9/22 - An Important Date for Iran and Iranians


by ayatoilet1

On September 22, 1980, the Iraqi Army invaded Iran. Iraqi military aircrafts bombed Iran's major airports. In days, Iraqi soldiers had occupied and conquered many major Iranian cities. Iraq targeted oil tankers, oil platforms, and Iranian islands in the Persian Gulf with weaponry supplied by France, the same country who had funded Khomeini's flight back to Tehran a year or so before. Iran's oil exports were effectively shut down.  Was had begun between Iran and Iraq. We now know, that this was a proxy war; and that Saddam Hussein was given a green light to invade by the U.S. and a large host of U.S. allies - such as Saudi Arabia. It was they, after all, that financed the war and bank rolled Saddam Hussein. It is NOW absolutely established fact that this was so!

After 8 years of war, by all accounts this war led to over 1 million casualties. Iranians suffered gravely by this war - not the least of which was the resulting consolidation of power enjoyed by the Mullahs in Iran. The war galvanized Iranians behind the Theocratic elite and has now enabled them to enjoy power for over 30 years.

Interestingly, this date is now squarely marked inside Iranian circles for important events. Last year, it was on September 22nd 2011, that Iran released the two hiker hostages it had captured when they rolled into Iran. After two years of captivity it was on September 22nd that they were released. It was as if to say to the world, we know who was behind the war that killed so many Iranians.

And it was on September 22nd 2011, that Ahmadinejad came to the U.N. and made his speech to the U.N. general assembly and the world.

And it is on September 22nd, every year now that Iran has major military parades and shows off its most recent missile systems and military toys. Its as if the regime is screaming to the world, we're ready if you want to do it again.

How ironic, that we find ourselves on the eve of another September 22nd, with the back drop of another U.S. presidential election? Interestingly, it was this invasion of Iran by Iraq that completely twisted and turned back the haunted Jimmy Carter's re-election campaign. When Iraq invaded Iran, for all intents and purposes, Iran was defenseless. With the Iranian government against the wall, Reagan's campaign staff and Iranian officials held a final, secret meeting in Paris during the month of October in 1980. This meeting was led by America's Vice President Elect George Bush and William Casey (later Reagan's Director of CIA) and Iran's Speaker of the Majlis Mehdi Karroubi. Bush and Casey delivered $40 million to the Iranians. This, along with $5 billion in illegal arms deals and an agreement not to interfere with the Islamic Republic, was a bribe offered in exchange for the 52 American hostages held in Tehran to not be released until after the 1980 election. This would guarantee Carter's defeat and Reagan's victory.

On January 20, 1981, the very day of President Reagan's inauguration, America released nearly $8 billion in Iranian assets. Iran finally freed the hostages more than a whole year after their initial capture.

How ironic, that as part of this deal, Israel agreed to ship American weaponry to Iran. The Washington Postclaimed Haig authorized the shipment, and that it was worth between $10 million and $15 million. Other reports said the weapons were worth up to $246 million. Today, Israel is only shipping computer virus's and secret agents to Iran to destroy Iran's march for more weapons - nuclear weapons - weapons of mass destruction. It was once (September 22nd 1980) cool to arm the Mullahs in Iran, now (September 22nd 2012) its not so cool to do so!!

Oh how the world has changed! Doesn't all this shenanigans tell you that the people in charge are a bunch of idiots? They are so stupid, that I am sure they are actually retarded bastards. They were stupid enough to put the Mullahs in power, and stupid enough to support them, and now they wish they had never done that! These current two faced, hypocritical leaders from the U.S., U.K., France, Israel, Germany....I mean you name it...where all arround 3 decades ago helping put these deals together and now they wish they had never done so.

Let September 22nd be a forever reminder of the ruthlessness, and stupidity of leaders world-wide - including Iran. For it was this war between Iran and Iraq, that NOT only changed the course of the middle east, and of the presidential elections in the U.S., but ultimately led to two more wars (Gulf War 1993 and 2001) by the two Bushes (father and son) that in the end - bankrupted the United States and in the process the Europeans. The Americans were so afraid of losing popular support for the war, that they pumped up their economies to hide the pain - and all this fell down like a house of cards to bankrupt the world.

This 'imposed' war as the Iranians put it, was a massive strategic mistake. And we are ALL still paying the price for it. Shame - yes Shame - on those that precipitated it. And, as an Iranian-American - my deepest sympathies go out to the families of the 1 million deceased in this war, and not to mention the 400,000 or so Iraqies, Kuwaitis, Americans, Brits, you name it who died in the two subsequent wars on the back of this one.

It was an unneccessary conflict. It not only destroyed Iraq and Iran, but now in retrospect led to the demise of the West - as witness in our current economic hardships in U.S. and Europe.



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maziar 58


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 Dear Maziar:

by vildemose on

 Dear Maziar: Mokhlesim.


All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

Thanks for remembering.

