Iranians love America - But - Americans Hate Iran


by ayatoilet1

This past week Eric Holder, America's attorney general revealed a plot by an AMERICAN (yes, he was a naturalized American) to kill the Saudi Ambassador, apparently with financial backing from Iran's Quds Force (an elite division of Iran's Military establishment). He called the guy an Iranian = even though he was a U.S. citizen, and he made sure to make this announcement in time for prime time news; and carefully dominate the news cycle away from other more embarassing issues for himself, his department and Obama's administration. This announcement came even though this dude had been imprisoned for literally over a month; and they knew about all this nonesense over 3 months ago.

Now, none of that matters - all the politicians do that. Except, that by calling him an Iranian ...he was pandering to deeply felt resentment among Americans towards Iranians - who they believe are terrorists or islamic fanatics, or worse yet "just plain old' muslim.... It was clever politics at the expense of Iranians. Yes, Eric, lets feed into the Xenophobia in America. Iranians are a cheap shot. Oh let's forget about the Americans who spy for Israel when they are caught with America's deepest secrets - why do you call them Americans in your news conferences (and don't call them Israelis, even though they all have Dual nationality)?

Its hilarious most Iranians in the U.S. - when asked - say they are Italians, or Turks or "Persians" ....they are so afraid of this negative perception of Iranians by almost all Americans, their impulse is to hide their nationality. The Fereidoons of the world are "Freddy", the Mohammads are "Mo" ...oh please just call me Mo ....its sick and ridiculous. Iranians are ashamed of their nationality in America.

On the other hand, go to Tehran, and you'll see almost all the kids in blue Jeans, listening to Western (principally American) Music, longing to get a visa to get the hell out of Iran ...they'll try to speak English with anyone they can. They watch American movies ...

Iranians too, value American values: the concept of Freedom, Democracy, free speech, free enterprise...In some ways Iranians are more American than Americans themselves, because Iranians truly cherish liberty and have struggled for over 100 years to be free. When Iranians burn the American flag in street demonstrations - they are NOT showing hatred toward Americans; they are in fact pointing out the the U.S. government has and is continuing to try to destroy Iran and Iranians.

America has systematically undermined Iranian liberty. Conspired with the Brits to destroy Iran, financed and supported Saddam Hussein in his 8 year - bloody invasion of Iran. And there is talk almost daily of a major invasion of Iran, or a break up of Iran into smaller states based on tribal affiliations. U.S. today supervises almost 25,000 MT of Opium production in Afghanistan, knowing that the bulk of it will travel to Iran and feed the habit of 1.2 million Iranian addicts that have become hooked since the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan. When America conspires with Britain to suck out 3 million barrels of oil out of the Caspian Sea in Iranian soveriegn regions - that is absolutely a slap in the face to Iran and Iranians. When the U.S. keeps announcing bullshit sanctions that have only reinforced the regime in Iran - and hurt ordinary Iranians - that is tantamount to effectively killing literally thousands, maybe millions of Iranians. They impose Gasoline sanctions after Iran builds its own gasoline refinery!!! They impose Airline sanctions - so what?? Banking sanctions in a world where within seconds transactions can be funnelled through third parties??!! Daily transhipments through Dubai to Iran are the order of the day, at time when sanctions are supposed to be fully effective??  Who is the U.S. government fooling? Maybe Americans - but not Iranians. We know the truth and understand fully the harm that is being imposed on Iran - every single day.

Americans, it seems to me, have turned a little nasty since 9/11 - maybe arrogant towards Iranians. It seems to me - that it really doesn't matter to anyone in the U.S. that over 1 Million Iranians died in the Iran-Iraq war (a war U.S. sponsored and prolonged); but that Iran (and every nation in the world) should have a day of morning on 9/11 to cry over the loss of 3000 lives in New York. I think, as far as Americans are concerned Iranians are little ants that should be stepped on and shat on at will - and Iranians should simply accept their plight. This is despite the fact that Iran had nothing to do with 9/11.

Next time an American politician decides to use the good name of Iran and Iranians in a bad light, lets make a commitment as Iranian-Americans to completely humiliate the bastard. Iranians wherever they are great contributors to society and humanity. Look at the wealthiest group in India today - they are the Parsi's (the Persians that emigrated from Iran); look at the most affluent, highest educated immigrant group in the U.S. ever - yes its Iranian-Americans (who literally work their butts off, and have found ways to get ahead despite the prejudice and injustice of Americans)....

