Battle in Syria - is NOT about Syria or for Syrians!!


Battle in Syria - is NOT about Syria or for Syrians!!
by ayatoilet1

One by one, very systematically, one mediteranean nation after another has witnessed transformational political change. What happened? Why did the Obama adminstration "liberate" 165 Million Arabs? Why the sudden rush? Why did it all have to happen now - not 10 years ago or 20 years ago? I keep wondering why?

As I was looking for answers, I came across a picture of all the fields in the mediteranean from Libya to Turkey.

By 2030 the world will need 20 million barrells oil a day more than it has today. Control of this oil (and gas) will determine the relative power structure and ultimately economic supremacy of the world. Major economic blocks are vulnerable with very limited options for 'controling' their sources of energy. Western Europe especially seems increasingly dependent on a sole source for natural gas - namely Russia's Gazprom. Gazprom is a defacto part of the Russian Government, and Putin essentially determines Gazprom's operations.

If you haven't guessed it already, then here's the rub: the Europeans are looking at major new sources from the Mediteranean. And this shift in Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt is all about long-term control of these resources.

But there are also substantial resources in the water between Israel, Cyprus, Turkey, Lebanon and Greece. Israel in particular is has much of its off shore fields right at the border with Lebanon; and there is a dispute between the two over these fields. A two degree shift in the direction the national boundary between Israel and Lebanon in the water can have billions of dollars of impact on Israel's revenues. The best way to secure these fields is for Israel to set up a "buffer zone" about 50 miles into Lebanon and with that the dispute over these fields disappears. These fields are the largest single discovery of Oil and Gas in the past 10 years. See the picture.

Israel is planning a major invasion of Lebanon soon. It has been planning it for many years. Everytime anything happens they blame Hezbollah or Iran!!

Right now Israel can't do much in Lebanon because, Lebanese security is ultimately guaranteed by Assad's Syria and Khamenei's Iran. Syria plays a pivotal role in not only providing resources directly, but in facilitating Iranian involvement in Lebanon. Hezbollah in particular has been exremely potent to Israeli forays in the past and would be rendered impotent without Assad (and in turn Iranian) assistance.

While Syria slowly rebuilds, Israel will march into Lebanon. Very soon, Israel will become fully self-sufficient in terms of its own energy supply; and then become a major energy exporter to Europe. All of this will undermine Russian hegemony; undermine Iranian hegemony. As long as all the trades are in U.S. dollars, and American companies are involved, the U.S. too will be ecstatic. By the way, Nobel Energy (from Houston) is a major investor in Israel's off-shore fields.

Turkey is currently a major access point to Caspian see oil and gas with its port in Ceyhan. And Turkey in particular sees itself as a major broker in this game going forward.

If you think all this is garbage, you might want to think of all the shanigans that went down in Iran and Russia to 'open up' the Caspian Sea to Western Oil companies. And the Mullahs have been extremely quite while Iran's interests in the Caspian diminished to 11% from 50% and millions of barrels of oil and trillions of cubic feet of gas by pass Iran through Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.  

You have to believe the Iranians and Russians know all this. So what is the end game. Could the Mullahs in Iran be playing a double game? Pretending to allign with Hezbollah, Syria and Russia while undermining their interests. Why are they flying acorss Iraq? Passing their ships through the Suez canal? Why are the Mullahs in power in Iran after 30 years? Why? Mollah = Nokar!!

Lets Follow the money.


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Iranians have so much to become aware of

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

before they can act responsibly like mature adults & come to their own rescue, yet the price to be paid for revisiting the past and gaining the essential awareness they need to move towards freedom, is worth it for the country.  In Being Their own Hero, Iranians will have to love themselves, as opposed to harm themselves and in such a place they can be grateful every day for the Gift of Life, which the entire country may not have been appreciating a whole lot for the last 30 plus years since the late Shah was murdered and iran pushed down a path of unnecessary suffering, regresssion, inhumanity and violence, by the Great Humanitarians of the World.

zolfali1  You have much to learn if you think the underlying issues give Iranians a reason to have hope that the USA/UK/France will make either IRI or mullahs or thieves of our resources pay a price, Extremism is what they have wanted for Iran and its one of the few things they agreee on today.  Though at least you have the guts to admit you can't think much, if our intelligensia was like you in terms of personal bravery, they would not be contemptuously called An-tellectuals by the late shah for the depth of their ignorance and the way they were and are in your case, still are being misled by the news like sheep. Unfortunately for Iranians the Trio will not change their ways as the late shah discovered after fighting with them for Iranians and Iran during his entire life.


With Respect to my own comment,

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

When I mentioned, pro-actively deny, I mean it in every sense of the world both that the late shah was a democratic behaving leader and that they had anything to do with removing the plurality of patriots and hero's, both men and women, that were serving Iranians on the late shah's team.


Only partially true.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Humanism is nowhere to be seen by the trio, usa, france, uk and neither by the duo russia and china.  Though due to the democratic structures and systems of the former they are required to intentionally deceive their own people, whereas the latter which don't have to play such media games to the same extent in order to implement their policies.  Take sides with which ever you wish, but never pretend that you or anyone you know of, has been able to stand for the Interests of the people of Iran as good as the Pahlavi's and the late shah in particular are concerned.

you make a big "el grande" mistake if you are wondering why certain societies had to be liberated now.  It shows you are totally/completely out of the picture, these coutries will never be liberated in the long term, not one of them. Just follow their progress.  In this day and age, the importance of democratic systems are so important for societes that one country after another is having its
progress towards democratic institutions thwarted and stiffled.... of
course in the name of humanitarian and democratic ideals, by the great
humanitarian saviors of the world, the USA, UK, France. 

What is sad and tragic, is
specifically what the 3 great humanitarians did to one of the most democratic leaders
in the last century and pro-actively deny it to this day at every level.  Especially after what the late shah did for
iranians at a time when they and the systems within Iran were not even
remotely close to as democratic as the late shah was or his team were.  The Late Shah and his team represented and were the only forces promoting and protecting irans democratic progress from interference from foreign coercion, manipulation and deceits. 

Awareness can be a Long often multi-generational process and
it may take many times to revisit the same issue, before enough Iranians can
learn about themselves, from their own ignorance to the deadly deceits of the past which they allowed and which they are still victims of today.  Regarding Syria the issue is a geo-political one, above the rest, like oil alone.


I am talking primarily about Syria ...Not Yemen!

by ayatoilet1 on

Mubarak was a dinosaur and he had to go - one way or another. But my focus in this article is Syria; and the mediteranean oil and gas fields. Those fields need to be secured....and have tremendous value...and the gas has to be piped through Turkey to be sold to Europe. Syria sits in the middle of all that.

And its simply a fact.


AyaT jaan

by Truthseeker9 on

Thank you for your clarification and civility. I just hate for us to jump to conclusions and ignore the sacrifices made by these democracy seekers, and all their their objectives. Things have been brewing in the ME for a long time. I look forward to more of your blogs.


Truthseeker - Thanks

by ayatoilet1 on

I looked up your link, and I I read it with fascination. At the end of it, I was thinking to myself was this the first time there was mass unemployment or inflation in Libya or Egypt or Syria...

And I think for sure, there were times these past 30 years that were as tough as now, but I think this time there was a critical "push" somewhere, somehow...something is different about the Arab Spring. Also, separately, you know there were riots in Bahrain and Algeria for example that did not get much an economic jolt downwards. I can't explain it all in terms of economic spirals (as the link seems to suggest).

But thanks for the feedback; and like I said, the forum ( is about us having this type of dialogue and getting people provoked to exchange this type of dialogue. It become enlightening for everyone - even if we disagree or think the other person is way off, it becomes elightening.

Democracy is about open dialogue - which elevates, it enlightens and ultimately leads us all foward.


How baseless

by divaneh on

You base your argument on West changing these regimes to safeguard its future energy needs. Are you trying to say that the regimes of Mobarak or Bin Ali would have cooperated any less with the West? Is that the basis of your theory?


ayatoilet jaan, i wish i could think as deep as you.

by zolfali1 on

but you are educated and i'm not! I came to US from my village after winning a green card lottery, you came to US to study a PhD in something I can not pronounce :)

But in a revolutionary situation as in Syria today, or Iran very soon, there will be rogue elements trying to take advantage of situation, which need to be taken care of. but bashing the entire aspirations of syrian & iranian people (just see some of the approval notes on your blog to see what i mean...) who are no longer fooled by promisses of "reforms",  is only playing in the hands of the mother f**king islamist murderers who have raped amd pillaged our land for 34 years now. It's payback time for islamist murderers, regardless of what I and you say here. that's for sure.

That's all.



You should be proud

by Truthseeker9 on

as they have entertainment value. How about this one? Ever considered there maybe MANY reasons why this Arab Spring may be happening, instead of pointing to a conspiracy theory of the "enemy"? 

10 Reasons Why Arab Spring Happened and Continues a Year on



Hey Truthseeker - how 'bout this one?

by ayatoilet1 on

I can't tell if you're being fasecious or serious, but try this article too...Iran screwed WIthOUT sanctions that I wrote. You see whether or not you think my blogs are good or bad, they seem to generate thousands of viewerships, and lots of comments...ussually 10x more in viewers/comments than most blogs... so I am in fact proud of them! They appear (factually) to be provocative, and generate quality discussions which what we want for forum like this one. And by the way, it is an absolute fact that Iran is #2 on the global list of countries using executions and also #2 in black market organ sales! No amount of denigration can change that serious fact. Anyway, enjoy this article about sanctions. Its been one failed policy after another with respect to Iran, Iranians and the Mullahs. When will they learn?



Zolfali- Jan I am with you - But ...

by ayatoilet1 on

I am with you, I want this bastard hung outside the Russian embassy too. BUT, BIG BUT, the support the FSA has (to bring him down) is not altruistic or for the sake of freedom, or for "liberating" the people of Syria, its obviously being provided as an investment for future financial gain. It has nothing to do with Freedom and Liberation (which is what Bush and others would have you believe).

And by all accounts the FSA has some really backward "Islamists" in charge. And the Muslim Brotherhood is now in charge in Egypt. The purpose is NOT to bring real democracy to Syria, but to facililitate the execution of an energy supply business plan.

And there is a lesson in all this for us Iroonis. Because we all know Iran will surely be next (or near next). I am estimating within 2 years. We can not let Iranians be fooled and a new Khomeini style government brought in with say Rajavi in charge ...and democracy in Iran lost for another 30 years.  And Iran could very well get splintered into 5 sub-ethnic nations. Iranians need to take control of their own destiny and NOT trust that a foreign supported force will come in and look after Iranian national interests. This time, Iranians must create a lasting democracy. Use the opportunity for change to create a structure, a constiution, a system that will guarantee freedom and liberty in Iran forever.



by Truthseeker9 on

People should never forget the true independent thinkers such as yourself, who found the source of Steve Jobs Liver through valuable deductions. Thanks for the blog.

Did Steve Jobs Get A Liver (transplant) From An Executed Iranian


Soosan Khanoom

Interesting points and valuable argument ...

by Soosan Khanoom on

It is good to see an independent thinker on this site  .. many thanks for the blog.


No i didnot

by مآمور on

it starts with a gross misunderstanding of what is happening in the ME!!

u need to study the arab history and their behavior patterns, which is totally different than the iranian ones, to understand why all of sudden every arab country is getting massed up!!

it happened some 60 years ago too!!

I wear an Omega watch


ayatoilet jaan, you are thinking too deep :)

by zolfali1 on

me, like most average iroonis , who at least on this site are too shy to speak up, or are too busy to even visit this site, or just cant afford a computer let alone internet, am looking forward to seeing that mother f***ing child killer assad hanged outside russian embassy in damescus. with his pockets filled with stolen iranian petro dollars. me, like most average iroonis want to see a fate hundred times worse for khamenei and islamist republic leadership. i, the average irooni, dont give a hoot about the forces begind these events. we are just sick of this islamist sh*t. we want the killings of iranians by islamists to be stopped and the justice  to be executed on islamist murderers . period.


Mamoor - you didn't read the article - did you?

by ayatoilet1 on

I never said Israel will be the sole supplier, in fact, I stated that Europe badly wants to avoid having Russia as its sole supplier.

In fact the plan is to bring all this gas to a Turkish pipeline - across Syria. Other countries will be feeding into that pipeline too. Azerbaijan, Iraq, Qatar, etc. etc.

And there will be separate pipelines from North Africa.

And let me remind you with out US air support, nothing would have changed in Libya. There is nothing funny about saying that. I actually applaud the changes; but it was not altruistic. It was not done for the 'benefit' of the people in those countries, it was done with a specific economic gain in mind. Obstacles to the plan were removed....and are still being removed.

Lets not be naive.


Here's the program - set in place in 2004!!

by ayatoilet1 on

Israel's pipeline goes to Turkey and then onto Europe from there via the Nabucco Pipeline: (from the Nabucco Website)

"Nabucco Gas Pipeline International GmbH (NIC) was set up on 24 June 2004 to develop, construct and operate the Nabucco pipeline. Headquartered in Vienna, it is an unbundled midstream-company under EU law. NIC is owned by the Nabucco shareholders and is responsible for the development, construction, operation and capacity trading and allocation for the Nabucco pipeline. NIC will be the only company in direct contact with the shippers and will operate a one-stop-shop principle, operating as an independent economic entity in the market, and acting independently from its parent companies."


wrong argument

by مآمور on

Why did the Obama adminstration "liberate" 165 Million Arabs? 

obama did not move a finger nor he or any body in US administration had planned to topple people like Mobarak, Bin Ali and Ali Saleh!!

the fantasy about Israel being sole supplier of gas and energy to Europe is a funny joke and entertaining, however, not [plausible!!

I wear an Omega watch


Look, came across this paragraph too another paper..

by ayatoilet1 on

"Israel's recent discovery of several vast reserves of natural gas in the Eastern Mediterranean means it will soon be in a position to export gas to Jordan and thus boost bilateral economic relations. The construction of a Trans-Jordan pipeline connecting Israel and Jordan would be far less expensive and faster to build than any of the other proposals currently contemplated by Israel for marketing its gas by transporting it to Asia or piping it to Europe through an undersea export pipeline. Three potential routes exist for the construction of a Trans-Jordan pipeline. One is a 35-km.-long northern corridor that would connect the northern part of Israel's existing gas pipeline network to Irbid in northern Jordan, and from there to Amman. Alternately the pipeline could run through the West Bank. This would create the opportunity for Israel to provide gas to the Palestinian Authority as well, which would further develop its economy and create a new and mutually beneficial dimension to the Palestinian-Israeli relationship. The third option is for the pipe to run south of the Dead Sea and north to Amman."

There is also a fourth option which is to feed the gas across Syria to Turkey and build a combined pipeline of Qatari gas with Israeli Gas (maybe also Iraqi, Azerbaijani and Iranian Gas) to Europe and have europeans make independent deals with who ever they want to buy from and have the Turks manage the pipeline separately (just like in the US, distribution becomes a separate deal from actually buying the commodity electricity and gas in the US). And Syria stands in the middle of all of this for Israel at least!


YAWN! Same old conspiracy theories favored by tyrants everywhere

by FG on

I see no obligation to refute.   Why not deal with facts rather than passing hypothesis off as facts?

As I've noted before, ever conspiracy theorist relies on a logical impossibility--requiring those who disagree to "prove the negative."   Let's make one up right now: "Obama was behing the movie attack in  Colorado.  He did it to divert attention fro the economy."  Now prove that isn't true.   If you can't it MUST be true.  (See how it works.  It's so easy to do).

Your "evidence," when looked at closely, boils down to assumptions, suspicions and conclusions BASED on those assumptions and suspicions   Once again the tactic is known as "begging the question" and taints any conclusion from such questionable premises.

It is this conspiracy-minded mentality, so common in the Middle East, which helped put the Mullahs in power and which they still milk to stay there.  Every dictator, secular or religious, lies on it (Haven't you noticed?)

The best thing for any nation that wants to succeed and move on is to forget about conspiracy theories designed to stoke xenophobia and rally the people around those who do.  It's the feedbag for tyrants.

Haven't you ever noticed successful countries, like South Korea and Turkey, don't NEED to stoke up xenophobia?    Putin also uses it  too for a reason.  However, China, though a dictatorship, does't seem to play that game.  If internal troubles develop, that may change.


Just came across this paragraph in a news article!!

by ayatoilet1 on

"Bashar Assad received some advice last month from a Syrian with whom he is acquainted: if he ended his strikes against civilians, the Europeans would be content to let him remain in power for at least two more years – because the west wanted direct oil pipelines from Qatar and Saudi Arabia via Jordan and Syria to the Mediterranean in order to end Russia's stranglehold on Europe's gas and oil. Assad's reply came in his last speech. "There are people with patriotic intentions," he said. "But they don't know the nature of the conflict." All the evidence suggests that it is Assad himself who has not grasped the "nature" of this conflict."


well said

by MRX on

much of what you posted here is true. silly excitment of people over so called Arab spring are laughable.