'Muslim Riots' Are About One Thing - U.S. Elections


by ayatoilet1

Yes, we're in the U.S. presidential election season; and many inside the game know that events outside the U.S. can very often determine the outcome of the race. Afterall, it was Reagan who secretly schemed with the Mullahs in Iran to 'keep' the embassy hostages locked up, so he could humiliate Jimmy Carter and win. If you recall, Jimmy Carter was actually ahead in the Summer and Reagan kept grinding away at his lead. It was the Israeli's that played a pivotal role in the back room negotiations and ultimately delivered on the 'deal' - handing arms to Iran in exchange for the 'release' in January. The Israelis and Iranians have never forgotten the impact of their play on the U.S. electoral outcome.

And it is NOT surprising therefore that both Israeli and Iranian agents are out there stirring furvor among fanatics to "attack" U.S. embassies across the world. If they can grab just ONE embassy before November, the game for Obama might be over.

For Netenyahu, its very simple. He hates Obama, and he has a personal kinship with Romney that goes back to the days when they were both working side-by-side as Management consultants in Boston. He wants Obama out. Many Democrats on the inside also know that this will NOT be the first time Netenyahu has stuck his finger in it. It was after all an Orthodox-Jewish girl (Monica Lewinsky), who had a cigar placed up her skirt by Bill Clinton, and whose story was broken by a Jewish press agent in Washington DC; whose father was a major contributor to both the Republican party and Netenyahu's party in Israel. Netenyahu is scum - and everyone knows it.

For the Iranian Mullahs - its very similar. Facing years of increasing isolation and a potential war; their tactics have remained largely the same. Financing insurgency in Iraq, in Afghanistan, and ALL over the Middle East; they have discovered that if they keep it up two things will happen: (1) The West (and specifically the U.S.) will be distracted trying to deal with it (thus leaving them alone and delaying the prospects of an attack on Iran); and (2) That they can stir vehement anti-Americanism and that in the long run will result in eventual withdrawal of all U.S. troops from the region - futher guaranteeing their security but leaving the region ripe for Iranian hegemony. Much like the '80s if they can topple Obama, the Mullahs can count on at least a decade or more of peace (Note that Reagan and Bush Sr. essentially left them alone).

In an Ironic twist to all this, Iranian and Israeli secret policies actually coincide. And their policies co-incide on so many levels beyond the riots. For example: Iranians benefit with war talk because it drives up oil prices; and Netenyahu benefits because he appears strong and fiesty at a time when his party's future is suspect, and he has very low approval ratings.

The reality is that anti-Islamic shit on the internet has always been there. The truth is, from all the public reports, it is obvious that the attacks are well coordinated, and that the ones that attacked (and killed) people at the U.S. embassy in Tripoli were well armed and professionals.

Also, there is a strange logic and seductive truth contemplated by Islamic clerics from Morroco to Malaysia to look at Billionaire Mullahs in Iran and say to themselves - hey I can do that! I can be that! All I have to do, is stir up some anti-Americanism and we can have an Islamic Republic in Libya, Yemen...you name it. And I will sit pretty - like the ayatollahs or ayatoilets (I should say). Thus it is very easy for outside agents of chaos to enter these countries and stir up violence. There is a big win for the clerics who play along.

Thus, there is only one conclusion: nothing is new, we're in silly season with elections and these riots are designed to play out on the 6 o'clock news in North America and shift the vote - between now and November. And after November, the streets will go back to normal.

And there is one final point here: it is the stupid American electorate that in essence buys into all this and lets their domestic agenda be dictated by Israel or Iran! If only Americans had more sense - none of this would be happening at all. The media in the U.S. had turned Americans into fat, ignorant sheep - that can't see through all this. If America wants to lead in the New Century it needs citizens that are far better informed, educated and simply aware than it has now. For in the end, idiots will elects idiots, and poor leadership will bring down America permanently.  


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Enjoying London ....

by ayatoilet1 on

Went to speakers corner and rented a bike ...cycled all the way to High Street Kensington ...the more things change; the more they stay the same!!



