An Emerging Alliance Between Mormons & Jews? What will that mean for Iran?


by ayatoilet1

It might surprise you that Jon Huntsman Jr. is also a mormon, along with Mitt Romney. And it might also surprise you to know a little bit more about Jon Huntsman; he is a former keyboard player in the Rock band Witch, and he dropped out of high school without graduation only to go back and get a GED later! But what is most interesting is his connections to the very top of the Mormon Church or LDS - no not LSD, LDS (Church of the Latter Day Saints). His father, Jon Hunstman Sr. was a member of the core committee running the LDS church, and at the same time billionaire head of Huntsman Chemical Company...invariably the 47th richest man in the U.S.  His father was head of Ronald Reagan's campaign committee for Utah; and heavily engaged in poltics and philantropy. Jon Huntsman Jr. himself, after serving as CEO of Huntsman Chemical, served as Governor of Utah, then US trade representative under Bush (credited with bringing both Taiwan and China into the WTO), and later under Obama served as Ambassador to China. In his earlier years as a mormon missionary, Huntsman Jr., spent 2 years in Taiwan trying to convert Taiwanese to the LDS church.  Although his is running for President, it is pretty clear that in fact he is positioning for a position as Secretary of State - if Romney is elected. He has spent considerable time speaking at venues focused on foreign Policy only.

Romney, is of coarse, the former governor of Massachussetts, having spent time as the head of the US Olympic committee for the Salt Lake Winter Olympics, and having run Bain Capital, as it acquired and built major companies like Staples, Domino's Pizza, Sealy Corp, Sports Authority etc etc. His father was CEO of American Motors. And his name, Willard Mitt Romney, is linked to his father's very close friend Willard Marriott (Hotel Chain Magnate, Also a Mormon) and his father's great baseball player cousin Millton (Mitt) Romney.

The point I am making is, they are and come from Mormon Elites. Their actions are the very embodiment of the what the Momon Elites want.

And step back for a minute and study the electeral process for the President of the United States. It is virtually impossible to become elected in the US without the backing of the media, and the media of course is controlled by the Jews in the U.S. This is simple reality. If the Mormons want to take over the executive branch, good for them; the only way to do it is to get the Jews behind them. Jews after all control over 40 % of US GDP - they can and do often determine who gets the funding to run too.

Now who else is a leading mormon? Glenn Beck! Yes, the TV personality. The vocal leader of the Tea Party Movement. His TV show was cancelled - but he remains an national radio personality and he has tried very hard, very very hard to redeem himself. After being accussed of anti-semitism, and tageting people like Soros and Reformist Rabbi's on his show, he has suddenly had a change of heart (after his TV show was canceled) and his latest stunt ....wait for it....a trip to Jerusalem to "restore honor" and show solidarity with Israel against the "evil, nasty ...muslims"...espousing the massive spiritual connection between Jews and Christians in the word Judeo-Christian. Wow, I never thought I would see the day. He is planning more broadcasts from Jerusalem!

Anyway, putting Glenn Beck's antics aside, I urge all Iranian-Americans to listen carefully to Jon Hunstman's foreign policy speeches. The transcripts make for very interesting reading. "I call for an expansion of the U.S. role globally....The U.S. leads the world, not the U.N......I call for a reversal of the Obama era cuts in defense,..... I support Israel..." then he rattled a saber at Iran, and urged all Americans to support the completion of the mission in Afghanistan.  Clearly the Mormons have aligned with Israel (which can be good or bad...depending on your point of view), and just two days ago he said several times he would support war against Iran if the nuclear "issue" could not be resolved. These Mormons, my friends, are war mongers. Whol will they fight?

The way the polls are heading, Mitt Romney could very well become the next president. Obama's numbers remain low, despite desperate (almost stupid) attempts to elevate them (check out my blog on the Iranian (Saudi Ambassador) Bomber) and Romney's just keep creeping upwards. The Mormons, it seems, have it for this round of the grand electoral game.


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Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I apologize to admin and hope I am not breaking any rules. Now to the matter.

Thank you Ayatoilet for a very informative blog. Yes Mormon elite are very pro war. But Romney has giant hurtles to overcome. Mormons are not very popular among Christian right wingers. They do not consider Mormons "real" Christians. Therefore Romney will have a lot of trouble getting the nomination. Believe me. He will run into big trouble on Super Tuesday.

Romney also did things Tea Party absolutely hates. For example as MA governor he passed a health care reform identical to Obamas. In the past he supported Roe vs. Wade and taxes increased on his watch in Massachusetts.

He is also on record contradicting himself on many issues. See this:  //

On the other hand Obama is not polling well so a "decent" Republican may do well. The problem is they don't have a decent Republican. Romney is the best and he may do well in a general election. The other Republicans are so off that will lose almost for sure.

Regarding Israel: all candidates must suck up to AIPAC. But they will be facing reality. The USA is broke and has no money for another war. American people specially Tea Party will not pay for another one. Just watch how they responded to Libya. They were just about to cut the funding and that was a cheap war! I just do not see America getting into another war any time soon. It is a very difficult sell. It will take more than a claim of attempt on Saudi Ambassador to get people behind it.


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