No Freedom in Iran without defeating the IRGC

by ayatoilet1

Two links (below) describing why defeating the IRGC is critical to winning democracy and freedom for Iranians. This is a follow up video to the video series titles 100 years of fighting for Democracy in Iran.


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i agree

by ayatoilet1 on

The point is, anyone that advocates a peaceful, home led, driven change either doesn't understand the situation or is protecting these bastards...only overwhelming force can change the situation.


The only

by MRX1 on

way to get rid of these brain washed thugs who now  have their hands in every thing from oil to drugs, smuggling  and prostitution is to exterminate them with guns and bombs.


Unfortuntaley i dont

by mahmoudg on

see any way to defeat this powerful ideological brainwashed money hungry force, other than by surgical attacks on their establishments.