Aya WC, Welcome to London.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

I am free on Sunday anytime after 5pm.  Let me know which underground station is most convenient for you and when and I will meet you there. 

If I had to live in the USA I would pick Obama over Romney, otherwise for Iranians, in terms of foreign policy they serve the same masters not the people.


I agree with the articles title

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

The US election and Islamist Protests encouraged at this time.  More likely by Russia in a deal to help Mitt, who is the last person you'd expect because he's on record for being anti-russia with his own base. Left or Right, for the record, I'm not taking sides with either as they are both out to screw Iranians and have been the supporters and helpers for extremists in iran, with the hypocrit kissingers full knowledge.  I agree also that $$ interest of the few is guiding this stupidity with harm to Iranians, everytime the west has an economic trouble with out exception leads to a major trouble for others around the world. 

Oon Yaroo

Nakoula Basseley Nakoula!

by Oon Yaroo on

The man behind all this mess!


Aya WC!

by Faramarz on



In my opinion, there is some cause and effect out there and there are some people that will benefit from what’s taking place today, but tying them to a conspiracy is quite a stretch, unless you are a conspiracy theorist, in which case no evidence under the sun would change your mind.

It’s true that Netanyahu doesn’t like Obama and is trying to influence the US election. But the way he did it was to ask Obama to draw clear lines, set clear deadlines and effectively put himself in a box, which Obama immediately refused. And that was the end of that.

The Regime in Iran and its supporters in the west also want Romney to win because war talk works to their advantage. Obama’s systematic approach to quietly weaken the Regime and ultimately overthrow it through whatever means does not sit well with them. After all, the hatred of the US is the fuel that keeps these people running.

But as for the conspiracy theories, Kissinger was once asked to describe the mindset of the Chinese rulers, especially when it comes to their views on the US. This is how he described it. “The Chinese despite their sophistication and economic progress still believe that there is a secret room in the White House where a few people gather day and night and constantly plan and plot on how to screw the rest of the world!”

If you have ever been to a board meeting of a large US firm or studied the decision-making at the highest level, you will know that many decisions are made at random and on a whim and without any rhyme or reason. The brain-power is just isn’t there, despite what you may think! 


AmirParviz - I am in London for the weekend ...

by ayatoilet1 on

I promised you we would have some drinks next time I cross the pond (on business) if you are upto it, we could have drinks by the Thames near Hammersmith Bridge!!

I have disagreed and agreed with you at times, but I consider you a good friend via this site. My plans for Sunday are wide open. Just went to the Fulham vs WBA match. AND - the weather has been fantastic. Off to a jazz club tonight!

BTW - I think there are many different agendas inside the Obama adminstration. Its not as simple as you put it. Actually, there is an overarching simplicity - the economy. Whatever he does or doesn't do, economic issues will dictate options.


Ghorbanat: Susan Khanoom

by ayatoilet1 on

I apreciate your comments.

Its a real priviledge to be able to post things on this site, and a priviledge to have the freedom and opportunity to speak openly - without censorship.

And by the way, I have read your notes too - and I appreciate your perspective. If only - somehow - we could all unite and work together for positive change.


BIbi Benefits, but not so sure the IRI does also

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Obama is the IRI's savior you don't clarify this for anyone and are partial towards Obama, not on substance either (with the exception of gay rights), he has been the most anti-socialist, anti-worker, pro-conservative leader since Reagan, Republican candidates can't do as good a job as Obama for themselves.

Before him, it was at least a requirement to lie before you took unlawful actions.  Wth Obama, there is no discussion, so lying is not required, he doesn't approach anyone as he is required to do by law, because wiping out the libyan army isn't an act of war according to him and his advisors.  He even signs in laws that are unconstitutional hence unlawful to sign into law.  When Iranians correctly say the USA loves Islamic Extremism, they mean big US interests love Obama and portry his values as in harmony with the people because he is peaceful on the surface.  Truthfully he is a worse war monger than G W Bush, though to see it you have to observe within.


Worthy of publications in Foreign Affairs Journal!


