A Besieged and Isolated Iran is what Everyone wants

by ayatoilet1

An impotent and besieged Iran is what everyone wants. An Iran that is isolated and withdrawn is absolutely perfect.

This way, the Brits can harvest Iranian oil out of the Caspian, and push Iranian territorial claims in the Caspian Sea down from 50% guaranteed by international treaties, to 12% -- and Iran has to eat it.This way, Russia can re-extend its sphere of influence into Central Asia, and draw in recently ‘independent’ states like Farsi speaking Tajikistan, neighboring Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan …home to many legendary Persian Poets back under its economic and political control. The Central Asian Union is not more (it was dissolved a few years ago), having been replaced by the Eurasian Union (with a new charter) – with Russia and Kazakhstan at its core.

And now, in Iraq and Afghanistan …the U.S. and its allies are putting in place long-term strategic holds (military bases, long-term resource contracts, etc.) …that have, as a major consequence, an insulating effect ...moderating Iranian economic and political influence.

As the “war against Iran” takes on an increasingly clandestine posture, with General Petraeus, now in as the Director of Central Intelligence, it seems to me that this war is being carefully designed with one primary goal: to isolate Iran, and contain the influence of the regime.  But could it be that they do not have ‘regime change’ as a primary goal?  Is a perpetually, paranoid, defensive regime in Iran – at war with its own people tje real goal here? Are they fooling Iranians – when they talk about freedom and democracy?


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آای ، چه روزگاریست



یک جیشو یخه یک صیغه  رو میگیره





The British Crown is  not ever protecting any other regime. It is ALWAYS protecting its own (sometimes even the British general population) interests (which sometimes accidentally coincides with the interests of other states/regimes), which is something that moron and others could have learned, apart from playing poker properly. ;)


JD, what are your thoughts on Lord Owen, Olof Palme, Joshka Fischer and "the like"?

Jeesh Daram


by Jeesh Daram on

My friend, let me tell you. If it was not for the British the Americans most likely would have occupied our land and kept the Shah in his place until he would have implemented some of his modest reforms that he was working on (I know many disagree).  But British are in direct conflict with the Americans over Iran. If you read Iranian history from Ghajar to end of Pahlavi you will see numerous references to rivalary between US and the British over their sphere of influences in Iran. Today, Iran is owned and ruled by British subjects and US acts as proxy street fighter showing teeth and makes big noises which not only makes the British positions in Iran much stronger it also destroys the trust that many Iranians have put on once the American ideology of "defending democracy".  So, rest assured that if one country will not allow for IRI to fall, be attacked or change ownership, it will be the British government.  For as long as their embassy in Tehran is protected by 20 feet high barbed wires and cameras installed all over the second floor of buildings accross the street on Naderi and Ferdowsi avenue, you can rest assured that the British crown is protecting the Iranian regime and we will continue to sruvive on subsidies given to our people by British economic reforms in Iran.  While Ahmadinejaad has been the best friend Israel has ever got, yet Shiism of Islam has been the best friend of the British crown. Our history enjoys such a cordial relationship and most likely will contine till the last drop of oil.  Britain does not need to attack Iran, it is ruling in Iran. 


JD, with all due respect,

by ComraidsConcubine on

 if it hadn't been for Jack Straw sticking out his neck, literally putting his neck on the line too, and loosing his job a few weeks later as Foreign Secretary to Tory BLiar, who should be on trial for crimes against humanity, Iran would have been bombed by the bushtapo a long time ago.

What will or might happen with Willy Vague (William Hague) the transcen-dental mental, is scary. (see Libya, Syria, et al) 

As for the blog, Iran, as a sovereign nation with whatever regime in power, has every right, legal and moral, to independence

Jeesh Daram

Down with British interferences in Iran

by Jeesh Daram on

Very well said and so true and I also agree with Vildemose that IRI's might is nothing but a myth. We are a deprived, pushed back, censored, isolated, vulnbreable nation and world press has been trying very hard to show us as a big monster trying to swallow Israel.


ayatoilett: IRI's economic

by vildemose on

ayatoilett: IRI's economic and political influence is another myth hyped up by the MIC. And the Iranian regime is so insecure and delusional that they believe the myth their enemies tell them...

Iran has been isolated and besieged since the manufactured revolution of 1979...The real goal is to give the regime enough rope to hang themselves with. Actually, that is the goal for the entire region....radicalize the Islamist loonie to the point where the power that be can justify nuking the whole region...