Obama - When it comes to Libya, Take a Lesson from Iran in 1979


by ayatoilet1

Mr. Obama: In 1979, when Carter toppled the "Shah", there was jubilation within Democratic quarters that a major supporter of Richard Nixon's campaigns and the Republican party generally had been undermined, and a new "political" reality was now in place in the U.S. But unbeknownst to Carter, the Republicans secretly worked with the Regime in Tehran and arranged for a delay in the release of the Hostages and subsequently humiliated Carter and won the presidency back. This could happen again in places like Libya. The Arab spring, and the liberation of some 130 Million Arabs from the clenches of Dictators with sordid histories and "special" relationships with the Republicans (everyone from Mubarak to Sana...to even Ghadafi (check out his special photo album of Condoleeza Rice!!!)) are now gone; but the Republicans are really livid of this phenomenal achievement. Just turn your radio dial to Rush Limbaugh...Hanity, you name it ...republican radio host...! They are calling US actions unconstitutional, or even saying US had nothing to do with it...it was all European Right wing parties (the French, Conservatives in UK ..Berlusconi in Italy!!)...or Even new claims that Al Qaeda will take over in these countries!!!

If this "win" begins to elevate Obama's campaign, then I can guarantee that the Republicans will pull out their dirty trick campaign and get their agents to put up the Muslim Brotherhood or figure out some dirty tactic to smear Obama and make it all appear like a giant loss.

So my message is be careful, Mr. Obama. Your tactic of leading from behind has worked, and the Europeans have borne the brunt of the cost. But remember it could be your very same European allies that work secretly with the Republicans (as Maggie Tatcher did secretly with Reagan in 1979) that will try to undermine your reputation. Be very careful. Rick Perry is out of the same hell hole that Reagan and the Bushes came from, and he is now the front runner for the Republicans. For all their "communal praying" and Christian postures, they are more ruthless and immoral than most people sentenced to life imprisonement.


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Red Wine


by Red Wine on

بینِ انبوهِ بلاگ هایی‌ که در رابطه با سرزمینِ لیبی‌ در این روز‌ها در اینجا میبینیم،اینجا تنها جایی‌ است که احساسِ بهتری داریم.

بیش از ۳۶ ساعت است که ما در انتظارِ سفر به نزدیکی‌ِ مرز تونس و لیبی‌ ( سرحداتِ السوبیه تا به آز-زاویاه) هستیم،به احتمال قوی تا فردا شب مشخص می‌‌شود.

اخبارِ گوناگونی به دستمان می‌‌رسد،البته دل‌ِ ما شورِ قبایلی را میزند که برحسبِ سنت با قبیله‌ قذافی در ائتلاف بوده اند،از ۵ ماه قبل تا به حال هیچ خبری از اینان در دست نداریم.

امید است که به همراهِ ۸۳ لیبیایی که در فرانسه سالهایِ سال در تبعید بودند،به تونس سفر کنیم،برایِ ساختِ یک گزارشِ تلویزیونی.

با سپاس از بلاگِ شما ... به پارسی نیز بنویسید.



Slap on Hypocrisy

Brain Less Analysis

by Slap on Hypocrisy on

West is going to create Another Afghanistan in Libya to Save their interest. Islamic Revolution of Iran had great Leader who save Iran from western plot and conspiratos. There is no match between Iran revolution and Libyan revolution. 

I warn to evil west see what Afghanistan done to you, take lesson from there and get out of Libya otherwise whole Europe will be on fire due to Libya.

Leave destiny of Libyan people on the hands of Libyans. 

Maryam Hojjat

Kind & Timely Warning & Advice to the President

by Maryam Hojjat on

I hope it does not happen to Lybian as it happened to Iranians in 1979. 

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

I agree with

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Mehrdad Obama is taking a big risk. Maybe the right wing Christians pray so much because they bear so much guilt.


Amen to that!

by Bavafa on

"For all their "communal praying" and Christian postures, they are more ruthless and immoral than most people sentenced to life imprisonement. "

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory