7 Reasons why Iran’s Nuclear War Head Missiles are all programmed to hit Haifa in Israel


by ayatoilet1

1. Haifa is the center of the Bahai’i faith. Yes, the Bahai’I world center is in Haifa, Israel, and the fanatics in power, in Iran, hate them more than anything else.

2. Haifa is the largest city in northern Israel – nearest to the disputed oil fields that Iran is interested in on the Lebanese/Israel border. If they hit Haifa, they get a double whammy, with taking the oil fields too. The fields by the way, are the largest oil and gas fields discovered In over a decade and would guarantee Israel’s energy security. Shame they are right on the border with Lebanon!

3. 90%+ of the population is Jewish. Yes, Haifa has one of the lowest ratio Muslim communities in Israel; they all left during the 67 war …a mass exodus.

4. Haifa is home to Israel’s Nuclear Submarines. Chances are if Iran gets hit by Israel in 45 days or so, as Robert Baer says it will, it will be with a missile launched from Israel’s nuclear submarine stationed right off the Iranian coast, permanently sitting in the Arabian Sea ready to strike on Iran. Hitting the naval base would be sweet retaliation for thugs in Tehran.

5. Haifa is also home of Hakishon Park, one of Israel’s Nuclear Powerplants. Well if Israel hits Iran, it will likely be one of Iran’s Nuclear plants, so again in retaliation, the Haifa plant is not a bad spot.

6. Haifa has had more rocket hits from Hezbollah than any other major city in Israel. 93 Rocket hits so far to be precise. Hezbollah’s rockets are made in Iran, so I am guessing, Iranians have an affinity for Haifa.

7. Haifa boasts being the hometown of Gene Simmons (Kiss). Well if they can’t get him in L.A., then Haifa will have to do. Simmons is the only guy with a bigger head, and larger ego than Iran’s Supreme Leader, and he has the audacity to stick his tongue out at everyone – including the Supreme Leader. No-one, I mean, no-one is allowed to out Supreme the Supreme Leader. So the Supreme Leader, has decreed “Death by Nukes” on Simmons. If I was a Haifan, I would not boast of any links with Gene Simmons.


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Thanks for the correction! Ayatoilet

by nitemustfall on

Your points are well understood and I owe you an apology ... peace :)


Damet Garm (Nitemustfall)

by ayatoilet1 on

It was a typo; I meant Arabian Sea. Apparently Israeli's have a submarine stationed year round in the Arabian Sea - not far off - Chah Bahar (which is now a major Naval Base for the IRI), in international waters. The submarine is one of group of three that rotate there i.e. one comes and the other leaves for back in Haifa.

By the way, Jews (and Israelis) are pretty consistent with using Persian Gulf on their maps; its Arabs and Anglophiles that are increasingly using Arabian Gulf to refer to the Persian Gulf. Its one area where Jews and Israeli's are very consistent about. And another thing worth mentioning, I am not Jewish, a proud Muslim (though I am not very devout or religious). I must say that I personally have had very positive interactions with the Jewish community in the U.S. ; in my mind I differentiate between Jews in the U.S. and the actions of the State of Israel....even though something like 4 million of them have dual citizenship.

It was a typo, and I will fix it in the text once the Blog drops off the main page, if I fix it now, I'll lose the spot. Thanks for pointing it out to me. Never doubt that I am on the Iranian side of the coin, which by the way, I think is NOT neccessarily anti-anyone; I mean we Iranians share a lot of common interests with many others in the world. What is good for Iran is not neccessarily bad for others. There are win-win solutions to many of the issues Iran faces - we do not have to be losers forever on the geo-politcal map of the world. I do not wish evil or losses on anyone on the planet; simply the re-emergence of Iran and Iranians as grand contributors to humanity. That's all. We might ALL be on the same side of the coin...Iranian or not.


Arabian? Gulf

by nitemustfall on

I was reading your piece with enthusiasm until you used "Arabian" Gulf. Now I am not sure which side of the coin you are in. You lost credibility by using the word "Arabian" which is a total nonsense. I smell Jewish blood in your writings.