enhance the value of the dollar relative to other currencies (especially its European competitor [under current pressure] the Euro; and suddenly buffer the US out of the housing crisis (since real estate prices are inflation driven) i.e. get the US back on its feet; and (2) it would wrap up their strategy of dominating central asia and therefore indirectly control critical resources China needs (and therefore ensure long-term negotiating power with an increasingly powerful and demanding china). Whoever controls central asia, will control economic activity in the other 2/3’rds of the planet (not in the American Hemisphere). By 2030 the world will need 50% more energy and food and Central Asia is the hottest real estate in the world providing critical connectivity between Europe, China, India and Arabia…and control of global energy and food. A war like this would play into American hands too. Iran simply can not allow itself to get involved. We must protect our own borders and allow Israel to do whatever it has to do. If we get drawn in it will be disastrous for Iran.

1) Charity starts at home. There are many poor and trodden people in the world, among them the people of Iran itself. One of the Shah’s biggest crimes was spending $6Bn on foreign projects in places like Egypt, and Britain out of Iran $33 Bn in oil sales in 1978 – and not on Iran itself (with a huge shortage of schools, universities, and significant rural nutrition issues) and despite all this he found himself undermined by the very people he helped. Iranians come first – not the people of Zimbabwe, Gambia, Mongolia or Lebanon. Now having said all this, I don’t want to give the impression that I condone Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territory or the systematic genocide of the Palestinian population …of the systematic expansionist policies of Israel…NO not in any way. Iranians should be firm about not supporting injustice wherever it occurs. But, Iranians must place their own self interest and their own domestic problems ahead of ‘foreign adventures” where there is not and cannot be any net benefit to Iran or Iranians. Pure and simple. Charity starts at home.


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Dear Ayatoilet1

by Pahlevan on

Iranians walked away from Hamas and Hezbollah a long time ago. They publicly announced this when they shouted, Na Ghazeh Na Lobnaan Jaanam Fadaayeh Iran, in the streets of Iran.

The problem is that the Islamists who are in charge, are more Arabs than Iranian. The Islamist-funded TV advocates the notion that the language of heaven is Arabic while the language of hell is Persian. When Hassan Nassrollah says that IRI is part of the Arab civilization, they remain silent ... Az ghadim goftan sokoot neshaaneyeh rezaast.

I agree with your analogy by the way, but I really doubt these Arab-loving Islamists would walk away from their brethren. That's why everyday that IRI remains in power, the threat to Iran's territorial integrity increases. The Islamists have already lost the Caspian sea and will lose more if not replaced with a democratic government ... overthrowing of IRI is the only way we can save our beloved homeland.


Well done Ayatoilet! Flush

by Simorgh5555 on

Well done Ayatoilet! Flush the mullahs into the cesspit of hell!



by afshinazad on

You are absolutely right about staying away from all these countries or the terrorist nations.

Our country is been victim of cold war and strength of our countries power in region, Militarily and economically and the day that SHAH said we will not give our oil for free to blue eyes some people knew that what is going to happen to our country but never imagined AKHOONDS in power.please stop bashing and blaming SHAH for our own every social and political shortcoming and let's leave the man rest in peace.  

We are hostage in our own country and we have no say and our people been arrested and killed ever hour and these AKhOONDS will never leave unless they are dead or our people and country is dead.


Aghaye Ayatoilet1:

by Bavafa on

I think first you need to make a distinction if you mean IRI should walk away or Iranians should walk away?

Although you have listed some very legitimate grievances with the Arab world, mostly their governments though which much like ours is not a representative of their population… your article has much incitement to hate Arab people in general then good approach for Iranians. But I guess Arab bashing is popular these days and sell well with Iranians.

Iranians could benefit in making friends EVERY where, even in those part of the world that maybe hostile to Iranians. You can make friendship by hating them. That was GWB strategy. By your accounts here, Iranians should walk away from Americans as they have done far more worse to Iranians then Arabs have done, this is true in supporting Saddam, renaming Persian Gulf, taking our democratically elected government down (Dr. Mossadegh) and I guess I don't need to go on here.. Right?

But I agree, Iranians ought to concentrate in getting their own house in order first and work to bring a system that is worthy to represent Iranians and their interest and IRI surely is not it.


Sargord Pirouz

A more appropriate blog post

by Sargord Pirouz on

A more appropriate blog post would be:

10 reasons self-exiled Iranians are so out of touch with reality and detached from the land they did the "cut and run" from decades ago.


Even "palistinophiles" on this site should walk away from

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

these two entities. As they were both created by Israel's Mossad to create division in palistinian resistance against Israel.

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Maryam Hojjat

Ayatoilet1, You said very well &

by Maryam Hojjat on

with a lot of wisdom.  I agree with all your article but Iran is being run by a bunch anti-Iranians who speak Farsi but at heart are Arabs and enemies of IRAN & IRANIANs. These Akhoonds never hear anyone except their own idealogy.  Sorry, I am sure you are informed of all unless in future soon these bastards go down into toilets of history.