Does anyone know who Motadii is?


by ayatoilet1

It’s a serious issue.

For a few weeks now, I have spent some of my time on the show talking about the executions in Iran, and the torture inside Iran’s prisons. I have hosted several former prisoners (among them an old lady who recently came out of Evin prison and who gave firsthand accounts of prisoner abuse, rape, and torture.  This really is not a laughing matter.

Then, we open up the mikes. People call in. We do have hecklers from Iran (pasdars, basijis, and members of Iran’s intelligence community that regularly call and try to undermine the show). But very recently it has also become a regular event for a small team of punks from LA (Motadii and his gang) to call in make up some funny story about abuse inside the prisons. On Sunday he shared a “tale” about the rape of an 80 year old grandmother this past Sunday – and then after the show (as always) posted that segment of the show on YouTube.I’ve shown it to many of my friends. It might seem innocent and humorous, but in truth it is not funny at all. The abuse of Human Rights in Iran is no laughing matter at all. It’s not even funny that human rights advocates – lawyers representing prisoners are being imprisoned.Motadii, I’ve seen your other videos on YouTube. You appear to be anti-the-regime in Iran. Yet, you and your band of punks are doing nothing to support these folks.

 We need to get the word out on the scale of human rights abuses in Iran. We need unity. We need everyone to take this issue seriously. We need to fight this together.

If you have a beef with rang-a-rang TV or its owner – don’t take it out on me or on my show. My aim is true. My work is sincere. My show stands on its own – and should NOT be glopped in with other shows on any other satellite TV station.  As far as I am concerned rang-a-rang has been very generous with giving me this time slot and allowing me to present my program with no limitations and no censorship.

You can agree or disagree with anything I say, or other presenters on the TV station say – but in the end, we CAN AGREE TO DISAGREE in a respectful, civil way and above all stand united against human rights abuses in Iran. This is an issue that is NOT funny, or should be made to be funny for the sake of some small pleasure of some teenage punks in LA.

Bottom line, I would like anyone on that knows these punks to let me know who they are so I can pay a visit to their parents in LA.  I want to deal with it. Remember, I entered a war to help identify issues for the Iranian diaspora to unite on. I have spent countless hours talking about US elections and the rise of the tea party, the Christian right and anti-immigrant sentiments in the US. And yes, I also think we can unite against the regime in Iran. I do have a family in the US, and right now I cannot be in the streets of Tehran doing what has to be done to topple these blood sucking, rapist, and Nazi bastards. But, in the US I can and will expose anyone that directly or indirectly supports this regime. Making fun of human rights abuses in Iran is no laughing matter. Does anyone know who Motadii and his band of punks are?


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Incredible Feedback

by ayatoilet1 on

I recieved emails all yesterday about this blog, and on youtube in the comments sections of the posted videos there was a consistent batch of messages of support well as the ussual silly stuff. But I am really encouraged by the response - and motivated to keep pushing forward with the program and the message.

Thanks to everyone who responded. The internet is truly unbelieveable, you blog in one place and then get comments on another site! Wow!