Obama Won - Great Day For Freedom - 7 Lessons From U.S. Elections For Iranians


by ayatoilet1

Obviously Obama's win is a big deal! Just setting aside the potential shift in foreign policy vis-a-vis Iran which could be transformational; here are 7 lessons for Iranians that may be useful in how democracy takes hold in Iran. To me the Republicans remind me of the theocracy in Iran - they remind me of the Mullahs. The Mullahs should take note.

1) Republicans lost to a very large extent - not because of Romney - but because the center of their party shifted towards the religious right. Republican talking heads are truly an evil image of the party - people like Limbaugh, Coulter, Gingrich etc. Voters were wise enough to know who Romney would surround himself with, and they did not like it. The future clearly belongs to moderates - not religious zealots...no matter how charismatic a leader might be. Mullahs take note.

2) Republicans lost because they lied boldly. Despite literally hundreds of millions of dollars of extra cash, the Republicans could not spread lies (like U.S. Auto companies who benefited by a government bailout moving jobs to China). Most ordinary people (except uneducated and poor hicks in States like Mississipi, Alabama or Wyoming) have very good bullshit meters! The republicans could not fool everyone! In this day and age of the internet - the truth comes out uncensored. Mullahs take note.

3) Republicans lost because they had a message of hate, and bigotry. How did they expect to get any votes from Hispanics when Republicans in States like Arizona have been targeting immigrants. The future clearly belongs to those that know how to embrace and celebrate immigrants and immigration. They paint immigrants as those that steal jobs and add expense to the economy, instead of viewing immigrants as new consumers and a means to grow the economy (which is truly what they are on balance). People will not support those that want to break up families, separate parents from children, spread fear and deny safety to victims of crime. Politics of fear is not popular.

4) Republicans lost because their campaign was run by men and men only (and they aliented women completely). There was no real feminine content - in their message, in their policies, in how much time women took to speak at their convention ... basically the Republican Party has an image of being a party of angry white men. Women were offended and alienated by the Republican campaign and representatives.Mullahs take note, without a strong and influential role for women, your gig will evaporate.

5) Republicans lost because ultimately their message was about shutting out the poor - the lower 47%. They never stood for 'raising the tide' for everyone - they wanted improvement for only the remaining 53%! Just enough to win elections, not enough to help the country as a whole. An economy (and political system) that only protects the interests of few (such as the Mullahs and their mafias) is not sustainable. Mullahs take note.

6) Republicans lost because when the facts finally came out, the truth was the Democrats actually delivered. The economy was re-ignited when everyone predicted a new depression 4 years ago. And with this re-ignition, the Democrats could paint a picture of higher job growth during democratic administrations over the past 50 years, higher corporate profits during democratic adminstrations, higher income levels for all brackets during democratic administrations ...then Republican administrations. In the end, the election became about real performance, real actions - and the people are wise enough to know who is really working hard for them. Iran's economy is in a shambles. The Mullahs have clearly failed.

7) A final lesson, should be that despite every effort by Republicans to minimize voter turnout in areas that could be damaging to them - people did in fact value their freedom, liberty and deomcratic rights in the U.S. and stood in line for many hours to cast their vote. In the end, Republicans failed miserably to destroy American democracy. And Mullahs take note, suppressing democracy doesn't in the final analysis work.

U.S. Republican Party = Mullahs! I really hope Obama takes these 4 years to put the Mullahs out of business.,,for ever and bring democracy and freedom finally to Iran - like he did for 150 Million arabs these past 4 years.


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why is

by MRX on

every posting by you have 7 or 10 or more points? can't you just sum it up ino one or two points.

By the way neither Democrats or Republicans are our friends nor our enemy. you are putting way too much energy disecting these things...