Iranians love America - But - Americans Hate Iran


by ayatoilet1

This past week Eric Holder, America's attorney general revealed a plot by an AMERICAN (yes, he was a naturalized American) to kill the Saudi Ambassador, apparently with financial backing from Iran's Quds Force (an elite division of Iran's Military establishment). He called the guy an Iranian = even though he was a U.S. citizen, and he made sure to make this announcement in time for prime time news; and carefully dominate the news cycle away from other more embarassing issues for himself, his department and Obama's administration. This announcement came even though this dude had been imprisoned for literally over a month; and they knew about all this nonesense over 3 months ago.

Now, none of that matters - all the politicians do that. Except, that by calling him an Iranian ...he was pandering to deeply felt resentment among Americans towards Iranians - who they believe are terrorists or islamic fanatics, or worse yet "just plain old' muslim.... It was clever politics at the expense of Iranians. Yes, Eric, lets feed into the Xenophobia in America. Iranians are a cheap shot. Oh let's forget about the Americans who spy for Israel when they are caught with America's deepest secrets - why do you call them Americans in your news conferences (and don't call them Israelis, even though they all have Dual nationality)?

Its hilarious most Iranians in the U.S. - when asked - say they are Italians, or Turks or "Persians" ....they are so afraid of this negative perception of Iranians by almost all Americans, their impulse is to hide their nationality. The Fereidoons of the world are "Freddy", the Mohammads are "Mo" ...oh please just call me Mo ....its sick and ridiculous. Iranians are ashamed of their nationality in America.

On the other hand, go to Tehran, and you'll see almost all the kids in blue Jeans, listening to Western (principally American) Music, longing to get a visa to get the hell out of Iran ...they'll try to speak English with anyone they can. They watch American movies ...

Iranians too, value American values: the concept of Freedom, Democracy, free speech, free enterprise...In some ways Iranians are more American than Americans themselves, because Iranians truly cherish liberty and have struggled for over 100 years to be free. When Iranians burn the American flag in street demonstrations - they are NOT showing hatred toward Americans; they are in fact pointing out the the U.S. government has and is continuing to try to destroy Iran and Iranians.

America has systematically undermined Iranian liberty. Conspired with the Brits to destroy Iran, financed and supported Saddam Hussein in his 8 year - bloody invasion of Iran. And there is talk almost daily of a major invasion of Iran, or a break up of Iran into smaller states based on tribal affiliations. U.S. today supervises almost 25,000 MT of Opium production in Afghanistan, knowing that the bulk of it will travel to Iran and feed the habit of 1.2 million Iranian addicts that have become hooked since the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan. When America conspires with Britain to suck out 3 million barrels of oil out of the Caspian Sea in Iranian soveriegn regions - that is absolutely a slap in the face to Iran and Iranians. When the U.S. keeps announcing bullshit sanctions that have only reinforced the regime in Iran - and hurt ordinary Iranians - that is tantamount to effectively killing literally thousands, maybe millions of Iranians. They impose Gasoline sanctions after Iran builds its own gasoline refinery!!! They impose Airline sanctions - so what?? Banking sanctions in a world where within seconds transactions can be funnelled through third parties??!! Daily transhipments through Dubai to Iran are the order of the day, at time when sanctions are supposed to be fully effective??  Who is the U.S. government fooling? Maybe Americans - but not Iranians. We know the truth and understand fully the harm that is being imposed on Iran - every single day.

Americans, it seems to me, have turned a little nasty since 9/11 - maybe arrogant towards Iranians. It seems to me - that it really doesn't matter to anyone in the U.S. that over 1 Million Iranians died in the Iran-Iraq war (a war U.S. sponsored and prolonged); but that Iran (and every nation in the world) should have a day of morning on 9/11 to cry over the loss of 3000 lives in New York. I think, as far as Americans are concerned Iranians are little ants that should be stepped on and shat on at will - and Iranians should simply accept their plight. This is despite the fact that Iran had nothing to do with 9/11.

