If You're An Iranian-American - You Must Vote

by ayatoilet1

I think it is critical for Iranian-Americans to participate in voting. I know, from direct experience, that Politician take note, and are very sophisticated with understanding who votes and what they are sensitive to. Voting is a right and a priviledge, and if you (as an Iranian-American) want democracy in Iran (or hate the Mullahs) you should participate in voting here (and stand up for yourself, your family and your community).

If you think your vote doesn't count, I can tell you story after story or district after district where a handful of votes made a massive difference...between good and evil. Iranian-American (especially) have clustered in regions of the country where a small number of votes make a huge difference. California for one is hotly contested state. Virginia is another. Then consider Las Vegas, and Nevada where the current leader of the democrats in the Senate (Harry Reid) basically got elected by a margin of a few hundred votes against a racist (anti-Muslim) tea partier.

It really is very easy. Ussually you can just do this (get registered to vote) by going to the your local motor vehicle department, many states have other more convenient systems and programs for easy registration.

Iranian-Americans have much more power than they imagine. We are NOT outliers, with votes that do not matter. We have a voice. We have a choice. We have the means. We must use it.

Whether or not you agree with my blogs, comments, politics, or humor ...take the time to vote. Take time to review your loal candidates and your national candidates. We have been given the priviledge of living here, I believe, so we can assist the U.S. and its governement to make better, wiser laws and policies that in turn make this country and the world (including Iran) a better place. Now is not the time to withdraw or be timid.

Register to vote. It is your right. Exercise it. Do it now.

(Voting opens in Iowa in 3 weeks...)


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I agree - vote/money/education

by MM on

especially effective if the politicians know that we can be mobilized to vote in unisome, and more importantly, support ($$$) candidates.  And, that is why it was important to put down Iranian or Iranian-American when the Census-person came by last year.

Ali A Parsa

What if Gingrich wins?

by Ali A Parsa on

In an era in which big money exerts the biggest ifluence Gingrich could win with buying my vote by siding with the big media. How will I be safe under this vicious circle? Would I be safer by sitting our?