Announcement of Iranian (Saudi Ambassador) Bomber Sounds Fishy

by ayatoilet1

If there is a nut case that was trying to bomb the Saudi Ambassador, the so be it...he should be locked up. If it was supported by the Regime in Iran - or as the U.S. administration so carefully puts it "some elements" inside the Iranian be it too...they should be toppled. I frankly think the Mullahs are shrewder than this...they never use conventional methods to do anything. I mean to openly wire money to the US. and use regular bank accounts, etc. I just seems strange.

But this announcement designed to dominate the news cycle at the precise time when Obama's Jobs bill was turned down in the Senate (where Democrats have a majority) is somewhat fishy. The guy was arrested back in september and he is suddenly indited yesterday?! Then all elements of the adminstration announce support for the Saudis - at a time when the Saudi's are turning away from Obama (feeling threatened by the Arab spring his administration sprung on Egypt, Yemen, Libya, Tunisia, etc.).

If the morons in Iran did not exist, they would create them. As I have always said, the mullahs were created and are being sustained by the U.S. and they serve a very useful role for the United States (both domestically and internationally). The lulu khorkhoreh they need to perpetuate fear and greed.

The sad thing is, the American public buy this nonesense, and eat it all up. Today, as we all go to work or go to school in the U.S. (or the West), Iranians once again have become a pariah. Shame on those that perpetrate these games. There are better ways to win elections, and to build economic prosperity, its a shame these yoyos dont see it.


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Mohammad Ala

More information is coming out....

by Mohammad Ala on


it just

by rtayebi1 on

does not add up to me either. What is going on?

Mohammad Ala

I agree... good points.

by Mohammad Ala on

Assassination plot against Saudi ambassador
Saudi media are relishing broadcasting the Justice Department's press conference regarding the plot against the Saudi ambassador in the U.S. I don't know the details of the case: Iranian regime and Saudi regime are bitter enemies and Iran hides its hatred better than Saudi Arabia, and Iran is capable of plots of assassinations but I am very skeptical about this claim. U.S. media should dig deeper on this one: something is very fishy about it. It does not strike me as plausible. If the Iranian regime wants to kill a Saudi ambassador, do you know how easy it would be to do it in the Middle East? Iranian agents have so many different countries where it would be so much easier to kill a Saudi ambassador. This smells a rat: a scheme by a government (Saudi or U.S. or both) to trigger some confrontation or military action. I know Obama is desperate to win re-election but still.


I don't know the facts of the case...

by Bavafa on

but I agree there are a lot of unknown and mysterious/fishy parts to it, whether on US or IRI as I mistrust both equally.

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 


Soosan Khanoom

Good points

by Soosan Khanoom on

Thanks ..