As Iranians we should be proud of who we are, our heritage - and not let an idiot politician use us as scapegoat for their incompetence. Mr. Holder, you've lost my respect - you would have been better off micro-managing your department and making sure U.S. arms don't go freely to Mexican drug militias without any controls, you would have been better attending to the fraud on wall street and assigning some more agents to round up a few bank thieves (none of which have been captured or convicted yet despite trilllions in tax payer bail outs). I wish you would save your announcements for issues and items that truly add value to the United States - and not to minor bullshit issues that only drum up fear, hostility and xenophobia. As an African-American this is something you of all people should understand.

Threats to politicians and foreign dignitaries are a dime a day...there are nuts everywhere .... and tell your buddies in the administration that they are nuts for their duplicitous strategy of private amity and public enmity with their buddies inside the regime in Iran. We all know the regime in Iran was created and is being maintained by the U.S. and its allies.

The regime in Iran will eventually fall. And one day, we will pull out all the documents inside the regime's offices and we will show your government up for what it is truly doing and done to Iran and Iranians. Maybe then, and only then, ordinary Americans will understand that Iranians have nothing but love and respect for ordinary Americans and especially American values. We want our children to have the same opportunities and priviledges they want for their own kids. In a hostile world, Iranians deserve some dignity - please give it to us...we are victims not criminals.


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JK IF I was in the USA or even Lived their, and I was the type

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

of person that wanted to kick people out.  The first immigrant rooted persons I'd kick out are the ones that through their actions prove they are against Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness.  You know the ones who think god put them here on this earth to change other people and order them around, the ones who say "if you don't think this way, then get out" crowd. Thank god I don't live there, I hear there is a full blow insurgency of these KKK types.  These red necks have even started calling themselves whites!


Get the Hell Out of My Country, Foreign Haters of America

by JahanKhalili on

Go on. Get out!

If you can't honor and appreciate white people for letting you come here, after they founded and built this country, you don't belong.

Take your secular monarchist hairy behinds, and go back to that glorious country you all fled from. 


The Original Inhabitants of Ilam Weren't Persian

by JahanKhalili on

Give it back to them, you colonizing thieves!

You're too dumb to realize that Iran is no different from America - a conquered land and former empire, where the original indigenous people were over-run by Persian-speaking invaders from the north.

That's because you're too dumb to even be able to refer to your own history without consulting a textbook written for you about it by white people. 

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Iranian KKK

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Just a though

  • If we go by JK's rule he would be on the next boat out because he ain't 100% white.
  • According to White American movement white must be from Europe and non Muslim! There is a big debate among them on whether Iranians are white. More gracious ones say "some Iranians" are white if they renounce Islam.
  • Interesting according to US government Iranians are "white" as are Arabs; North Africans like Egyptians and Libyans and so on.

I was talking to a right wing Iranian making fun of Obama. He kept saying "Barack Hussein" with emphasis on "Hussein". I happened to know a bit about the guy; asked him what is your fathers name? He got all nervous and whispered "Hussein" :-)

BTW: More irony: my ex wife's family is from the original colonists. Her ancestors actually came on the Mayflower. Therefore my daughter is "A Daughter of the American Revolution". I said now you get to go and complain about us foreigners!


Well said. Kh Kh Kh

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

The case they are trying to make is keeping whats good about America is important to them, Ironically while they have a legtimate point yours is more sound in noticing they are glorifying a soup made with Nationalism, racism and ignorance. The beauty of your comments is that you are debating values and that goes far.


JK - Yes, you are right

by ayatoilet1 on

You must be right, as you say the very definition of America is "Hayrides, Christmas carols and Paul Bunyan". I'll make sure to share that to the Indians in Taos, New Mexico where there is the oldest village settlement in time I go there.

And you are right, millions of Americans don't value dollars, hollywood or universities or even Whores or gambling in Las Vegas. Everyone who watches movies or goes to colleges must be unAmerican...according to you.

Oh you are so correct. I wish I had your brains, and followed your logic. Like you say, everyone here should revere your grand father Daniel Boone, and you (his grandson). Lets make a big American statue of you and put it up in the Harbor in New York.

America should be a static place, a static country, with a static population, with a static set of priorities - while the whole rest of the world is dynamic. Lets go back to your grandfather's days...and kill some red Indians and take over their land. Daniel Boone obviously had a better claim on the praries than the Shawnees who had lived there for milenias just because he was white. Like most Americans today, as you know Boone was heavily in financial debt (a concept Europeans brought to America) and he had to run away to Misouri from Kentucky to avoid being jailed for his debts. Boone was not a perfect man, but he is idolised mainly cause some fiction book were written about him....dramatising his sell books. But if you say he was perfect, so be it. Lets idolize him. Your idols are all that matter. Your heroes are the only ones that count.

