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I read this word in an article in Real Clear Politics, today. I immediately looked it up: Government by the least qualified or most unprincipled citizens (from the Greek kakistos "worst.")

Isn't that exactly what we have in Iran? A Kakistocracy? Maybe we should Iranianize the word and call them a Khakistocracy. Khomeini, Khamenei, Khatami!! The Mullahs have turned and will continue to turn Iran into a ruin ...be Khak. Not just by their actions and policies, but by the real possibility of a wider larger conflict -- that could truly ruin the country. It could turn into a civil war like Libya - with factions fighting each other; or it could be Israel's leadership embarrased by their bluffing game declaring a future attack on Iran (leading to a real attack - just purely out of embarrassment). Who knows - exactly how; but the writing is on the wall. The regime will go and the only question is not whether but when (and how). Will Iran be cut up into pieces in the process? Kurdistan, Azerbaijan, ...!!??

The article goes on to say: "Iran remains the most dangerous and prolific sponsor of Islamic terrorism. Neither a continuation of the ayatollahs nor a replacement by a military regime offers any chance of weaning Iran from terrorism or from its nuclear arms ambitions. Because President Obama, and President Bush before him, decided against military action to stop Iran's nuclear program or interfere with their sponsorship of terrorists world-wide, the only course left is to support the Iranian dissidents.

We should begin today. And we should continue until a future president reaches the conclusion that both Bush and Obama should have: that no diplomatic or economic means exist to stop Iran from achieving nuclear weapons and end its sponsoring of terrorism. Covert action and, if needed overt military action, are the only solution to the threat Iran poses."

I could not agree more! Iran is indeed a Kakistocracy. The Ayatollahs have become Ayatoilets - shitting on Iran, Iranians, and Islam. Their stupidity and fanaticism mirroring the KKK - or the KhKHKH as I call them. The Mullahs (that were once revered for their moral and ethical leadership) are now the very worst Iranians alive. A kakistocracy indeed!


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there seems only one distant hope, Ayatoilet

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 there has NEVER been a US military option (see"Decision Points"GW Bush ). Only the brave Iranians inside Iran can save Iran.

Maryam Hojjat

Well reasoned article

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Dowm with IRR/IRI and supporters.