Next time an American politician decides to use the good name of Iran and Iranians in a bad light, lets make a commitment as Iranian-Americans to completely humiliate the bastard. Iranians wherever they are great contributors to society and humanity. Look at the wealthiest group in India today - they are the Parsi's (the Persians that emigrated from Iran); look at the most affluent, highest educated immigrant group in the U.S. ever - yes its Iranian-Americans (who literally work their butts off, and have found ways to get ahead despite the prejudice and injustice of Americans)....

As Iranians we should be proud of who we are, our heritage - and not let an idiot politician use us as scapegoat for their incompetence. Mr. Holder, you've lost my respect - you would have been better off micro-managing your department and making sure U.S. arms don't go freely to Mexican drug militias without any controls, you would have been better attending to the fraud on wall street and assigning some more agents to round up a few bank thieves (none of which have been captured or convicted yet despite trilllions in tax payer bail outs). I wish you would save your announcements for issues and items that truly add value to the United States - and not to minor bullshit issues that only drum up fear, hostility and xenophobia. As an African-American this is something you of all people should understand.

Threats to politicians and foreign dignitaries are a dime a day...there are nuts everywhere .... and tell your buddies in the administration that they are nuts for their duplicitous strategy of private amity and public enmity with their buddies inside the regime in Iran. We all know the regime in Iran was created and is being maintained by the U.S. and its allies.

The regime in Iran will eventually fall. And one day, we will pull out all the documents inside the regime's offices and we will show your government up for what it is truly doing and done to Iran and Iranians. Maybe then, and only then, ordinary Americans will understand that Iranians have nothing but love and respect for ordinary Americans and especially American values. We want our children to have the same opportunities and priviledges they want for their own kids. In a hostile world, Iranians deserve some dignity - please give it to us...we are victims not criminals.


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Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Dear Ayatoilet

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


You are most welcome my friend. It really is great to have people such as you here to cut through the BS. Yes we may not always agree but respect each other which is key to democracy. 

Good luck and please do not let naysayers get to you. I know it is difficult in face of attacks. But I for one respect you and fully support you. 


Amir Parviz- Jan; Ghorbanat

by ayatoilet1 on

Thanks a lot for your support ..vis-a-vis I despise fascists' silly comment. I don't think he read the article or if he did he could not have thought much about it. This blog was as much about US politicians having to respect Americans (and not feed them bullshit) as it is about treating Iranians everywhere with respect and dignity that they rightfully deserve.

You know, I can agree to disagree with you on many things, BUT, I wholly value your thoughts and your opinions. You are clearly a very decent person. And just like I said to VPK, I wish many of us (who actually disagree on many topics) could still come together and unite to provoke the changes we want to see come about.  I hope I get a chance to meet you and others with a similar clean heart towards a better Iran.

Thanks for having my back.


VPK - Ghorbanat

by ayatoilet1 on

I can't express how much it really means to me for you to hold my back - while this guy (I despise fascists) who hasn't even read the article (about people just like him) does his knee jerk reaction response and says well if you don't like it leave ...instead of - for a microsecond - just thinking about what is really being said --- which in the long run actually could not only improve the plight of Iranians but also Americans too.

Ghorbanet.... I wish I had an opportunity to meet you and tell you in person how much I appreciate your thoughts. Even if we disagree on many things, I know I can agree to disagree with you and we share so many thoughts in common that if a group of us got together, I think we could really provoke change.


Didn't you read any part of his article. I dispise fascists ?

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

He made the distinction between Americans (which he did not say they are so bad, just deceived) and their criminal government (and many good knowledgeable Americans would agree with him).  And where do you suggest he goes for acknowleding the truth about the actions of the American Government?  Home?  His home has been over run by some seriously worse criminals... of course as a direct result of the criminal american governments actions, at least he can acknowledge that his country is a victim of ongoing crimes, what's your excuse? 

Some Iranians, no names mentioned, have lost sight of their iranian ancestry so much so, that after becoming naturalized americans they have become massive traitors to Iranians in general.  In fact to the point that they can't bare it when one points out some obvious facts about the US Government.

Kudo's to the author for remaining honest regarding the actions of the US Government and therefore setting an example for others. 