You can revere your grandfather if you like. I and the other 300 million others here, on the other hand, reserve the right to pick my own heroes. The good news is, its a democracy. The other piece of good news is, your perspective is only your perspective. America is in fact changing, has changed. You can stay stuck.

In a week or so you'll be able to go on a hayride with my kids! Whoopee!! It'll be halloween!! Oh sorry, that's an unamerican pagan celebration, brought to America by the Celts or Romans or was it the Irish! No, no, no JK says its "pure" American!! JK I'll tell my kids to jump off cause its unAmerican....if you and Senator McArthy tell me to. We have to do everything you tell us to. We have to behave exactly as you say. I promise to be a good boy, and I'll worship Boone if you really want me to. That's because you are right and I am wrong.


oh,boy....(Iranian for aryans)

by darius on

This getting better by every  minute ..! Do we have an Iranian KKK now between us?



Iranian for Aryans

America is not a watering hole

by Iranian for Aryans on

It's not a big bazaar, even though all my relatives treat it as such. I'm the only Iranian in my extended family who is devoted to White America and treats its past as a great and cultured entity. Mr. Khalili, though I'm full-blooded Iranian, I, too, share your love for White America.

I've lapped up every last drop of Americana. I don't mean Michael Jackson, MTV, or gay rights. I mean the REAL America, the one and only WHITE America.

I also have a love for old Europe. The Europe of Beethoven, Goethe, and gothic cathedral, not techno "music" and diversity.

Mr. Khalili, yes, I agree; to wit, those who promote multiracialism for America are its enemies.

Oh, and I LOVE Andrew Jackson! He squashed the savages of the South so that White people, HIS people, could civilize the wilderness and bringing Western civilization and culture to America's old frontier.

Viva, Old Hickory!



Minor Correction

by JahanKhalili on

Because I'm related to the people who founded and built this country, I have feelings for them.

You have no feelings for them because they aren't YOUR people. To you, they are foreigners to be criticized or interpreted without you really knowing anything about them.

So, what can we conclude about your feelings for their civilization and country?

Meanwhile, I'll be further commenting on Iranians. Here's the latest. You're all welcome to offer intelligent comments - though I don't expect too many. 


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

We got a

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


psychic here who knows what we value: wow! I didn't even know so much about myself! A cross between Daniel Boone; USAF Colonel and some Iranian dude! Ashe shole galam kar -) I guess not all genetic combinations work out. 

The dude complains that I am not friends with his grandfather and his people! I assume means maternal one. Well sorry I am not in the business of talking to ghosts! Nor do I have any feelings for "them" whoever they might be!

By the way I don't like Hollywood and do not watch its movies. My ex is really into Christmas Carols and I  indulge her for our kids. So much for resident psychic. The appliances I get are all made in China thanks to outsourcing. No need to be in America for those! As for vultures it takes one to know one. Maybe we should gather a fund to hire a therapist for this guy. But why bother we got bigger problem. Such as debating Iranian politics from a safe base while making regular trips to brothels in Nevada!


Fine disagree,

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

If Iranians are saying that they are worth more in their communication then I would say they are advocating hate speech.  If they say they are worth less they are being untrue too.  Think individuals not groups and you will be in greater harmony.  No one ever chose their ancestry, it is what it is and should be respected for all.



by JahanKhalili on

I'm a lot closer to this country than ANY of you will ever be.

My American grandfather was a Lt. Col. in the USAF.

My mother's Irish side of the family was with Daniel Boone.

One of our English ancestors was at Valley Forge.

You have no feelings for my grandfather's America - any of you.

I view you all as unwelcome contamination that doesn't belong here. 

NONE of you are the friend of my grandfather's people.

NONE of you have any feelings for them.

Hayrides, Christmas carols and Paul Bunyan mean nothing to you.

All America is to you vultures is: dollars, whores, appliances, conveniences, entertainment, Hollywood and universities. 

... and a base from which you can engage in your stupid Iranian politics. 


I Completely Disagree With Everything You Say

by JahanKhalili on

amirparvizforsecularmonarchy, advocating for white America - my mother's people - is not hate speech.

How dare you? 

If it is, why isn't advocating for Iranians hate speech?  



by JahanKhalili on

"This benefit is purely one sided or America also benefits from the Iranian community or the multiculturalism?"