West was behind ALL these events.



In 1860, the total

by vildemose on

 Anniversary of the battle of Antietam:


"In 1860, the total population of the United States was 31.4 million;

3.8 million men - approximately 12 percent of the total population - were enrolled in military service;

620,000 lost their lives (2 percent of the total population) in the war.

If there were another Civil War today, and those same percentages were still true, then:

Today’s population is approximately 300 million people (Census data, 2008);

approximately 37 million people would be enrolled in military service;

and approximately 6 million Americans would die.


All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


thank you for remebering...

by vildemose on

 This day alos marks the bloodiest day in American Civil War:

Historian Drew Gilpin Faust writes that Civil War deaths — both their number and their manner — transformed America. Her book is This Republic of Suffering: Death and the American Civil War.

The Civil War death rate was six times that of World War II, when adjusted against the size of the American population, Faust points out.

"For those Americans who lived in and through the Civil War, the texture of the experience ... was the presence of death," she writes. "At war's end this shared suffering would override persisting differences about the meanings of race, citizenship, and nationhood to establish sacrifice and its memorialization as the ground on which North and South would ultimately reunite."

Faust is the president of Harvard University, where she also holds the Lincoln Professorship in History.




All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


Imbecils at it Again...

by jirandoust on

"Iranians suffered gravely by this war - not the least of which was
the resulting consolidation of power enjoyed by the Mullahs in Iran.
The war galvanized Iranians behind the Theocratic elite and has now
enabled them to enjoy power for over 30 years."

Couldn't agree with you more! But brace yourself for another 30 more years of mullahs' rule in Iran my friend, because the imbecils you described in your blog are doing the exact same thing now as they did back in 1980's. By beating the drums of war daily and threatening to bomb or worse invading/occupying Iran, they are forcing Iranians to rally around IR regime, thus making mullahs stronger.
Yes, retarded imbecils are at it again. "galvenizing" Iranians behind
mullahs once more, regardless of their exreme dissatisfaction with regime.
You can't blame them. Where else could they go? A nation at war needs central power.

To those pro war/invasion of Iran on this site and esewhere, think a little please. The threat of war by US (West) and Israel is actually producing a result contrary to your wish for mullahs demise. They are actually getting stronger by all this. Think please...think!

Take the threat of war away and see how fast "Iranian Spring" will bloom!


A good Article, with clarity AYA WC

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Your Criticisms are helpful because they go beyond the filthy IRI towards a resolution beyond them for Iranians. By sensitively and respectfully showing "those benefitting the most from IRI" and those who's actions
supported the IRI to power and are helping keep them in power today your article matter alot.

 Unfortunately many Iranians only criticize the IRI extremist for having
such stupid and neanderthal type thinking, when they themselves are so
similar and show it in their writing, that they not much more understanding
or nuanced to fit with the reality of the situation.

And that is why politics works like a charm, you have one group of
people "politicians" acting above the awareness of another group "public
and antellectuals" as so many intellectuals have too much difficulty even comprehending the role of the usa, uk, france, israel
against human rights and basic decency, discussing only the savagery of
the IRI not the savagery of the west in this process.  And because of this we see Irans intellectuals being humilated, shown as
niave and wimpy by groups which comprmise the IRI, groups who have/enjoy almost no
electoral prospects but have
considerable street power.  So the west uses Antellectuals niavity to expand the influence of extremists, not democracy.  Because it is the USA, France, UK and Israel
that are opposed to Iran being an island of stability, with peace,
progress and human rights as Iranians enjoyed with the late shah. The
west are the ones who have an interest in destabilising the governments
of the middle east using criminals, like in  Iran, Libya, Syria, not true democrats.

So Understanding that the wests disingenuous playbook is to first fool and garner the support of its own society, its own people and then other peoples by using propaganda to represent countries all over the world as  1) excessive repression, 2) dictatorship, 3) corruption 4) human rights abuses as opposed to caring for these issues, to bring to power IRI type governments for personal benefit.  What they are desperately trying to do to Russia and focussing Propoganda against Putin, though wanting worse than Putin For Russians.   

Then where is your praise for the late Shah and your condemnation of
the west for continuously implemeting this policy and distracting people
from the real issue?  Indeed where are Iranian intellectuals?  Busy Criticising Putin? Yes very likely, but also allow me to
tell you where else, discovering they don't even know the definition of a law
abiding king!  Let alone the definition of dictator, despot or
tyranny.  God help the unwise and help them to learn how to think.


In Your Previous Post You showed a lack of appreciation for

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

the Late Shah's team and their efforts at developing the foundations for a democratic Iranian society, starting with nothing, not even literacy or a single qualified nurse in the country, at times saying they had their chance as if it is something that can be delvered by one person or in one generation.  Really, this is the most friendly action I can do high light where I see your views are clearly incorrect and unhelpful to the creation of a more positive future for Iran, based on all aspects of the truth.