America’s ten most religious states are also its poorest and historically Republican


by ayatoilet1

Religion is an important strategic tool of ‘cold’ war fare in a new age of global economic war.  There is mounting evidence that religion is a silent killer of prosperity and provides a method of retarding economic activity. If you want a nation state to become backward – send in missionaries. They will do more to retard a country than the CIA can ever accomplish with agents inside a government. If the U.S. is scared of China – ok then - send in the missionaries!! Scared of Iran’s rise - ok then - bring on the Mullahs.If you don’t believe me look at this data. America’s poorest states, are also the most religious and also Republican. For all the claims by Republicans that they have the right policies and a magic formula for prosperity – the data does not support it at all.  Secularism has a lot going for it.Contrast Turkey’s economic prosperity with no natural resources over the past 30 years with Iran’s demise – and you get another data point that confirms this. Look at how religiously liberal Dubai is versus Iran, and contrast the economic growth rates these past 30 years. More confirmation!It just goes to tell you, if you want Iran to prosper you have to get the Mullahs out of power. Or conversely, could it be that the West was so afraid of Iranian economic growth that they finagled an Islamic regime on Iranians. Is that what they will try to do to any client state they want to establish – and be default destroy their future independence and economic vibrancy? (Take note: Libyans, Egyptians, Tunisians, Yemenites, etc. as you prepare your new constitutions and governments).Anyway, this chart lists states by order of religious fervor (according to a Gallup poll) and then provides median household income for four years from 2006 through 2009. So for example Mississippi is the most religious state and also the poorest with median household income of $36,646 in 2009. And Kentucky is the 10th most religious state, but also the 3rd poorest. (I should point out that Georgia is an exception on this list   …being the 29th poorest …part of it is that there is a real contrast between a large (heavily populated city that is urbane and cosmopolitan like Atlanta and rural Georgia). But overall the “general” observation applies.

1.       Mississippi

50 Mississippi $36,646 $37,790 $36,338 $35,261

2.       Alabama

46 Alabama $40,489 $42,666 $40,554 $38,473

3.       South Carolina

42 South Carolina $42,442 $44,625 $43,329 $40,822

4.       Tennessee

44 Tennessee $41,725 $43,614 $42,367 $40,676

5.       Louisiana

41 Louisiana $42,492 $43,733 $40,926 $37,943

6.       Arkansas

48 Arkansas $37,823 $38,815 $38,134 $37,420

7.       Georgia

29 Georgia $47,590 $50,861 $49,136 $46,841

8.       North Carolina

39 North Carolina $43,674 $46,549 $44,670 $42,061

9.       Oklahoma

45 Oklahoma $41,664 $42,822 $41,567 $40,001

10.   Kentucky

47 Kentucky $40,072 $41,538 $40,267 $38,466

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Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


religions are the biggest pile of *** I have seen. A man who would sacrifice his own son is admired as "pious". The guy should have been locked up and the keys thrown out. The sorry nut job of a man.

What kind of religion has its God torturing his most pious subject Job. To prove something to the devil. One sick mind generated the old testament. Jealous; intolerant and obnoxious.

Vandalism of other temples is supposed to be a virtue. Because he was not able to get the symbolic meaning of "idols". Besides it was not his property to smash. If anyone does that now they get a bill for damages.


Zereshk - good comments

by ayatoilet1 on

1. THe ethnicity map is all over the place for these 10 states, some have high and others have low black populations. Blacks generally vore for democrats,..and most of these states are heavily Republican.

2. Japan is a weird place from a religious point of view. I have spent a great deal of time in Japan, and I would characterize them more as traditionalists where they follow traditions which have religious settings - but they are not "generally" fanatics in the sense that they allow religion to dominate their lives / government etc. Japan is splintered and many Japanese actually think of themselves in multiple buckets simultaneously.

3. Irony of the Republican vs Democrat thing is that Republicans are generally "much more religious" - despite the foundations of their economic policies. One thing is for sure "Republicans" don't carry a magic bullet. 


The more religious, the less developed

by Rea on

No secret about it, no need to invent hot water either. 


Issues to think about

by Zereshk on

1. It would be better if you could somehow show your data for one ethnic group, like for just whites. Here's the problem: Most of those states are poor because they have a large black population, one could argue. 

2. Isnt Japan religious (with large masses of their population adhering to Shintoism and Buddhism)? Therefore, could it be that the Abrahamic religions are the culprit? Maybe it's something in their exclusionary/totalitarian outlook (either youre with us, or you'll go to hell) that creates problems.

3. The Republican vs. Democrat argument is not very solid. Republicans are the ones that actually believe in a Capitalist (i.e. anti-Christian) system, and resent socialist welfare ideals (Christian doctrines) advocated by the democrats. In fact, this whole Dem vs Rep political system is actually all distractive posturing, if you think about it. It's a bunch of BS designed to keep the national debate scene occupied. When it comes down to money and profit, they are in fact one and the same.

4. See this:


Kaveh Nouraee

Your "Statistics" Prove Nothing

by Kaveh Nouraee on

For all the claims by Republicans that they have the right policies and a magic formula for prosperity – the data does not support it at all.

So you are saying that the policies of these liberals are the way to go? Because all I see has been an even further decline. Housing prices that continue to fall, credit markets that remain frozen and no jobs available to millions of people who seek employment.

No, there is no magic formula for prosperity. But don't go around placing blame for all of the ills of the economy on the party that is not in power. Both parties share the blame. But the Democrats are the ones who are clearly making a bad situation worse with their policies.


the least religious societies ...

by jasonrobardas on

are also the healthiest and have the highest life expectancy . They also have the lowest homicide rate and have the highest per capita income ......example : Norway , Australia , Canada , Sweden , Switzerland , Belgium , Netherlands, Denmark, Japan, UK.

     The 50 nations that are ranked "lowest" in terms of the united nations human development index are the most religious ....