Call to All Iranians to Join the Syrian Free Army


by ayatoilet1

Just like the defeat of the Soviet Union, the West has a 'great' plan for the slow but sure defeat of the Islamic Rapist regime in tehran with a war of attrition - identifying and then eliminating their allies.

The first phase of this plan was to surround Iran with their troops and puppet regimes in Iraq and Afghanistan. At times this seemed like a wishfull dream - as the invasion of Iraq has shown - everytime the west takes two steps forward it seems it takes one step back! With Shiites in power in Iraq, and another Iranian allie Karzai in power in Kabul - it seems Iran's regime has only increased its regional hegemony funded by the U.S. taxpayer rather than diminished it.

Never-the-less, sanctions appear to be in full force now and by all accounts are hurting Iran and Iranians. Strangely, the Tehran Stock Exchange has just hit another record high - which seems to contradict all press reports about Iran's economic demise - but then you really don't know who to believe, do you?

Now, here comes another installment in the plan to defeat the IRI - the toppling of the Assad regime in Syria! Bashar-al-Assad has been a stalwart allie of the regime in Tehran for many decades. Things have been so good,  that it is reported many of the Mullahs have second homes and bank accounts in Damascus. Much like London or Los Angeles for the Shah's cronies, Damascus was where the Mullahs were all planning to escape to if their regime toppled. It is believed in Washington and Downing Street that the fall of Syria, would frighten the Mullahs so much that they would be brought to their knees and thus to the negotiating table ... and allow the West to carve up Iran like it carved up West Africa and establish 5 smaller countries in Iran based on Iranian sub-ethnicities. British and Iranian oil companies will then have a field day acquiring cheap licenses to steal Iranian oil! That is the plan.

Now lets talk about the execution of all this. Exactly how is the Assad regime supposed to fall? Well, this job is being handed to the Syrian free Army. And all Syrians are being encouraged to defect or slip out of the country to Turkey and be drafted in to the Syrian Free Army. After recieving training, they are slipping back to Idlib in Northern Syria and sit in camps waiting for their marching orders to march towards Damascus nd take over the government of the country.

If you too subscribe to this strategy of how to defeat the regime in Tehran, I think its pretty clear that the Syrian Free Army needs more volunteers. Rather than waste time in the West watching Iranian sattelite TV or the Shahs of Sunset - I would suggest you get off your butt and fly to Istanbul or Cyprus - and then work your way to Adana, and then Antykia in Turkey near the Syrian border and sign up to join the Syrian Free Army. You don't have to be Syrian.

It would be so romantic. Sort of like Ernest Hemingway (famous American writer) joining the anti-Franco forces in the Spanish civil war. (Hemingway, by the way, became a captain of a Spanish resistance brigade).

It would be an adventure. You could come home and write a book about it! Why not? Surely it would be a real contribution to the defeat of the Mullahs in Iran. With Syria gone, who or where could the Mullahs turn to? Venezuela? Ecuador? Cuba? North Korea? China? Russia? Surely this would be another nail in the coffin for the IRI? Why don't the MEK/MKO/PMOI/NCRI/MONKEYS volunteer? 

I don't get it, Why are Iranians protesting in front of the Apple store in New York, instead of flying to Turkey? If the U.S. and Israel are firmly behind this plan - it must surely succeed - and you could be part of its success? No? 

Why is it that I don't get the warm and fuzzies - when I listen to Hilary Clinton telling the Syrian army to defect? Why is it that I simply don't believe they are committed to this war, or indeed to region at all anymore or to the toppling of the Regime in Iran?


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My Frustration is that after 33 years Iranians are clueless

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

the west and USA brought the IRI to power, why are they going to help Iranians remove them??????

The west loves the IRI, just because the so-called free media and publishing agencies are used to deceive many in order to keep them in place do you really not realize reality?  Let me ask you do you get that the USA loves IRI and why?  Or that they love Castro and why?   I need to start charging consultaton fee's to you and others but I'd feel remorse for charging to inform the peanut between your ears only for you to not even comprehend the meaning of what you just had given to you on a silver platter. This is 33 year old news, wakeup!


Shlomo - You never actually read the blog - Did You?

by ayatoilet1 on

But I will take your offer for underwear any day of the week. Please go out and buy them  (extra-large - please)?

But on a serious note, I think what is going on Syria has very critical consequences and could seriously destablize the region. My underlying point is that this battle against Assad should not be delegated to the Syrian Free Army or volunteers or defectors surely is time to seriously engage armies/troops/tanks/planes/etc. . Anything short of that - surely means the West does not seriously want change. And in the long-run that will actually play into the hands of Iran's Mullahs.

Meanwhile a lot of innocent people will die or are dying. You have to play to win, and win decisively. Right now, its a losers deal.

Mark the sign on your bus Shlomo, Loser's Destination. How can the SFA win without arms?


AT1, I have rented a bus waiting for you and all the


freedom fighters who want to join the Syrian Free Army! Make sure you pack a lot of underwears since you will be needing them getting scared from all the fighting going on!

Shlomo Loves Israel