Larijani Brothers are not even Iranian....


by ayatoilet1

Lets be clear about this.

(1) They were NOT born in Iran. In fact they were born in Najaf, Iraq. They are Iraqi - by every measure.

(2) Their mother was Iraqi. While their father was Misrza Hashem Amoli - who was a Shia cleric, originally born in Larijan - he moved to Iraq as a young mand and lived there for over 30 years -- where he married an Iraqi Arab Woman - had kids - the kids went to school there, learnt to speak Arabic First (not Persian). They were born AND BREAD in Iraq.

(3) The plot gets thicker. Mirza Hashem Amoli (and his family) were part of a shia cleric group in Iraq, that was financially supported by the British managed Fund like the Aliman fund in India for his day-to-day expenses. (You have to ask yourself, how did they live and send their kids to school ... I mean who paid for Mohamad-Javad to go to UC Berkely? Where did Sadegh get his religious credentials (Najaf)? How did they afford it all??) FOLLOW THE MONEY!!

(4) Why is it that all the brothers are strategically placed in key roles throughout the regime - like a Mafia. There are five brothers, two of whom sit at the very top of two of the three branches of government. Ali Larijani is the Speaker of the Majles, while Sadegh Larijani is the new chief of the judiciary. A third brother, Mohammad Javad (Ardeshir) has been an important conservative ideologue who was deputy for international affairs to Ayatollah Seyyed Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroudi, Sadegh Larijani's predecessor. A fourth brother, Dr. Mohammad Bagher Larijani, is the head of Tehran University of Medical Sciences, and a one time deputy health minister. Until two years ago, the fifth brother, Fazel Larijani, was Iran's cultural attache to Canada.

(5) Then Add to this mafia list a first maternal cousin, Ahmad Tavakkoli, whose mother and the Larijanis' are sisters, and a maternal uncle, Ayatollah Abdollah Javadi Amoli, a powerful conservative cleric, and one has all the makings of a true dynasty. Tavakkoli is an influential right-wing Majles deputy and head of its research center. Tavakkoli is also a two-time presidential candidate, and was Minister of Labor in the administration of Mir Hossein Mousavi in the 1980s.

(6) Consider the fact that they married the daughters of very important clerics, and Ali Larijani forged a very close relationship with Ayatollah Khamenei when he was serving in the IRGC. First, Khamenei was the deputy Defense Minister, then the (clerical) supervisor of the IRGC, and finally the president in the 1980s, when he frequently went to the war front during the Iran-Iraq war. Ali Larijani has remained a confidante of Ayatollah Khamenei ever since. AND, the Larijanis have a sister who is married to Ayatollah Seyyed Mostafa Mohaghegh Damad, a progressive cleric. He has recently been highly critical of Ahmadinejad.

(7) A most interesting aspect of the rise of the Larijanis to prominence is that none played any role in the 1979 Revolution, or even in the first several years after the Revolution. In fact, the Larijanis' father, Grand Ayatollah Ayatollah Mirza Hashem Amoli, as well as their maternal grandfather, Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Mohsen Ashrafi, who lived in Behshahr, in the province of Mazandaran, in northern Iran, belonged to a school of Islamic thinking that had little, if any, interest in politics.

(8) I have listened carefully to interviews in both farsi and english of the brothers. They speak english with heavy british accents though 'on paper' none of them was educated in Britain or spent much time there. And they speak Farsi with heavy Arabic accents - though they never lived in Ahwaz or any part of Iran that had Arab ethnic populations.

Basically they are NOT Iranian, they control key levers of government, operate like a Mafia, who the hell knows who is behind them, and what their agenda truly is.

Oh, and I forgot one other thing. NONE OF THEM - has EVER held REAL elective office, for all the power they yeild.


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