If Al Qaeda Did Not Exist, America's Allies Would Invent One!


by ayatoilet1

This past week's congressional hearing with Admiral Mullen (US Joint Chief of Staff) was shocking. The Admiral bluntly declared that Pakistan's ISI had been supporting the Haqhani clan, while it bombed US targets inside Afghanistan. Only 2 months ago, Osama Bin Laden was found in a home in the heart of a city dominated by Pakistan's Military Academy (sort  of like West Point in the U.S.). Meanwhile hundreds of billions of dollars are being spent anually subsidizing Pakistan's military and waging war against an amorphous enemy. Reports from Afghanistan suggest that the U.S. military is paying trucking companies to move its goods arround the country; and these trucking companies are in turn financing the same war against U.S. military targets. America is basically making it profitable for the enemy to keep fighting. America is bank rolling its enemies!

Nightmares have been created in a twisted media world - attacking soviets, communists, fanatic islamists, you name it ...and then America's assets get leveraged to the hilt by America's so called Allies. Take the case of Britain's coniving leverage of American assets. The U.S. paid the bill basically for the invasion of Iraq; and now British oil companies have the lion share of Iraqi oil reserves. America defeated and broke up the Soviet Union and British companies have the lion share of Caspian Oil Reserves from former Soviet Republics like Azerbaijan.

Events on 9/11 have become the pretext for the establishment of new nightmares for America's public decrying all moslems. In a poor economy, Americans are so conveniently distracted by constant news stories of terrorism. Bin Laden killed, American Jihadist in Yemen Killed ... and Saudi Arabian despots  are painted as stallwarth American Allies, and partners in the war against terrorism. A pile shit piece of dessert land on the Mediteranean with no resources, called invariably Israel or Palestine becomes a strategic point for America's most important alliance in the Middle East. Meanwhile America keep funneling billions of dollars of aid to Israel, guarantees its loans, and fights billion dollar wars to protect Israel...

All logic is lost, in a war against the big bad wolf  - terrorists. There is no cost benefit analysis. No rational thinking ...just emotional wastage of tax payer money. Military expenditure becomes the highest and best use of tax payer dollars; and in turn despots, militarists, oil companies, and shady "allies" are subsidized to sustain what is obviously an unsustainable political and economic agenda.

The big question is when will Americans wake up? And when they do finally wake up ...what will that spell for those that are twisting this "rattle snake"?  One day the Pakistani's will get their hands slapped and there will be "change" they have "never" imagined. One day, the Jewish lobby in America will get "cornered" and have some explaining to do for how 2% of America's population dominate America's political and economic processes in the country (controlling ownership all major law firms, 40% of American net worth, 100 Billionaires etc. etc.) ...

Don't get me wrong, I was happy Saddam Hussein was toppled, I was happy when the Soviet Union crumbled, I am happy everytime the forces of freedom and democracy push out across the world. But these false nightmare scenarios that leverage US resources have become a little exaggerated and I think Americans are smarter than people realize. This rattle snake can turn around and bite very quickly and cheaply. The money spigot can be shut off very quickly. Those espousing these nightmare stories will soon have their own life's nightmare stories to tell. Israelis' need to make peace. Britain needs to find some alternative to Big Oil to replace the 30% of its GDP that BP and Shell support. Saudi Arabia's royal family need to set up a holiday home outside Saudi Arabia, for they will be gone soon enough. Pakistan's ISI heads, need to scamble out quickly. The Mullahs in Iran, need to set up their homes in Canada sooner rather than later (their apartments in Damascus will be over run soon).

The days of crying wolf, and asking for America's public support will end. Things need to change. This nonesense is simply unsustainable. Americans, Europeans, Iranians ...the whole world can afford it any more.  Its time for a more decent world.


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Re Al Oaeda

by Arj on

Dear ayatoilet1, Al Qaeda WAS invented by America and its allies! Moreover, it's not that America does not know it or is helpless in that regard, but this is what it has become! This is the natural course of the corporate evolution!

The following line belies the virtue of your otherwise keen observations: "Don't get me wrong, ...I am happy everytime the forces of freedom and democracy push out across the world." Nonetheless, great points!


آلترناتیوی هم برای ۱۱ سپتامبر بود؟ - نوآم چامسکی


 آلترناتیوی هم برای ۱۱ سپتامبر بود؟ - نوآم چامسکی، ترجمه امیر غلامی

بسیار محتمل است که حرکت جهادی، که بخش عمده آن نقدهای جدی به بن لادن داشت، می توانست پس از ۱۱ سپتامبر منشعب و منکوب شود. می شد با این واقعه که به درستی "جنایت علیه بشریت" نام گرفته، مانند یک جنایت برخورد کرد، و ترتیب عملیاتی بین المللی را برای دستگیری مظنونان احتمالی داد. این رویکرد آن زمان مطرح شد اما چنین ایده ای حتی ارزش ملاحظه کردن را هم نداشت.

دهمین سالگرد جنایت هولناک ۱۱ سپتامبر در راه است....


It had become a hot bed for activist before...!

by darius on

Afghanistan had become a hot bed for  Muslim activist from Middle East and the Muslim countries around  the Caspian sea, long  before  US  decided to go  to war in Afghanistan.

Most of the prisoner taken to custody were not  Afghanis,included range of nationality including USA.May be it is necessary to know the motives of those foreign fighter in Afghanistan and the roots of it.( or you can make a guess).

The problem began with  Europe and America ( after defeat of Soviet Union in Aghanistan and then collapse of USSR) no longer had any  use for Taliban, Mojahedin and muslim fighters.Afghanistan was let  to rot at the hand of Talibans ,Pakistan influence and bunch of unhappy  non  Afganis muslim that were already at war with US and west influence.

Islam and Jihad that once was good and encouraged all around ,now was left as a present to a country with no infra structure,no economy or power.Those with guns and  armed with fanaticsm , supported by different interest group left  to run the daily life of average Afghani.

West should have offered to stay and finish the job not as an occupying force but as a temporary guardian and let educated and modern Afganis become a partner with traditional  Afghani muslim, people  who once under monarchy lived their life with some freedom of choice and harmony between religion and modernism.

Now, some 20 years later, dragging himself and his alies to a war spends billions to do what should have done sometime earlier.

For now , muslim and its follower willbe a temporary replacement for old USSR because either knowingly or by design,West is ignoring the fact , a clear fact, that not only muslims but many other nations ar enot yet ready to give up all their herritage and just be like an american, think and live like one.

Allies did not invent AlQaeda, indeed they exist and not necessarily of  a muslim faith, some under Jesus, some under Moses and else.

It appears that the muslims for the next 20 years until a new replacement is found have the honor to carry the title of enemy of state and freedom. It will eventually happens to all of us, may be better get used to it. 

I am sure, near future will  witness Christian against  Jews,Hindus against Buhdist or West vs East period followed by wars .

We also have or IC's Alqaedas. their daily fanaticsm, bad mouthing, name calling,slander,racism, being Iranian but 100% for Israel,Being Iranian being 100% for Mehdi or Palestine ,Being pro dead people .Calling each other liars, spies, backward, cowards, terrorist and you name it.Above all , we get the title of being th eonly nation who is capable of lying, noon eelse in this freaking world ever lies.

May God ( use your alternative) have mercy on us 



Who invented IC,s Alqaeda? 







Amen to all that you said

by Bavafa on

Specially last two paragraphs

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



no doubt

by MRX1 on

They have to do this, otherwise how can you then justify spending nearly 1/2 trillion to 700 billions a year on defence budget  while so many cities in this country are begining to look like a dump and gheto (Detroit, St. Louis, Buffalo, cleveland, you name it, list goes on and on).

Frankly I even have my doubts on existance of an organization called Al-Qada whose leaders are apparently either dead or operating  in some caves with no budget or open access to out side world, but that's another issue for another day.....