Holbrooke Represents America's Failed Diplomacy


by ayatoilet1

Richard Holbrooke was a good man, but his death marks a sad era in US diplomacy. Quite clearly, US diplomacy has failed...and the problems he was charged with fixing persist. Karzai and his clan continue to produce and trade Opium - at still record levels, and continue to be heavily linked with the Mullahs in Iran. Nothing Holbrooke did - stopped this continuation of Evil. Then there is the sad reality of Iran, where Obama came into power with a mandate to establish relations with Iran, and Holbrooke and his gang were charged with doing that - only to find themselves thwarted. Who has been thwarting them? Who has betrayed them? Their stallwart allies - the Brits. The last thing the Brits want is a re-establishment of relations with Iran; and they are also stopping any military action with Iran. They simply want Iran contained and sanctioned (forever - if possible). A contained Iran serves them very well - they are making billions out of sanction busting in Dubai (where they have complete penetration with their financial institutions and shipping services) and they also are sucking all that oil out of the Caspian Sea from Iranian territory ... an open relationship with Iran will threaten all this...a reemboldened Iran will have direct imports, and revise this pillaging. So they (the Brits) have told their Mullah puppets to continue with actions and rhetoric that would in effect keep the status quo. Holbrooke's mistake was that he did not see all this. He did not see that the Mullahs can not be 'negotiated' with. The key to diplomacy is to know who you are dealing with - and time and time again the Americans have not realized how the Brits have betrayed them, and who they wanted to deal with in Iran -- that the Mullahs are nothing but a bunch of Mafiosi thieves that can not be dealt with. A total failure of diplomacy. It is time for either military action; or a resetting of the diplomatic track to in essence tell the Brits that they will lose everything if they don't get with it, and force REAL change in Iran. Maybe his death will serve a greater purpose. It was Holbrooke after all that got the Europeans to change their tune in Bosnia! Why he didn't do that with Afghanistan and Iran - baffles me?

Its time for regime change in Iran.


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