Look at the Growth Rates in Iran’s Neighborhood

by ayatoilet1


Look at these economic growth rates for 2011: Iraq its 14.5%, Turkmenistan 7.7%, Kyrgystan 8.5 % …In fact every single one of Iran’s neighbors including Pakistan registered massive growth rates in their economy! Many of them are in the top 20 fastest growing economies in the world – better than even China!

And guess what? Iran can do business with every one of them. None of these countries are sanctioning Iranian exports. The future, my friends lies in Central Asia! Not Lebanon or Syria dudes. Tell that to the crazy mullahs in charge. Iran can make high value goods and export products to its neighbors. Products that they simply cannot produce for themselves, because (a) they don’t have the skill base and (b) even if they have the skill base, they don’t have critical mass with relatively small domestic markets.

I mean appliances: refrigerators, stoves, air conditioners, TV’s, computers… I mean cars. I mean power plants. I mean chemical plants. You name it. I am talking about capital markets, commodities! The opportunities are immense. And Iran is poised to kill. Iranians in effect are sitting on some of the hottest real estate values in the world.

Iranians need to forget about Oil or Gas Exports; and look at other ways to bring in revenue for the nation. Oil and gas has become the scourge of Iran. Just shut down the fields and focus on hard and soft non-hydrocarbon exports. There is after all so much opportunity.

All we need now is a sensible government that can facilitate this.


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 show me one

by vildemose on

 show me one refrigerator, stove, Air conditioning  factory in Iran? We don't have the skill base. If we did, we wouldn't import all these appliances.


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