I Love Thanksgiving....


by ayatoilet1

When I first came to America (from Britain), I realized that many major holidays like Christmas and Easter - even days like veterans day or July 4th - had either a religious conotation to them or a distinctly historic linkage. As an immigrant it was hard to relate. Like most immigrants I was happy for the day off - while working multiple jobs to just survive. European holidays by the way, are much the same - either historic in context or religious.

But Thanksgiving is uniquely different. It doesn't matter what your religion is, or whether in fact you understand or appreciate U.S. history - you can always take a day out of the year and simply give public thanks for as Americans put it "your blessings". Now if you are NOT religious - give thanks for having a decent meal - at least once a year. No fast food, no chinese take out, no left overs from prior meals gobbled down late at night (when you got home from work) - just simply one decent, home made, family centered meal.

When I was growing up, we always ate as a family. It was a ritual and my mother was always cooking glorious Iranian homemade food. These days, if we eat as a family (with the kids) once a week - we're doing great! Everyone is on a different schedule, heading to different places, and if we eat together its NOT always home made. For Thanksgiving, that changes. And its wonderful.

Anyone, from anywhere can enjoy thanksgiving. Its a great American tradition. But truly, it should be a global tradition. There is nothing wrong with ONE central holiday being practiced throughout the world on the same day, everywhere. Its a date that the UN can set and it can become a global experience, a global phenomenon, a global celebration. Why not?

One final point, it took me a long time to figure out precisely why America's other (non-religious or non-historic) holidays are scheduled when they are. After being in business for many years, I finally realized that U.S. (federal) public holidays (what they call bank holidays in Europe) are very precisely on days when the 'float' for banks is at a yearly minimum - so by pushing the check clearing process over one day, they get an extra day of float and can manage their cash requirements. Martin Luther King Jr. was NOT born on the third monday of January, but that's the day after the third weekend of the month after christmas, when basically everyone is broke and they've paid their rent ...and have no money to deposit into the bank; President's day is on the third Monday in February does NOT coincide with a single president's brithday but also happens to be a 'very' low float day; I could go on and on about Columbus Day, veteran's day ... ! Basically, Banker's rule America. (And who rules the Banks?)

But, Thanksgiving is different. There is no banking connection, no religious connection, and even a very soft historic connection (to the pilgrims etc.) Its just simply a day for thanks. For gratitude. For appreciation. And that is important.

Happy Thanksgiving - my fellow Iranian-Americans. We are truly lucky to be here. With all the nastiness against Iran that America's elite (Republicans, Tea Partiers, etc.) have been involved in, I still think Americans are among the most decent, and generous people in the world. There are pockets of people that hate us, hate immigrants, hate Muslims, hate Iran ....BUT, as Obama's election proved out, there are enough people that don't; and in the end it is the wisdom, decency and energy of those that DO embrace us, that helped us settle here - that prevails in this country. We should be grateful for this majority of Americans. They are our best allies in making our lives here, and the lives of Iranians in Iran - better. Much better. And for now, it is those types of Americans that are in power. Be thankfull for that.



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But you don't know the "real" story Toilet jaan

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It all started with the Jews....

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