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


  • I despise fascists and st...: Ayatoilet has a right to say what he wants. Don't like it; dont read it. Who are you to order him out of here. In fact how do you even know where he lives. He is making a good point about anti-Iranian racism being stirred up by Holder. I am regretting voting for Obama more by the day.
  • This is a very cheap shot by Holder. Now let us assume it is all true. Why does he have to attack the Iranian American people? Holder and Obama are in trouble. Holder is in legal trouble. Obama is having problems with his reelection. He is worried about the Jewish vote and wants to firm it up.

I have a better suggestion for Obama. If he wants a sure ~30 electoral votes he should invade Cuba. Overthrow Castro and get the right wing Cuban votes in Florida. It is right next door. Not too hard to invade and who needs a reason?

I despise fascists and stalinists

If Americans are so bad ...

by I despise fascists and st... on

Mr/Ms Ayatoilet

If Americans are so bad and Iranians are so good, then get the hack out of here. I find your whining distastful and a reflection of your failure to integrate to the USA. That's fine, just leave and go "home."


Iranians want Freedom, Justice & Government that is a Force for

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Good towards them and the world as a whole.  They want a system that represents their way of thinking and experiencing life, one in which the interests of one entity is not superior to the interests of another entity.  So by definition that desire for "everyone" means Iranians are not good candidates for a system that is democracy only.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Is a good way of fooling people. Keep them thinking they are in charge while raping them. It allows the real power brokers to change the face of the regime. While always keeping the same policies.

Has anyone notices from Bush to Obama we got ZERO change in policy? Same foreign policy; same economics; same everything. Other than non issues like abortion or gay rights. The rich and powerful don't give a rat's behind if two guys marry. As long as the money goes from all sources to their pocket. Fine have people fight over abortions and dudes marrying. Meanwhile robbing goes on! 

The one time an American leader did change policy was Jimmy Carter. Resulting in total disaster and the booted him real fast. If we had any brains we'd say *** democracy; kept the Shah and be prospering right now. But no "his tyranny" had to go. We needed "democracy". Great guys we got one. When I hear the word I want to ***. Democracy is a great way to get shafted and not realize it. Particularly with private funding of candidates which is legal bribery.


Iranians have a Very poor Understanding of what America is.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Iranians misunderstanding of America gives rise to a sincere appreciation on their part for lies. Analysis of America using books and news from America will do little to help you or anyone understand America or be able to effectively express it enough to make logical, phylosophical and scientific sense.

Your article made a very small step in enlightening readers, but made too tiny a contribution towards helping anyone put a finger on the key issues.  You say  "When Iranians burn the American flag in street demonstrations - they are
NOT showing hatred toward Americans; they are in fact pointing out the
the U.S. government has and is continuing to try to destroy Iran and
Iranians."  While Iranians know the difference between Americans and their Government, Americans who are deeply patrotic do not know the difference. 

You say, "Iranians deserve some dignity - please give it to us...we are victims not criminals." The Hezbollah Party Ruling in Iran are Criminals too, Like the US Government no matter which party wins are a bunch of Criminals.  This is what your article does not address.  The blind spot is your own as well.  It comes from a lack of being Understanding, like the majority of Iranians, on the subject of what democracy in practice produces when it exists by itself.  Sometimes reflection does nothing to help one see the truth, in fact it can hinder ones ability to see the truth.  There are not various points of view when it comes to analysis of scientific facts.

Democracies by themselves produce Criminal leaderships across the board consistently and repeatidly.  These criminal elements are antisocial to the core and suppress freedom and justice both inside & outside themselves.  The cases exist in every single US Regime "administration" since the creation of the Republic.  The cases & examples are obvious and many, usually a "democrat" can only see the faults of republicans and "republicans" can only see the faults of democrats, but both are criminal to the core, like the IRI.  What do you call fabricating evidence of WMD to invade a tiny oil rich country like Iraq in a war & occupation of aggression?  Criminals that are Free to continue their Crimes. 

How can one request and receive dignity for a people, from such a system?



Thank you.

by Albaloo on

Everything you mentioned is what I was thinking.  You said that very well.