Except that all these riotings at various Muslimic countries have been deliberately and artificially set up to prepare these barbarics for one thing! That thing is the military strike on the IRR nuke sites and crime centers. The logic goes this way, the US and its allies have always been worried about Muslimic reactions and backslash in the aftermath of the US attack. These recent riots in way have paved the way for US to strike and the reaction to that can not be any more extensive that what we have already been seeing. Proverbially speaking, US is lubricating the Muslimic masses to ease them up for the October surprise of dropping a few big ones here and there!

Shlomo, editor in chief of the Journal of Foreign Affairs!

Soosan Khanoom

Ayatoliet despite my occasional disagreement with

by Soosan Khanoom on

Some of your blogs if not all... I have found you one of the best bloggers on this site.  You clearly engage the readers with the current events without cheap shots and insults unlike many other bloggers on this site. You handle it very professionally and you have always something to say outside of the mainstream media.  On top of that you have no hidden agenda.  I truly and dearly appreciate your presence on this site. 


Soosan Khanoom

" Tony Cartalucci gave the

by Soosan Khanoom on

" Tony Cartalucci gave the best analysis of the crisis in Libya in his article, “US Ambassador’s Death: Fruits of US Foreign Policy.” An excerpt:

“Clearly, those involved in overthrowing the government of Libya, and attempting to overthrow the government of Syria, are not “freedom fighters,” but listed terrorists. The US, UK, and EU are in violation of both their own domestic anti-terrorism laws (and here), as well as international law in their continued support of listed-terrorist organizations.

What was to be a relatively benign public relations stunt to disassociate the US and its “democracy promotion” from terrorist organizations, has now left a high ranking US diplomat dead and the West’s foreign policy narrative in further tatters.”

Nile Bowie also wrote an excellent article called, “Poetic Justice Finds US Enablers of Terror,” in which he drew attention to the irrational nature of U.S. foreign policy. An excerpt:

“For Ambassador Stevens, an early proponent of the no-fly zone and a staunch supporter of NATO’s campaign in Libya, the untimely death he was dealt came delivered by the very militants he enabled in brazen. The pathological reasoning of bombing a country to “save it from destruction” reflects the unrestrained irrationality of the foreign policy direction being taken under the Obama Administration and its rabid Secretary of State.”


Soosan Khanoom

I agree with part of what u r saying

by Soosan Khanoom on

actually I think the entire thing was created deliberately to give more flexibity and albi for BiBi to create an environment to bomb Iran.  I found this article quite contrary to what you wrote about the involvement of Iran in this latest events.   But with respect to Israel and its involvement you are right on points... Only fools can't see this !!




The time has arrived. Iran is at the nuclear doorstep. The world – not just Israel – must not let it step across the threshold. The good news? The time and events in the Middle East could not be better for a strike against Little Hitler and the maniacal mullahs.

Syria is somewhere between genocide and civil war. Kadafi is dead. The Arab Spring isn’t so Spring-like in Egypt these days. Hezbollah is in disarray and Hamas’s unholy alliance with Iran is over.

If not now, when? There was a time – not so long ago – when a second question – “If not us, who?” would be asked in America in ominous times such as these. No more. Now – we have a weak president in the White House who fears to lead – let alone alienate radical Muslims, the Russians and the Chinese. Obama’s incompetence renders him impotent.

Barack Obama will not act; Benjamin Netanyahu will. 

It’s time for those of us who believe in such things to pray for the nation of Israel. It did not seek this terrible choice – nor did it welcome it. Israel has waited for the world – through 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and the corrupt, hypocritical United Nations – to issue hollow threat after hollow threat. It wrung its collective hands as Iran continued to play a dangerous cat-and-mouse shell game with Obama and the world – all the while getting ever closer to acquiring the ultimate weapon of mass destruction.

The United States will be condemned by much of world as having been complicit with Israel’s attack on Iran whether it participates or not. Given that reality, can we not hope that Barack Obama will at least step up and provide refueling, intelligence, and search-and-rescue capabilities for downed Israeli pilots? And – God help us – the very survival of Israel itself?

Edmund Burke said all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. Thank God for Benjamin Netanyahu.