What benefit?

With Iranians like VPK joining multiculturalism and sabatoging white America, the effect is poisonous to white America, not beneficial. 


JK your free speech is hate speech, fine go that way if you want

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

A guy tells his congress man , sir, my white family didn't cross over thousands of miles of the atlantic ocean to have this country run over by immigrants! (LOL) They came over cause grand pa had killed a man back in ireland. (LOL) Can you see your ignorance through this illustration?


JK - Don't lose track of facts (please)?!

by ayatoilet1 on

Three facts you need to understand, before putting your foot in your mouth:

1) America belongs to Americans (not you ...) - there are over 300 Million people here. You are certainly not a spokes person for All Americans (nor even frankly European-Americans - the 'whites' as you put it). The definition of American, is who ever has citizenship here. It is not up to you to define who is or is not an American.

2) But if you look at America, demographically, European-Americans are a minority in the U.S. - not a majority; look at the latest Census figures. Hispanic-Americans (from Central America) are the fastest growing demographic group. HIspanic-Americans and African-Americans together comprise more than 50% of U.S. population. (Oh by the way, Central-Americans/Hispanic have mixed genetics and heritage and are generally not fully caucasian, or 'white' as you put it, they are generally from Red-Indian roots  ....Mayan, etc.) 

3) Or if you think population does not count, then look at who 'owns' America. European-Americans do not even OWN the bulk of assets in the U.S. "Racially" speaking, Israeli-Americans (that is America's Jewish population - roughly 2% of the population - whose majority have dual nationality and are technically by their citizenship or by their genes technically Middle-Eastern) own close to 50% of all U.S. assets, and comprise a majority of America's millionaires and billionaires.

4) If ownership or population doesn't count, You can't even argue about who came here first. Red Indians were here first. They beat European-Americans by some 20,000 years or so.

So European-Americans are not a majority, did not come here first and don't own that much in real assets in the U.S. So when you comment, you have no leg to stand on. You are not part of any group that 'represents' anything in America. And when I commented about Americans hating Iran; I was refering specifically to American Media and news stories on Iran and how they are slanted and the manipulation of the media by Eric Holder who is America's attorney general and by the way, an African-American (not even a European-American (i.e. a white)) in a major Government role being featured on the news.

Finally, I find your whole outlook somewhat offensive. We're trying to build bridges here. The point of the article was that Holder's announcement fed into the Xenophobia vis-a-vis Iranians, and was ultimately polarizing. We should not have people in positions of responsibility in the U.S. or indeed in any country that will polarize the population for political or personal benefit. We need more peace makers, educators, bridge builders in a world that is very cruel and ruthless. We need to be constructive so we can build a better future for our kids.

(Don't tell me, you're single, and don't even have a girlfriend...I suspected as much). Who would want to hang out with you? There is no compassion in your heart. You're filled with hate... and arrogance....and self-importance...AND CAN'T EVEN FIND IT IN YOURSELF TO EXTEND A HAND TO ANYONE ...ESPECIALLY IRANIANS.

Oh, and by the way...ALL IRANIANS ADMIRE AMERICAN LIBERTY, DEMOCRACY, FREEDOM ...Oh, and by the way Iranians are - according to several major research studies (including M.I.T.'s major study of immigrant communites) the most educated, most productive, and by far the highest value added immigrants U.S. has ever had. We haven't milked anyone, we've been milked. Over 1 Million immigrants, all with graduate degrees Doctors, Engineers, Scientists you name it - educated mainly outside the U.S. - and droped in for free into the lap of this great country. Its a great deal for America. 

Yes, Iranian and Iranian-Americans deserve much more respect.  And by they way, all Americans deserve a great deal of respect and compassion. The truth is in the new age and world we live in - race, nationality, religion should not influence how people treat each other (I know that is an alien concept to you ...but take a second and thing about it...yes, sit tight, put your hand under your chin, and think...think...think). I know its hard work ...think...think...think!!!


Dear Jahan Khalili: Do you think ...

by Bavafa on

This benefit is purely one sided or America also benefits from the Iranian community or the multiculturalism?

"who just come to this country to milk it, and who see it in terms of its benefits to themselves"

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 




by JahanKhalili on

You don't care about freedom of speech. You're just trying to use the fact that it is now an officially ostracized viewpoint to advocate for white people, so you can comfortably invoke social convention against me without any risk to your fashionable, disrespectful, taking-advantage-of-white-America self.

