Battle in Syria is about By Passing Iran .... Look at this map!


Battle in Syria is about By Passing Iran .... Look at this map!
by ayatoilet1

Yes, Saudi Arabia just finished a pipeline across to the Red Sea and can pump out over a million barrels of oil per day in that direction avoiding shipping in the Persian Gulf. And this past month the UAE completed a pipeline from the Persian Gulf to the Gulf of Oman to avoid shipping in the Persian Gulf.

Way before all this, the U.S. and its allies invaded both Afghanistan and Iraq. And in the process secured the world's second largest energy reserves in Iraq, and with Afghanistan secured a route arround Iran to pump Natural Gas from the Caspian Sea to India.

But right now, Iraqi Oil still needs to get shipped out through the Persian Gulf, and what about major exporters from the Persian gulf: Qatar or even Kuwait? Don't worry a solution is at hand. A pipeline to Turkey. No less.

Look at this map. There is a a new pipeline called the Nabucco Pipeline designed to go from Turkey to Europe to feed natural gas from the Middle East. The eventual plan is for buyers to be able to purchase gas from different suppliers and for the Turks to become the distributors. The pipeline was conceived before 2004, and construction started even before the battle in Syria. The long-term plan is for gas from Qatar, Israel, Suaid Arabia, Iraq etc. to be sold through that pipeline and provde Europe with an alternative source to the Russian supply.

Yes, Israel. The Israeli's have found one of the largest reserves of oil and natural gas right off their coast (on the border with Lebanon). They need to pipe all their natural gas to Turkey, to sell it to Europe. They have to cross Syria to do this. That is why there is such a massive effort to topple the Assad regime (he is an Iranian/Russian puppet afterall).

Iran is being by passed with a Pipeline across Afghanistan to feed Pakistan and India and eventually Western China.

In this summary slide, I show how there is a competition between the U.S. and its allies and Iran/Russia/China for two different oil and gas distribution models.

Basically, if the battle for Syria is won by the West, these pipelines will all converge into Turkey and by pass Iran completely. And the Pipeline through Afghanistan is already a reality.

Voila, Iran is completely By Passed. The Iranian/Russian/Chinese concept is completely destroyed. The West and its allies and their companies will have captured the market as the principal suppliers to Europe, India and China!!

Russia today has a monopoly of Gas supply to Western Europe. Their monopoly will be destroyed, and Western Europeans (as well as Eastern Europeans - like the Ukranians that were frozen out several years ago in the winter when the Russians cut off their gas supplies) will be able to buy from at least 7 different suppliers (Qatar, Israel, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait) and then pay the Turks for distribution. They will have an invoice with two parts on it. One part for supply and a second part for distribution. (Just like in the U.S.).

And India Pakistan and China will be fed from Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan. (There will also be a two way pipeline under the Caspian Sea).

Iran is completely bypassed. Screwed - if you will. And the battle in Syria is part of the process. There really is a cold war going on. You would not know it from the hugs and kisses exchanged between Putin/Netenyahu, Putin/Hillary Clinton... Iran is getting screwed- but the Russians are getting screwed even harder.


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