100 Years of Fighting for Democracy

by ayatoilet1

This is an almost 1 hour sequence of content from my show on Rang-A-Rang called 100 Years of Fighting for Democracy. Its starts with a promo ad, then gets into a powerpoint sequence of 34 slides starting with the Iranian Constitutional Revolution of 1908 and goes to Reza Shah's Coup in 1925, and Operation Ajax (1952 Coup) and 1979 Revolution through today. It makes the case that the time for change has come, and that a transformed Iran would be of much greater benefit to Iranians and the world than the situation as it is today. It is in english for an audience outside Iran - that can influence events inside Iran.


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Comprehensive. Have a

by vildemose on

Comprehensive. Have a professional actor narrate it.


Thanks Ayatoilet

by statira on

 for the informative videos.