You invoked "stormfront", which I have never been on, so you could paint me in the same colors as some KKK member or skinhead, and get everyone else here to jump on my case - because for you, ANYONE advocating for white people is a racist.

I don't take that from you, or from anyone else.

Get out of my mother's country, if you don't honor the people who founded and built it! 




Iranian Heroes of the Iran-Iraq War Had Sorry Record With Iraqis

by JahanKhalili on

Listen to this VPK trashing Andrew Jackson for having actually fought for his people in a war that they were involved in with another people.

What did you want him to do, fight for the American Indians?

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Freedom of speech

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


No it is double standards. If it was freedom of speech then why ban anyone? We have had RG; SamSam; Fesenjoon; Sargord; Tabarzin; Count and others banned. I liked some and did not like some but all of them fell afoul of the rule. Why: becuase they used "profanity". Here is the rule I quote

  • Comments containing profanity or personal attacks will be removed. Repeat offenders will be blocked.

It should either be enforced fairly or not at all. I am for removing this rule altogether. But if it is to be there then it should be uniformly used. Not that one person gets a free card while another does not. It is the inconsistency not the rule that bothers me.



Its Called Freedom of Speech

by JahanKhalili on

What are you criticizing the IRI for, if you are against it here?



by JahanKhalili on

Its yourself who should be banned, because you are racist against my mother's people and challenged my right to advocate on their behalf.

You regard this as an evil act. 

This shows that you are against white people.

Yet you hypocritically use the things they gave you: this internet, the computer, electricity, the English language. 

And since my mother is white American, I'll stand up for her and her people.

I don't care what you or anyone else think. 


Iranians Conquered and Enslaved Everywhere They Went

by JahanKhalili on

... probably including your precious Cyrus the Great.

I don't see Iranians critically examining the sorry record of their own empire and kings.

Do you imagine that the Persian Empire expanded its borders because people invited it to come and conquer them?

Iranians have nothing bad to say about any of it, and in fact are quite proud of these things; they view them as achievements and symbols of greatness.


Because a hero is revered in his own country for having been good for his OWN people.

THAT's why Andrew Jackson was revered by white Americans. HE FOUGHT FOR THEM (oh horror of horrors). 

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Dear Admin

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


You block SamSam yet let JK run loose? I don't get it. This is the biggest double standard I have seen on IC. 

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Yes Really

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I know about all of them. Including popular non historical references such as in shows and songs. There are some who are admirable in some ways other who are not. 

For example Andrew Jackson had a sorry record on Native Americans. One which you probably approve of! And I do not admire him.

The rest go find out for yourself. I am not running a free American history tutorial. Done with you.



by JahanKhalili on

Do the names "Casey Jones", "Daniel Boone", "Andrew Jackson" or "Sam Houston" mean anything to you, beyond some facts you might have memorized for an exam?

Which Iranian thinks of these people as admirable?

These aren't just items on a shelf from history, they were this country's heroes (before political correctness made them into officially maligned "bad guys").

If you don't respect or rever this country's old heroes, they're not yours and you don't really love America. 

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

JK Khan

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I was just arguing that with 2050. I told him one of the first things I did 30 years ago was learn American history. I participated in various celebrations from Thanksgiving to 4th of July. 

I bet I know more about American history than most native borns. Next time before you say something do your homework. Then you avoid the "foot in mouth" syndrome. Which is a particularly strong skill of yours.


If Iranians Really Loved America...

by JahanKhalili on

... they would care about white people, and the problems that affect them, instead of jumping on the multiculturalist bandwagon.

Multiculturalism is bad for white America - but most Iranians I know don't care, because they themselves are benefitting from multiculturalism, and that's all they care about. 


I Disagree

by JahanKhalili on

Iranians don't love America.

They love the things they can get out of it.

If they really loved America, they would study its history, and honor its heritage.

I know only one Iranian who does that.

The rest of the Iranians are carbon copies of people who just come to this country to milk it, and who see it in terms of its benefits to themselves, but who have no feelings at all for its founding people or their culture. 


A well argued piece....

by Bavafa on

And I find the following comment of interest, giving the fact that the commentator's apparent distaste of fascist.

"If Americans are so bad and Iranians are so good, then get the hack out of here"

So, don't you dare criticizing America politics.  It is true that there is freedom and democracy here but not for you foreigners.  And the fact that you are a full citizen and pay taxes much like any other citizen, don't let it to go to your head and start saying negative things about our government, even if that is to be true.

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory