7 Things Iranians can do to stop the Break-Up (Balkanization) of Iran


by ayatoilet1

1) Iranians in the diaspora should be travel to anyone of the neighboring countries and share messages of peace and love with the locals – show them a different side of Iran to the one they see in the media or witness with the government in Iran. In so many ways, Iranians share a deep history, a love of poetry, a love of a shared musical tradition …there is so much to share and enjoy with those that seek separation.

2) In almost every case, the balkanization involves a cut up of another country – i.e. Baluchistan would be carved out of Pakistan, Kurdistan would be carved out of Iraq, Turkey and Syria, etc. Iran should alert and align itself with the interests of the central governments of these nations and develop a common strategy to thwart these “Western” led plans. Central Asia political and economic integration is the key to thwarting separatism. Iran's neighbors have much to fear from this too.

a. In some instances, the proper plan would be to form strong regional political and economic plans that create a larger agenda that the ‘sub-nation or tribe’ can be part of

i. For example look at how European integration has diminished Basque separatism in France and Spain.

3) Fight the re-election of US congressmen Rep Dana Rohrabacher (R-California) and Rep Lousie Gohmert (R-Texas) who are pushing an agenda to balkanize Iran. Note these are Republicans – so you know what agenda is on Republican Party’s foreign policy program. Also, fight Hariet Harman's (D-California) re-election, she is also on record for supporting the break-up of Iran.

4) Iranians should respond by promoting the balkanization of U.S. and British allies (such as Saudi Arabia) that are planning and have planned the demise of Iran, by supporting Shiite separatists in the Middle East – such as Oil Rich easter Saudi Arabia. The Persian Gulf will always be the Persian Gulf, if these Shiite Regions of Saudi Arabia etc. separate.

5) Sign an online petition to get the anti-breakup message out to politicians

6) Publicly request the IRI to allow expatriate Iranians or Iranian opponents in Jail to somehow participate in a war against separatism in Iran and their evil backers – even if they disagree with the despotism of the IRI, stopping the destruction of Iran is a higher priority than the fall of the velayateh Faghih.

7) This is the most important: Get rid of the IRI, before these Sepratist movements take hold totally destroy Iran. They are still building bases, and training volunteer conscripts. There's maybe one year before all shit breaks loose. These separatists would NOT have any support if Iran was democracy and there wasn't so much oppression in Iran.


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Good for you - I'll write you down for being sincere

by MaryamJoon on

Thanks.  I'm sure you can tell I wrote it all honestly with my heart (not what I want the situation to be - but what I think it really is).  

I'm with you on this issue - it's a serious one; and one that people should put other differences of opinion aside on. 

I'm changing your nickname to "guy in the white hat" ... feels weird to call you the other name.  

 Thanks guy in the white hat. 


maryamjoon _ i agree

by ayatoilet1 on

your points are well taken, my purpose was just to get discussion started.


Actually, #7 is the one and ONLY thing that can stop the breakup

by Fesenjoon2 on

The Islamic Republic is founded on the premise that Islam transcends and supercedes nationality.

Well, duh! When nationality and heritage are ignored, what do you expect to happen?

You wanna save Iran? Then get rid of the IRI! It's obvious! 


Totally wrong approach

by MaryamJoon on

1.  Iranians are already in every country of the world. 

2.  No need to warn other governments because they are acutely aware.

3.  Two people have been speaking out consistently for years about this issue and about those politicians:

Congressman Dana Rohrabacher Embarrasses Himself By Calling for a Separatist Movement in Iran Based on a Flawed Historical Understanding 

What is Pan-Turkism and where did it come from? 

4.  The government of Iran has already suggested to the Saudis that Yemen will be split; Bahrain will revolt, as will the entire Persian Gulf Coast, which is mostly Shia.

5.  Petitions have been signed - not particularly efficient use of time; spread links to inform Iranians about the threat.  Get a dialogue going on it.  How many Iranians know that original Azarbaijanis are Iranians and that many of the people calling themselves "Azeris" in the new country called "The Republic of Azerbaijan" are not even ethnic Azaris nor the same people as Northern Iranians? Original Azerbaijanis are ethnic Iranians

6.  Ridiculous to empty out Iran's jails of all people because many (though not certainly all) are the separatists that have been caught red-handed.

7.  iran needs an army to fight suicide bombers, and people with weapons (look at Syria).  The groups you are referring to will not be swayed by a 'Green Movement' or people holding candlelight vigils.    



No. 7 before anything else

by Rea on

My 2 cents.

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

با سلام به شما ...

- صرب‌ها خبر داشتند که ممالکِ قدرتمند می‌‌خواهند تمامی قسمتهای با ارزشِ مرزی این کشور‌ها را (بوسنی،مونتِ نگرو و ...) (با رازش از لحاظ منابع طبیعی،سوق الجیشی و توریستی) را به خودشان واگذار کنند و این جریان چندان عمقِ فرهنگی‌ و تاریخی نداشت،صرب‌ها آنچنان نفاقی درانجا کاشتند که تا چند ده سال خون و انتقام همچنان براان مناطق حکومت خواهد کرد...این شیوه با آن چیزی که در ایران اتفاق می‌‌افتاد بسیار متفاوت است.آذری،بلوچ،خوزستانی و ... با همسایگان خود دعوا ندارد.کاش کلمه بالکانیزیشن را با اطلاع استفاده کنیم.

-سرزمین باسک متعلق به کشورِ اسپانیا (شبه جزیره‌ ایبریا) است.درین زمینه (و درابته با کاتالونیا) هیچ گونه عذر و بهانه‌ای منطقی‌ به نظر نمی‌‌آید و عمقِ مردمی ندارد.مجمع اروپای مشترک و این جریان از روزِ اول به خوبی‌ برخورد کرده و تمامِ تصمیماتِ لازم را در اختیارِ خودِ اسپانیا قرار داده است.اسپانیا بسیار سیاستمدارانه با این نه مقولان جدایی خواه رفتار می‌کند،دموکراسی برای آنانی است که تمامِ ایالتهای اسپانیا را به رسمیت شناخته و به فدرالیسم آنها احترام میگذارند.ما تصور نمی‌کنیم این چنین برخوردی در بینِ حضراتِ بی‌ عقلِ جدایی خواه در بینِ ایرانیان ببینیم.

با سپاس از نوشته شما.