If the Mullahs Disappeared Today...


If the Mullahs Disappeared Today...
by ayatoilet1

This is why they only want to contain Iran - but ultimately NOT change the regime. (The Mullahs must be in bed with America) 

With U.S. Troops already out of Iraq and now slated to leave Afghanistan soon, it seems to only remaining 'danger' to the U.S. (or Israel) seems to be the Mullahs in Iran. If you believe the rhetoric they are about to build a nuclear bomb and they are a major threat to the region. So what does that mean? Well lets keep spending more money on arms.

How much money? Well, lets see??? More money than the rest of the world combined. Yes, if you add up all the money being spent on defense arround the world, you get to a lower figure than what the U.S. government (under Obama - no less) is spending on its military. And this is during a time when there have BEEN huge cuts in defense spending.

Look at the trends (see the picture). Officially the figure for this years budget to the Pentagon is $680 Billion. Now, everyone knows that there is at least another few hundred billon dollars that goes to other agencies like the department of agriculture or deparment of energy that is actually for the CIA, NSA, etc. but it all gets covered up in the budget picture.

Here's the news:

"The U.S. Department of Defense plans to sell the United Arab Emirates 60 Boeing AH-64D Apache strike helicopters worth $5 billion -- even as Washington turns up the heat on the Persian Gulf state to curb trade with Iran."


"The British daily Financial Times revealed a huge arms accord between the US and four Arab states of the Persian Gulf. Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman and the United Arab Emirates are scheduled to buy 123 billion dollars worth of arms from the US in the next four years. Saudi Arabia by buying arms worth 60 billion dollars accounts for half of the whole colossal arms deal of the four states. After Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates with 35 to 40 billion dollars worth of arms purchase ranks second followed by Kuwait with 12 billion dollars and Oman ranks with 7 billion dollars. Basically the purchasers of huge weapons have a strong incentive."

And look how much money the Saudi's and Emirates etc. are spending on arms? Who is their enemy? Iran - no less!!

And apart from the Arms business, look at all this money they are making and will make from the Caspian Sea - after they splintered Russia and paid for Khomeini's Air France trip to Tehran, they are now set to clean up in the 50% area of the Caspian Sea that belongs to Iran (and the Mullahs can't say and haven't said a thing):

"Based upon figures published by BP, Caspian Sea region oil production comes from proven (economically recoverable) reserves of 48 billion bbls (Table 2). This equals about 4% of total world proven reserves, and much more than BP’s figure for U.S. reserves (29 billion bbls).  EIA estimates of much larger “possible” reserves suggest a potential for much greater production.  However, as indicated by analysis later in this report, there are obstacles to output increases both now and in the future. The Caspian Sea region’s relative contribution to world natural gas supplies is larger than that for oil.  Its gas production of 3.0 trillion cubic feet per year (tcf/yr) in 2005 was 3% of world output.  As with oil, gas production has been higher, but suffered during the Soviet Union’s collapse and the following years. Turkmenistan is the largest producer;with production of 2.0 tcf/yr, it accounts for almost two-thirds of the region’s gas output."

Mullah = Nokar! Never forget that. They are but mere brokers in the pillaging of the region.


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Ali-Mostofi-Jan, U R the Best and FG - U R Joking RIght?

by ayatoilet1 on

FG: Nothing could be further away from me to McCarthy Palin etc. In fact I have written extensively, criticising them. Now, FG, take a second and read the whole blog.

My basic point is that if the Mullah did NOT exist, the West would have created them. Maybe in fact - they did create them and sustain them. When you have a trillion dollar defense industry that basically depends on them then why not do that? In bed or not, directly or indirectly...they sort of need each other. The Mullahs need the West and the West needs them - to survive. Nothing conspiratorial about it. Just facts. Please focus on the facts.

Think about it.


Quite right

by alimostofi on

Nice to hear a second voice in all this. How long have I been the lonely voice in all this. No one believed me in all this. Read Anthony Sampson's Arms Bazaar. It's old but still valid.

FB: astrologer.alimostofi


You know you are dealing with a nutty conspiracy theorist....

by FG on

...when you get to second line.   No need for rebuttals, you can stop reading right there.

Shades of Joe McCarthy, Sarah Palin, Barbara Bachman and the neocons.  Ayatoilet is an Iranian version.